Fans Rank 10 Scariest Horror Superhero Movies of All Time


Superhero movies have surged in popularity over the past decades, with the MCU standing as one of the largest and most lucrative cinematic universes today. While many modern superhero films lean towards PG-13 ratings with action-packed thrills and intrigue, some embrace elements of horror and gore.

Fans on Ranker recently cast over 20K votes to determine their top superhero movie of all time, yielding results that may catch you off guard.

10. ‘Unbreakable’ (2000)

M. Night Shyamalan isn’t known for making superhero films, so when he released ‘Unbreakable,’ it was a surprising departure. Even more surprising was its quality, leading to a trilogy of unconventional superhero movies. The film eschews conventional horror, focusing instead on psychological depth.

9. ‘Glass’

‘Glass’ marks the unexpected third installment in Shyamalan’s franchise, which he never originally intended to expand into a trilogy. Similar to its predecessors, ‘Glass’ is often categorized as a horror movie, focusing on psychological depth and thriller elements rather than jump scares. The film delves into disturbing themes such as psychological manipulation, the blending of reality and fantasy, and the menacing potential of superhuman powers.

8. ‘Blade 2’ (2002)

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‘Blade 2’ didn’t receive as much acclaim as the original, even though it stuck to the same successful approach and formula. The Blade series is often labeled as horror because of its vampires, dark cinematography, and eerie atmosphere. It includes more violence and shocking scenes compared to ‘The Unbreakable’ franchise, although it remains relatively tame by today’s standards.

7. ‘Spawn’ (1997)

Al Simmons, a U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon Lieutenant Colonel and CIA operative, is sent on a mission to infiltrate a biochemical weapons plant in North Korea under orders from his superior, Jason Wynn. Unbeknownst to Simmons, Wynn orchestrates his betrayal and death during the mission, carried out by assassin Jessica Priest, which triggers an explosive chain of events. Simmons finds himself in Hell, where he strikes a pact with Malebolgia, a ruler of the underworld.

‘Spawn’ isn’t widely celebrated as a top superhero movie, mainly due to its excessive violence upon release. The film received limited praise, particularly for its practical effects. It remains a puzzle why it ranks higher on this list compared to other mentioned movies.

6. ‘Hellboy’ (2004)

I never really thought of the ‘Hellboy’ franchise as scary, and I wouldn’t label it as a horror movie, especially ‘The Golden Army,’ which ranked much lower on the list. However, considering the main character is essentially a demon and the religious themes involved, it’s understandable how it could be perceived that way.

5. ‘Split’ (2019)

‘Split’ serves as a standalone sequel to Shyamalan’s 2000 film ‘Unbreakable,’ although it wasn’t initially marketed as such. The movie received acclaim for its blend of Hitchcockian suspense, horror elements, and deep introspective themes. It’s no wonder it’s considered the best among the three films.

4. ‘Blade’ (1998)

‘Blade’ achieved success by embracing a striking visual style that included dramatic camera angles, unique costumes, and sets that exposed the gritty side of the vampire world. The film’s horror elements relied heavily on shocking kills and the eerie presence of the supernatural, which clearly resonated with audiences.

3. ‘The Crow’ (1994)

‘The Crow’ creates its horror atmosphere through Gothic settings, eerie lighting, and supernatural elements, all staples of the genre. Centered on themes of revenge and justice, the protagonist rises from the dead to seek vengeance for his and his fiancée’s murders, themes often found in horror narratives.

2. ‘Constantine’ (2005)

‘Constantine’ appeals to superhero fans in a way reminiscent of ‘The Exorcist,’ which explains its high ranking. The film delves into lesser-known corners of the DC universe, though Reeve’s portrayal in the lead role divided the fandom.

1. ‘Brightburn’ (2019)

I believe ‘Brightburn’ is the sole genuine superhero horror movie on the list because it was explicitly marketed as such from the start. The film flips the conventional superhero origin story, portraying a young boy with superhuman powers who turns into a malevolent force instead of a hero. It maintains a constant sense of psychological tension and dread throughout, so I understand why it ranks highly.

What are your favorite superhero horror movies? Share your rankings in the comments below!

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