How To Breed Horses In Minecraft? (and Tame them)

How To Breed And Tame Horses In Minecraft?

Horses are useful animals in Minecraft especially in the mid-game if you need to traverse the world faster without losing much of your health and hunger points. To ride a Horse in Minecraft they need to be tamed. You can also breed them for other useful purposes like getting leather or for farming. But how do you breed horses in Minecraft and tame them?

Breeding of Horses can be done by feeding them with golden carrots until they enter into love mode. And to breed Horses, they need to be first tamed by mounting on them. Right-click to hop on them until the horse stops throwing you of its back and heart appears on it. 

When you try to hop on the horse initially to tame it, it will lose its temper and will force you to go down from its back. In doing so horse loses its temper, and the temper points will increase by 5 points every time you try to mount it. But if you persist along, and once the temper reaches a threshold limit, it will give in.

A player may need to mount a horse around 20 times before winning over its trust and taming it. Horses are passive animals in Minecraft and behave peacefully. After you have successfully tamed a horse, you need another one for breeding. Follow the same steps for taming another horse.

Breeding a horse is a fairly easy task. Feed each of the two horses with a Golden carrot or Golden apple and they will enter into love mode hence, producing a foal.

There are several food items that you can use to speed up the taming process and breeding process. Stick around to find more about how to breed the horses, tame them, and correct ways to do it.

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

How To Breed And Tame Horses In Minecraft?

Breeding of the horses is done by feeding two horses with Golden Apple or Golden Carrot. Meal of Golden Apple or Golden Carrot induces love mode in both the horses resulting in breeding and producing a foal. When you decide to breed these horses, the offspring they produce gets the characteristics and traits of the parent horses.

Offspring speed, height, jump, color everything depends on the parent horses. It is usually the average of both parents. So, if you breed two horses with 80 and 100 speeds, then the foal will have a speed of 90.

Follow these easy steps to Breed the horses in Minecraft:

·         Search for two horses in the plain biome.

·         Tame both the horses. You cannot breed two wild horses. (Follow the article till the end to know How To Tame The Horses?)

·         Bring both of them into a fence so that they stay together for breeding.

·         Use the food items to induce them with love mode

There are three food items that you can feed Horses to coerce them to breed.  

The golden apple, golden apple enchantment, or golden carrot can be used as desired.  All these three food items need to be fed one by one to each of the horses.

As you feed the food item to the horses, you will see red hearts appear over their heads. These horses are now in love mode.

You will see red hearts over both horses’ heads as soon as you feed them. And a cute baby horse will appear after the red hearts disappear.

Can You Use Golden Carrots To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

Golden carrot is fed to Horses to breed them. Golden carrot is most suitable for breeding any two horses. You just need to feed 1 golden carrot to each of the horses to send them into love mode.

Horses enjoy the Golden carrot more than any other food item in Minecraft. It is their favorite thing to eat in the game.

Using eight gold nuggets to surround a single carrot, you can craft golden carrots. Alternatively, you may purchase the item for three emeralds from a villager with master-level farming.

Can You Breed Horses With Hay Bales?

Hay Bales can be used to breed Horses. But because it is more feasible, it is best to breed them with Golden carrots or Golden apples.

Hay Bales are decorative flammable blocks that can be used to breed as well as feed horses.  They are found scattered around in plain villages or sometimes in Savanna and desert villages.

The hay bales act as a substitute for wheat supply and 64 hay bales give similar energy of about 192 loaves of bread.

Not only hay bales can be used to fed or breed the horse, but it also heals the animal. They are an effective way to heal horses In a shorter time. They can heal up to 10 hearts.

Along with that if there is a baby horse, its growth can be spurted by feeding it hay bales. The growth speed is increased by three minutes.

So, hay bales are a useful item when it comes to nurturing horses. They help inbreeding as well as feeding and healing the horses.

Can you breed faster horses in Minecraft?

Faster horses can be bred only by faster parent horses. The traits of the baby horse depend on the parent horses. 

A baby horse has average traits of both parents. If the parent has speeds of 60 and 80 then the baby horse will have speeds of around 70.

Except then this there is no way to improve the physical trait of horse in the game

How Do You Breed The Perfect Horse In Minecraft?

How To Breed And Tame Horses In Minecraft?

When you are trying to breed the perfect horse in Minecraft, there is only one way- Get the perfect parent horses and make them fall in love with each other. Horses have 7 colors and 5 different marking patterns on their body in Minecraft. every horse has different speed and jumping skills.

Horses even have different health ranges. This can make a difference in close fights or long traverse through the world. Before breeding any horse, ride them for a while and check their health and physical parameters.

So, to breed the perfect horse lookout for all these parameters in the two parent horses. Once convinced you have got the best horses, and then feed them food to get them in the mood.

Then once they enter into their love mode, you’ll get the horse with perfect parameters.

Now that you have learned all about breeding the right horse. Let’s learn how to tame them. Because without taming the horses you cannot breed them at all.

How To Tame Horses In Minecraft?

Horses can be tamed by the sheer persistence of the player. To tame a horse In Minecraft, the player needs to jump on its back repeatedly until the horse’s temper point reaches its limit and he gives in to be your companion in your adventure. 

Given the nature of the horses, they initially reject any approach towards them. A player needs to persistently try to convince the horse to become his tamed animal.

To tame a wild horse, go near it and jump on its back by right click. The horse will initially buck you off its back but you simply need to keep trying until the heart appears to leave the horse. Which is a symbol of you winning his heart and trust.

What Do You Use To Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

To tame a horse there are no specific things that you use. Horses are simply tamed by just trying to hop on their back until they give in and you win their loyalty.

However, you may try to feed them if you cannot mount on them after repetitive efforts.

Each unit of food that you feed the horse, increases your chance of taming them by a percentage.

To feed the horse before taming them, hold the food in your hand try feeding them by right-clicking. This will reduce your food but increase your chances of taming the wildly useful animal.

Now, there are many food items that you can feed a horse to cajole them into becoming your pet.

What Food Do You Need To Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

Food items such as sugar, apple, wheat, golden carrot, and golden apple help in taming a horse in Minecraft. every food item has its own quality. Some will be more useful in taming the horse and some may take more time.

Food items such as Sugar, Apple, and wheat increase 3% chance with each unit. Whereas, items such as golden carrot increase the chance of taming by 5% with each unit, and golden apple adds 10%.

Golden apple and golden carrot are more useful for breeding purposes. Also, these items are rarer and take more effort to get, so it is common to use them for breeding purposes only.

Nevertheless, the horse is a useful animal and saves a lot of time and energy for players with its fast speed and strength. In case there is no other option left and you have got a horse with strong physical attributes then you may consider giving up your golden items to tame it.

Why Won’t My Horses Breed In Minecraft?

How To Breed And Tame Horses In Minecraft?

You need to wait a few minutes after taming a horse if you did it recently.

All you have to do is right-click two tamed horses and you can choose between golden apples or golden carrots. This should work as long as they haven’t been bred within the last 5 minutes

There is a breeding limit. Let’s say you have a farm and breed sheep, chickens, cows, or pigs. To breed horses, you need to kill some of the animals you bred. As a new player to Minecraft, I made this mistake and wasted several golden carrots.

There are a few things to consider, such as are they both fully grown horses? Additionally, you need to stand back, unlike other animals, they do not breed when you are close to them. Breeding takes about a minute as well. 

Can You Breed Skeleton Horses? 

Due to their undead nature, skeleton horses cannot be bred or fed, so they are impossible to breed despite the Updates.

The only horses that cannot reproduce are skeletons and zombies.

A skeleton horse makes a pretty useful mode of transportation. They are considered the fastest mode of transportation. Skeletons are used for riding in water, climbing hills, and jumping fences.

It is possible to tame them and use them for riding, climbing, and jumping. However, they cannot be bred. In Minecraft, only regular horses can be bred.

Why Can’t I Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

Sometimes, taming a horse is just an impossible task. Some horses just do not give in and keep on repelling your advances of taming them. If you are facing such a problem then there few things that you can try.

First, try to leave the horse alone for five minutes or so then try again.  If you’ve been trying for an excessive amount of time then stop for a while. Come down from its back and try to mount again. Even after that if you can’t tame it let it go and try on another horse.

Secondly, try to feed horses with some food items If it is not easy to impress. Feeding it food items is an easy way to convince them to become your pet animal. Food increases the success rate of taming these beasts.

Make sure that the horse is fully grown. A baby horse and adolescent horse will not be tamed. So, it is necessary to look after its maturity. Only a fully grown horse can be tamed.

Often it will happen that the horse will be tamed but the heart will not appear. In this case, open your inventory. If you can open the inventory then that means the horse has been tamed. Because the horse inventory can’t be opened with an untamed horse.

These are the few ways you can try if you have been failing to tame a horse. If nothing works then respawn these horses and try again otherwise leave them and go to another biome and try again.

Can you breed tamed horses in Minecraft?

You can breed tamed horses. Not only that, but for horses to breed, they need to be tamed first.

Can you breed a donkey and a horse in Minecraft?

Mules are born when horses are bred with donkeys in the same way as horses are bred with other horses. The mules are incapable of breeding, but they are basically an improved version of the donkey

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