‘X-Men ‘97’ Dropped Hints That a Possibly Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters Is in the Making

X Men 97 Dropped Hints that a Possibly Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters is in the Making

The third episode of ‘X-Men ’97’ just came out, and it was quite something. It picked up where the last episode left off, with a cliffhanger, introducing new characters and plot twists. Storm met Forge, Scott, and Madelyne Pryor became parents to Nathan Charles Summers (Cable), and Mister Sinister unleashed Madelyne’s madness.

As Madelyne wreaked havoc on the team with nightmares, one standout moment was Morph’s vision. He saw Wolverine in the shower, but instead of looking away or being shocked, he jokingly offered to help with hard-to-reach places.

The scene takes a dark turn when Wolverine responds, “Always with the jokes eh Morph? As If I don’t know?” So, what’s the deal? It’s not crazy to think Morph might have a crush on Wolverine, but it would be bold for the creators to change Wolverine’s well-known love for Jean Grey. They’re probably just friends for now, given how they’re always joking around. Apart from that one awkward joke, there’s not much else to suggest anything more.

Morph stirred up controversy when writer Beau DeMayo disclosed that the character is non-binary, which surprised some fans, given Morph’s ability to change shape. Voice actor J.P. Karliak recently shared that the backlash from fans was substantial but not unexpected. He clarified that Morph won’t identify as non-binary in the show since the term wasn’t common in the ’90s, and Morph’s experiences defy easy description.

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