Fallout 4 Map vs. Skyrim Map: Which One Is Bigger? (& More Interesting)

skyrim map vs fallout map

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Video game worlds can be outrageously large and extremely detailed, the two maps we will be comparing today are far from the largest, but both are decent-sized and very interesting. Both Fallout 4 and Skyrim had a plethora of things to discover, locations to visit, and easter eggs to uncover. But, with everything said, many fans are interested in how the two maps compare against each other. Which map is bigger, Fallout 4 or Skyrim map? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Skyrim has a bigger map than Fallout 4. Standing at almost 15 square miles Skyrim’s maps dwarfs the one created for Fallout 4 which stands at 9,7 square miles.
  • When discussing which map is more interesting, that is something completely subjective and depends on the preferences of individual players. Both games are set in unique worlds.
  • If you favor fantasy settings you will favor Skyrim, and if you prefer rugged wastelands Fallout 4 will be the right fit for you.

Skyrim map vs Fallout 4 map: Size comparison 

We’ve already mentioned that Skyrim’s map is significantly bigger than the map created for Fallout 4 and it’s true. Skyrim’s map stands at 14.8 square miles (base game), while Fallout 4 map is 9,7 square miles (also a base game). A large portion of Skyrim’s map is covered in mountains and likewise, a large portion of the Fallout 4 world is covered in water. Even though Skyrim is a clear winner when it comes to size, size isn’t everything. Many players prefer detailed and smaller worlds to large and empty ones.

Skyrim map

And I have to agree, exploring a vast but empty map with nothing notable to discover makes for a dull task no matter the setting of the game. This is the part where both Skyrim and Fallout 4 excel, if you wander in any direction for a few moments you’re going to discover something interesting.

Falllout 4 map


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Skyrim map vs Fallout 4 map: Geography & climate

When it comes to the geography and climate of both worlds Skyrim is a lot more varied. Yes, most of Skyrim is glacial and covered in snow and we’re talking about both forests and mountains. But there are also a lot of areas that feature other geographical aspects and climates. You have the Rift that is covered in golden forests perpetually stuck in eternal autumn.

Skyrim variations 1
Each Skyrim hold has more or less a unique climate and geography

Eastmarch Hold is home to sulfur pools and rocky crags. The Reach is essentially one big mountain gorge and Whiterun is covered in fertile plains that are also the heartland of the Skyrim province. While the northern parts of the map are less varied, the southern you get there are more variations to be found. 

The same cannot be said for Fallout 4. It’s the same almost everywhere you look, it’s a wasteland. This makes sense though as I don’t expect anything to thrive in post-apocalypse, Fallout 4 is also set in a much smaller area. Where Skyrim is supposed to represent a whole country with its unique regions, Fallout is primarily set in and around the city of Boston. Logically you can’t find that many geographical and climate variations in a single area.

Fallout 4 variations
Fallout 4 is set in a much smaller area which explains the lack of diversity when it comes to landscape

Zones comparison 

Skyrim has 9 zones in total: Haafingar, The Reach, Falkreath Hold, The Rift, Eastmarch, Winterhold, The Pale, Hjaalmarch, and Whiterun Hold. Each hold has its own center, a capital city, and can stand as a separate kingdom of which Skyrim is made. 

Not all holds are of the same size, with Haafingar Hold being the smallest and The Reach and Whiterun Hold being the largest. 

Many players consider Whiterun to be the main hub of Skyrim, and according to the lore it is. However, each hold has its own hub and it’s rare to find yourself in one of the large cities and to be missing something. From traders, temples, and arcane services, you can find all of that in every single zone. 


Fallout 4 likewise has 9 zones: Sanctuary, Malden, Salem, Fort Hagen, Cambridge, Center of Boston, The Castle, The Glowing Sea, and Southern Boston. There’s only one major hub, however, and that’s Diamond City. Again this makes sense since Fallout 4 is set in a much smaller and densely packed area. It wouldn’t make sense to have a capital city every step of the way. There’s no need to run into a large settlement every time you take a step in either direction.

Diamond City


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Skyrim map vs Fallout 4 map: Number of discoverable locations 

We’re going to count only locations that you have a map marker for, and that are clearly marked on the map. Skyrim has 459 discoverable locations (counting all DLCs) and even more unique locations that will not show up on your map as a unique marker. Most of those locations are caves, ruins, forts, and other places of interest that you can come across.

Fallout 4 on the other hand has 324 locations with map markers (counting all DLCs). It’s hard to keep track of Fallout’s locations since some locations can be discovered multiple times, that’s why we decided to focus only on the map markers. Like Skyrim, it has a large number of unique locations that are not specifically marked on the map as well. With everything said, Skyrim is the clear winner but that doesn’t make Fallout 4 empty by any means. 

Fallout 4 is more densely packed, more locations are close to each other and you won’t have to walk long to run into things of interest. This can be both good and bad things. The good is, once you’ve gotten your fill of the game you won’t feel like exploration is a chore, the bad however is, that you might feel overwhelmed by the number of landmarks that Fallout 4 throws in your face, at least at the beginning. 

If you’re interested in more detail you can always check out interactive maps for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

So, which map is more interesting? 

It really depends on what you prefer. If you prefer fantasy settings with ancient ruins, mystic groves, and plenty of haunted forts then Skyrim is obviously the perfect fit for you. If you prefer wandering the wasteland, looting, and scavenging and don’t mind the bleakness of such settings, then obviously Fallout 4 map will be by far the more interesting of the two. 

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