Final Gohan vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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The release of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has gotten fans excited because we are now looking at a story that doesn’t revolve around Goku and Vegeta and is now focusing more on Gohan. This was when Gohan was able to reach a more powerful version of his Ultimate form when he unlocked his Final Gohan power level. But we still do know that Goku is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball lore. So, who would win in a fight between Final Gohan and Goku?

Final Gohan will defeat base Goku or even Super Saiyan Blue Goku because he was meant to be the most powerful version of Gohan, who is potentially stronger than Goku himself. Final Gohan’s power levels are off the charts and were more than enough for him to easily take out Cell Max.

One of the things that we know about Gohan is that his potential has always been greater than any of the characters in Dragon Ball, but he just doesn’t want to live up to it because he doesn’t love fighting as much as the other Saiyans. Nevertheless, the Super Hero movie allowed us to see his full potential, and that is why we are here to talk about whether or not he has surpassed his father.

Martial Arts Skills

One of the things that Gohan learned while he was training under Piccolo was martial arts. He didn’t particularly excel at martial arts because he often got by in his fights using his raw power and potential. However, he still learned a good deal about martial arts from both Piccolo and Goku. That means that Gohan knows a thing or two about the different styles of both of his mentors throughout his life.


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Ever since the first Dragon Ball series, Goku has always been obsessed with martial arts. He has trained in different fighting styles and forms throughout his entire life and was not shy about learning some of the different martial arts from his opponents and rivals alike. Among all of the characters on Dragon Ball, Goku was always the one who could perfectly blend his insane power levels with his martial arts skills, while most of the other characters usually got by with their raw power.


As powerful and as skilled as Gohan may be in the art of fighting, he doesn’t have half of the martial arts skills that Goku has, who has always worked his butt off in training. As such, Goku is still better than even Final Gohan in terms of martial arts.

Final Gohan 0, Goku 1

Power Level

It was seen in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that Final Gohan’s raw power level was off the charts because he was perhaps the strongest character we have seen as of this moment in terms of his power level alone. It is yet to be seen whether or not Final Gohan has divine powers, but there is no doubt that his power is beyond Super Saiyan Blue or Evolved Super Saiyan Blue as of this moment. The fact that he killed Cell Max with one shot proves that his power level is off the charts.

Final Gohan Gohan Blanco Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Goku, without using his Ultra Instinct, has a power level that could threaten even the gods themselves. He is powerful enough that his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 form could already get a few good hits on Jiren but was never enough to give him some trouble. Nevertheless, the raw power of a Super Saiyan Blue character is still off the charts even by Dragon Ball standards, and that’s why Goku is still one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Even though we know that Goku, in his most powerful Super Saiyan form, is at the level of a god, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be on par with Final Gohan, considering that Gohan’s Ultimate form was able to fight on par with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue.

Final Gohan 1, Goku 1


One of the things that we learned during Dragon Ball Z was that Ultimate Gohan doesn’t have the same drawbacks as the Super Saiyan forms because it was not even a transformation. Instead, it was just Gohan unleashing his true potential. Considering that this is merely the evolved form of Gohan’s Potential Unleashed state, it is possible that Final Gohan doesn’t have any drawbacks as well and doesn’t consume a lot of stamina. If ever it did consume stamina, it might not be the same as the stamina consumption of the Super Saiyan states.

Throughout Dragon Ball Super, one of the reasons why Goku and Vegeta don’t always jump to their Super Saiyan Blue forms right away is the fact that they would have to expend a ton of stamina to do so. All Super Saiyan forms tend to consume stamina, even though they may differ in terms of how much stamina they consume. But the fact is that stamina consumption is still one of the drawbacks of using a Super Saiyan form because it takes a lot of energy to enter and maintain it.

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Of course, considering that Gohan’s Final form probably doesn’t expend stamina, he takes this round. He could potentially keep that form indefinitely without getting tired, unlike Goku, who needs to be economical with the way he uses his stamina when entering his Super Saiyan forms.

Final Gohan 2, Goku 1


Gohan is an experienced fighter, even though he might not have racked up the same kind of experience as the other fighters on Dragon Ball. He stopped training after the Buu Saga and was kind of out of shape during the Frieza Revival arc. In that regard, a good chunk of his experience as a fighter was when he was a kid, but most of his experience during his adult years came during the Tournament of Power and his training sessions with Piccolo. That’s why he hadn’t had a lot of experience fighting in his Final Gohan form, as Goku himself told Frieza before that he needed to earn experience in his new form first before taking it out for battle.


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Goku, on the other hand, is probably the most experienced fighter in the entire Dragon Ball story because he has been fighting since his childhood years. On top of that, he also has a ton of experience in using all of his transformations, and that means that he has mastered the art of using them and keeping up with the stamina drain. Goku is simply an experienced fighter that has seen it all as he has battled gods, angels, and any sort of being the universe could throw at him.

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There is no doubt that Gohan doesn’t have the same kind of experience that Goku has, and that’s why there is still a chance that he could lose in his Final Gohan form despite his raw power. Meanwhile, Goku’s experience as a fighter speaks for itself.

Final Gohan 2, Goku 2


Final Gohan had one of the most impressive feats in the entire Dragon Ball Super story when he was able to defeat Cell Max, a being that was able to defeat Gamma 1 and 2, Android 18, Orange Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Krillin. He did it with one shot, and that means that he is incredibly powerful. In that regard, his feat in the current canon is currently right there at the top, together with some of the feats that Goku and Vegeta have accomplished together.

Goku, without his Ultra Instinct, hasn’t had a ton of feats both in the anime and the manga. His best feat in his Super Saiyan Blue form was defeating Hit in their rematch. However, after that, he almost always needed help from Vegeta, such as when they needed to defeat a villain together or whenever they had to fuse. All of his subsequent feats were accomplished because of his mastery of Ultra Instinct.

Goku Vegeta SSB

As great as Goku’s feats have been in Dragon Ball Super, Final Gohan’s feat was just simply impressive. During the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, both Gohan and Piccolo even said that they doubt whether Goku and Vegeta could have defeated Cell Max. As such, Final Gohan is simply quite powerful.

Final Gohan 3, Goku 2

Final Gohan vs. Goku: Who Would Win In A Fight?

While Goku can put up a good fight against Final Gohan, especially if the protagonist uses his strongest Super Saiyan form, his son is still going to defeat him with his raw power. Final Gohan was so powerful that he made quick work of Cell Max upon achieving this form. And he was even able to defeat a monster that both he and Piccolo thought Goku and Vegeta might not have been able to defeat, as this proves that Final Gohan is probably the strongest character in Dragon Ball Super right now, especially when it comes to raw power.

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