Fans Rank the Top 10 Funniest Characters in the MCU

Fans Rank the Top 10 Funniest Characters in the MCU

The MCU has its fair share of humor, sometimes unintentionally, but you probably know that certain characters always bring the laughs. Fans recently voted on Ranker to decide which MCU character is the funniest across all movies and shows. While the top 3 might be predictable, the rankings in between might surprise you.

10. Loki

loki season 3 update kevin wright

Loki can be inadvertently funny with his “advanced” wit, which often goes over other characters’ heads. However, his most amusing traits are his otherworldly schemes. He’s unique in the MCU, being present in both the funniest and most heart-wrenching scenes. Sarcasm and malice seem to be his superpowers, a trait we share.

9. Spider-Man

spider man far from home tom holland

I was quite surprised to see Spidey on this list, but then again, I might not be the target audience for his humor. In the MCU, Spider-Man’s jokes mostly come during fights or with an innocent cluelessness. However, they often don’t land well with his audience, either because they’re too earnest or aimed at villains.

8. Luis (Ant-Man Franchise)

Luis ant man

“I wish I had a suit. Even with, like, minimal powers. Or even just a suit. With no powers.”

Luis’s humor mainly centers on his overly long and detailed explanations that end up making no sense whatsoever. I suppose he ranked this high because we all know someone in our friend group who behaves like this, making his humor very relatable.

7. Korg


Korg has a relaxed and casual attitude, often delivering deadpan humor without even realizing it. His good-natured personality only adds to his charm.

6. Iron Man

Tony Stark Ironman

Iron Man reigns supreme when it comes to funny nicknames, sarcasm, and self-deprecating humor in the MCU. I’m genuinely surprised he didn’t make it into the top 3 of this list. However, his character is designed to be obnoxious, and not everyone appreciates a character who’s rarely serious, even in dire situations. Who else could crack jokes about creating world-ending AI? Only Stark.

5. Drax

drax destroyer

Every team requires a big, strong brute, and you often find yourself chuckling at his jokes, partly because of the implied consequences if you don’t. The funniest part is Drax’s inability to grasp metaphors, even when it’s crucial for his survival. But there’s always one person laughing at his jokes – Drax himself.

4. Star-Lord

star lord

Star-Lord can be a bit of a jerk, and he often hides his deep-seated trauma behind layers of cocky quips and sarcasm. Growing up with the Ravagers probably taught him to develop a strong sense of humor as a defense mechanism. Personally, I don’t find him funnier than Iron Man, but it seems the majority disagrees.

3. Thor

quill and thor

Thor, much like Drax, fits the stereotype of the big, strong brute, and many of the reactions he elicits could be summed up as, “We’re laughing at you.” Some of his funniest moments stem from his complete lack of familiarity with the human world in general.

Thor: “I need a horse!”
Store Owner: “We don’t have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds.”
Thor: “Then give me one of those large enough to ride.”

2. Ant-Man

Ant Man2015 1

Ant-Man’s humor arises from his awkwardness, often making him unintentionally funny even in perilous situations. The introduction to the events of ‘Quantumania’ is particularly hilarious, marking it as one of the movie’s highlights.

Hats and sunglasses? That’s not a disguise, Hank. We look like ourselves at a baseball game.

1. Rocket Racoon

rocket raccoon

Rocket employs humor as a defense mechanism, but it’s often biting and mean-spirited. He’s probably the smartest person in any room, and he’s not shy about reminding everyone while simultaneously belittling them.

Well, now I’m standing. Happy? We’re all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.

Who is your funniest character? Let us know in the comments below!

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