First Teaser Trailer And Poster For ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Revealed

First Teaser Trailer And Poster For ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Revealed

The first teaser for the newest movie in the One Piece franchise – One Piece Film: Red – was unveiled.

One Piece, legendary manga series first appeared in 1997. It was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy, a fellow who unintentionally ate Devil Fruit which caused his body to gain the properties of rubber. Luffy leads his crew, Straw Hat Pirates, to find the so-called One Piece treasure so that he could become the next King of the Pirates.

The original manga launched the whole media franchise. Anime adaptation debuted in 1999. Today, manga is still being released, with 100 volumes released so far. The anime series is also still broadcasting, and its 1000th episode is set to be released today. The franchise spawned movies and videos games. The first movie – One Piece: The Movie – was released in 2000. The latest movie – One Piece: Stampede – was released in August 2019, and the upcoming movie – One Piece: Red – is set to be released next August.

Check out the first teaser trailer:

Original creator Eiichiro Oda works on the movie as the creative supervisor. Goro Taniguchi is directing the film, while Tsutomu Kuroiwa developed the screenplay.

One Piece: Red is set to be released in August next year in Japan. Unfortunately, there are no any plans set for the international release so far.


Official poster for One Piece: Red:

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