‘Fast X Part 2’: Vin Diesel Reveals Release Date for the Eleventh ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie

fast x part 2

The tenth main installment of the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga — ‘Fast X’ — premiered in theaters last month, and it grossed $632.6 million worldwide. Compared to an overwhelming budget of $340 million, plus the expensive marketing campaign, Universal Pictures surely hoped for a better result, particularly at the domestic box office. Still, the eleventh installment was announced prior to the release of ‘Fast X,’ and with the latest movie finishing on several cliffhangers, there will surely be at least one more movie to wrap things up.

Back in 2020, the tenth and eleventh installments were initially announced as a two-part finale of the franchise with a plan to produce them back-to-back. However, while the plan for a two-part finale remained, the tenth installment was produced independently, and the eleventh installment will most likely start production next year to be ready for its release in 2025. The franchise’s producer and the main star, Vin Diesel, confirmed at CinemaCon last April that the Fast Family will return in 2025, and now we know exactly when.

Vin Diesel confirms the release date for ‘Fast & Furious 11,’ aka ‘Fast X Part 2’

In one of the most recent posts on his official Instagram account, Vin Diesel confirmed that the next installment in the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is set to hit theaters on April 4, 2025. So, in less than 22 months. Diesel also praised Jason Momoa’s performance in ‘Fast X’ in spite of recent reports that he was reportedly frustrated with Momoa’s scene-stealing performance that “stole” his spotlight in the movie.


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Apart from the eleventh installment, the franchise’s star Dwayne Johnson recently announced a new spin-off movie centered on his character Luke Hobbs. Johnson originally abandoned the main franchise after his feud with Diesel, and he reprised the role in his own spin-off. But after being absent from ‘F9,’ Johnson still returned in the post-credit scene of ‘Fast X.’

Johnson and Diesel later revealed they buried the hatchet, and Diesel will produce the upcoming spin-off, and Johnson is also set to return in the eleventh main installment. The upcoming spin-off is announced as “the bridge” between ‘Fast X’ and its sequel. Therefore it’s a good chance to be released before the eleventh installment, although there’s still no official release date for the spin-off.

At the ‘Fast X’ premiere event in Rome, Diesel said that there had been talks with the studio to expand the finale of the franchise to three movies instead of two, but despite his optimism, we aren’t sure if Fast 12 is going to happen because the decrease in box-office results with each new movie is showing this franchise is running out of gas. Then again, with the ‘Hobbs’ spin-off on the way, maybe that’s that third movie he was talking about.

The ‘Fast & Furious’ fans can surely expect at least two more movies; the upcoming ‘Hobbs’ spin-off and ‘Fast X: Part 2.’ Diesel previously confirmed that there are a couple of spin-offs in development as well, but let’s go one movie at a time.

Fast & Furious 11, aka ‘Fast X: Part 2’, is set to be released on April 4, 2025.

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