Fans Demand Season 2 of ‘The Acolyte’ After Introduction of “Hot” Sith Lord


Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’ had minimal action and didn’t significantly advance the overall story. However, it did introduce a crucial plot point confirmed by Leslye Headland: the romance between Osha and Qimir.

Originally on opposing sides, Qimir “kidnapped” Osha and brought her to an unknown planet. Osha intended to kill him, but seeing Qimir naked and vulnerable made her reconsider. She chose to listen to him and view things from his perspective instead.

Qimir introduces Osha to the alternative side of the Force, revealing that he was once a Jedi and hinting at abuse by his Master. He explains the power of harnessing strong emotions like hate and lust.

Fans quickly compared their budding romance to that of Kylo Ren and Rey, a parallel confirmed by Headland, who described it as “being seduced” by the Dark Side.

Although ‘The Acolyte’ season 2 is not confirmed and seems unlikely based on current statistics, Headland has expressed a vision for the show to span 3 or 4 seasons. She assured that if the show is not renewed, all mysteries will be resolved, leaving no plot points unanswered.

Fans had mixed reactions to this news. Some, who consider ‘The Acolyte’ the worst addition to Star Wars, claim that the show was doomed from the start. Meanwhile, fans who enjoy the show remain hopeful. A new faction of fans has emerged, eager for season 2 to further explore Qimir’s story.

Qimir became a central figure in the series when he was revealed as a Sith Lord in Episode 5, where he killed nearly all the Jedi in the search party for Kelnacca. Episode 6 took things further by showing Qimir naked, a moment that Headland explained was crucial to the story. The reactions have been quite varied—see for yourself.

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