Fans Rally Behind Controversial Romance in ‘X-Men ’97’: “They Spent the Entire Episode Attached to the Hip”

Fans Rally Behind Controversial Romance in X Men 97 They Spent the Entire Episode Attached to the Hip

‘X-Men ’97’ was a big hit for Marvel Studios. Since its first episode, it’s been getting high ratings, and fans love its story, staying true to the original, and the updates to characters.

But there have been some controversies, like when the creators revealed Morph as non-binary and hinted at a romance between Morph and Wolverine in episode 3.

During Madelyne Prior’s nightmare rampage, one standout moment involved Morph. In his dream, he catches Wolverine in the shower. Instead of looking away or being surprised, he jokes with Wolverine, saying, “Need a hand with those hard-to-reach places?” The scene takes a dark turn when Wolverine responds, “Always with the jokes, Morph? As if I don’t know?”

After Episode 7 aired, the hints of something more between Morph and Wolverine became even more apparent. In this episode, when the team confronts Bolivar Trask in Madripoor, fans noticed Wolverine and Morph sticking close together. Wolverine showed particular concern for Morph, sparking a lot of discussion on social media.

Even if this doesn’t go anywhere, at least we’ve had some fun memes from it. Personally, I believe Wolverine and Jean Grey’s relationship has more potential, but that’s just my opinion. Want to share your thoughts? Drop them in the comments below!

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