Fallout 4: How To Connect and Power Lightbulbs on Wires?

fallout 4 lights

Fallout 4 players have numerous options when creating their settlements, but many of the most useful additions require a power source. Supplying power to mechanisms like Fallout 4 traps can be pretty straightforward, but many fans still wonder how to connect and power lightbulbs on wires in Fallout 4.

  • Article Breakdown:
    Most lights in Fallout 4 can be powered by connecting the player’s Generator to a Power Pylon, which should be connected to a Switch and then to a Power Conduit using wires, and the lights will be powered provided that they’re within the Switch’s affected radius.
  • Larger lights such as Construction lights need a direct connection to a power source using cables.
  • Lights cannot connect directly to a wire in Fallout 4 vanilla without mods, but players can achieve a similar effect with time and creativity, by using armor and staircases, or by using the “setpos” console commands on PC.

How to power lights in Fallout 4

Many Fallout 4 players have dedicated countless hours to their settlements, from searching for resources to developing settlement defense ratings through protective contraptions, and much more. Many of the most valuable items in Fallout 4 require a power source for them to function properly, but supplying power isn’t always as simple as one might expect.

When attempting to power lights throughout settlements, things can be tricky, and players are often left in the dark. Fortunately, many Fallout 4 fans have shed some light on this challenge, allowing others to have a smoother and more enjoyable experience throughout the process.

Power is precious in Fallout 4, as players need their generators for many uses. Below is a quick overview of how the power supply system works for lights in Fallout 4, thanks to fans on Reddit.

fallout 4 power

Fortunately, lights only require a general power supply and they do not use “Power Units” from players’ generators. The Lightning Bolt icon and relative number would represent this measure where needed.


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Due to this trait, players can get by with a small generator, although many may still prefer obtaining a more powerful generator that can handle the load of all the items that do take power units as well. From this point, lights can be powered by following the steps below:

  1. Connect the Generator to a Power Pylon from the “Power > Connectors and Switches” tab using a cable.
  2. Players can place a Switch from the “Power > Connectors and Switches” tab on a nearby wall, which will allow players to turn the connected devices on or off as needed. In this case, a wire will need to be added between the Power Pylon and the Switch.
  3. A Power Conduit should be added from the “Power > Connectors and Switches” tab, and wired to the Generator or the connected Switch. Players have the option to use 3 types of Conduits, depending on what type is needed, namely for walls, floors, and ceilings.

All of the smaller lights that are placed within the given range will automatically be powered up, and they can be turned off using the connected switch.

fallout 4 small light

This method works well for small lights, but players would still need to connect some items directly to a power source, such as certain lights or terminals. Larger lights, such as “Construction Lights”, require a direct connection to a power source.

fallout 4 large light

Where do the wires need to attach to the light bulb?

Since small lights are affected by a powered-up range, they do not need to be connected to wires at all. Attempting to connect a plain wire to a light will not work for most small lights, and the interface will still state that the bulb needs power.

Large lights such as Construction Lights will need to be directly connected either to a generator or to a connector using cables. Players will need to connect the top section of these lights to the relative power source or Switch with wire for them to work properly – although, most players still prefer small yellow lights since large lights don’t provide as much light as expected.

How do you hang lights on wires in Fallout 4?

It’s fairly tricky to hang lights directly on wires in Fallout 4 without the use of mods. Some fans have stated that players can place armor against the wire, attach lights on the intersection of the armor and wire, and then get inside the armor before walking to the next location.


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Although this may achieve the goal, it’s quite a tedious, time-consuming process, and players will likely need a staircase to get their armor up to most wires. Players on PC can use the “setpos” console command to manually set the coordinates of their lights, but this is also relatively time-consuming.

How do you power string lights in Fallout 4?

String Lights are not part of Fallout 4 vanilla, and most players seeking string or hanging fairy lights have used mods to achieve the desired effect. However, players can create a similar aesthetic with some time and effort, and they will also need to be powered using Power Conduits.

That’s everything there is to know about powering lights and attaching lightbulbs to wires in Fallout 4. Although some of the lighting systems can be tricky to set up in-game, they can be far simpler with the right approaches and steps.

What do you think about how lights are powered in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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