Fans Vote for Best Star Wars Live-Action Shows Of All Time

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Star Wars is an extensive franchise primarily known for its blockbuster movies but has also expanded into television shows and video games. Historically, animated shows have dominated, but since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, there has been a shift towards more live-action content.

Today, let’s explore Ranker, a popular site where fans rank a wide range of topics, including live-action Star Wars shows, to see which ones are currently considered the best. Please note that rankings can fluctuate, and the list may not reflect the most current voting trends on the site.

6. ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’

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‘The Acolyte’ is the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise and has sparked significant controversy. The show has been both praised and criticized, making it challenging to assess objectively at this stage. It’s currently being scrutinized as potentially one of the weakest live-action shows, but with the series ongoing, its full impact remains to be seen.

5. ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ is a spinoff of ‘The Mandalorian’ but received mixed reviews from fans. Critics noted that the show concluded much like it began, with some describing it as messy. Despite its reputation as a reference for a disappointing Star Wars series, its ranking remains relatively high.

4. ‘Ahsoka’

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‘Ahsoka’ recently premiered to a mixed critical reception. While some aspects of the show, such as Sabine Wren surviving a seemingly fatal lightsaber wound and her portrayal as a Jedi despite minimal connection to the Force, received criticism, the highlight of Hayden Christensen returning as Anakin Skywalker to complete Ahsoka’s training was praised as one of the franchise’s standout moments. Overall, the show has garnered moderate success among fans.

3. ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’

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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ was eagerly awaited and became one of the most streamed shows upon its release. Despite this, fans found reasons to be disappointed, particularly with the portrayal of Kenobi and the action sequences. Even though Lucas himself expressed it was his favorite miniseries at the time, fans remained unconvinced.

2. ‘Andor’

andor finale

‘Andor’ serves as a prequel to ‘Rogue One,’ a film praised as one of the best in recent Star Wars history. With Gilroy at the helm, ‘Andor’ swiftly gained acclaim as a top-tier series. Despite being lauded for its departure from typical Star Wars shows, it’s be a hit with the fans and we definitely agree with the second place.

1. ‘The Mandalorian’


‘The Mandalorian’ stands out as one of Disney’s finest contributions to Star Wars. Its top-tier production values, featuring remarkable special effects and cinematography, created a cinematic experience that deeply immersed fans in its world-building. Iconic characters like Grogu became cultural sensations, captivating audiences far beyond the usual Star Wars fanbase. Given these achievements, the number 1 spot is not a surprise.

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