Fans Form A Swooning Cult Over ‘The Acolyte’s’ “Hot Jedi”: “Yord Is Really For the Girls and the Gays”

The yorde horde

This week, ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ debuted with two episodes. People have mixed feelings about it. Critics like it, but fans are slamming it online. Even though the story is just okay and the action is cool, there’s one character going viral, and it’s not because of his Jedi moves.

Charlie Barnett, as Jedi Knight Yord, has a scene without a shirt in the show. Padawan Jecki Lon and Jedi Master Sol catch him while he’s changing. Barnett shows off his strong body, and fans quickly fell for him. Now, his dedicated followers are calling themselves “The Yord Horde” on social media, and there are lots of memes about it.

We need to find out how many times this scene was watched. Regardless of what happens to Yord in future episodes, Charlie Barnett’s Jedi has become a big deal in the fandom. He’s like our generation’s Princess Leia in a metal bikini. Got anything to add? Comment below!

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