Fragrance and Fish Quest In Lost Ark (Walkthrough)

lost ark panda island quest

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Although the land of Arkesia had experienced peace for many years, peace cannot last forever, and Lost Ark players are now granted the responsibility of completing various valiant quests in an attempt to restore harmony. Fragrance and Fish is one of Lost Ark’s many quests, involving a few simple tasks that can actually seem overwhelming.

The Fragrance and Fish quest can be completed on Panda Island, which is situated between the Arthetine and Anikka regions, and it can be initiated by speaking with Chungshu. The quest requires players to locate three hidden spots on the map, and it can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

While it may feel intimidating or complex to complete the Fragrance and Fish quest, it can be pretty simple with the right approach. Stick around to find out how to finish off the Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark so you can get your hands on its awesome rewards.

Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

Completing the Fragrance and Fish quest shouldn’t take too long, as it’s restricted to a relatively small area that demands fairly minimal exploration – compared to come other quests. Still, the entire process can become quite confusing without proper preparation and awareness.

Fragrance and Fish Quest Location

The Fragrance and Fish quest will require players to spend some time on Panda Island – a small island inhabited by a bunch of fuzzy pandas! As a result, players would have needed to unlock the sailing ability, which allows one to travel by sea on Arkesia’s World map.

panda island lost ark

Players will need to have completed the Set Sail quest in order to unlock the sailing ability, which is also the last quest in the East Luterra storyline. Since completing the main questline is also crucial for progressing to Lost Ark’s endgame and is essential for unlocking powerful class skills and much more, you will need to get around to unlocking the sailing ability in any case.

How To get To Panda Island

Panda Island is situated between the Arthetine and Anikka regions, and players can sail to Panda Island from the nearest available location. Upon arriving, players will need to drop anchor on the east side of the island.

The image below displays Panda Island’s location on Arkesia’s World map, thanks to Ginx ESports TV:

Fragrance and Fish location

Fragrance and Fish Quest Walkthrough

Before you start the Fragrance and Fish quest, make sure to check that the quest is marked within the Quest Journal. Doing so will make sure that your progress is tracked throughout the quest, which can be incredibly helpful if you get sidetracked halfway – or if you become unsure if you are actually making progress as you find the hidden spots.

How To Complete Fragrance and Fish Quest

To initiate the Fragrance and Fish quest, players will need to speak to Chungshu, and NPC on Panda Island. Players can find Chungshu by following the yellow exclamation point on the mini-map.

lost ark chungshu

Chungshu will ask players to examine the writings on the Stone Tablet, which will provide players with three not-so-obvious clues. Players will need to use these clues to locate three hidden spots on the island. These spots will only be accessible after players locate a ‘secret passage’ to reach each of the areas, generally hidden or ‘blocked’ by vegetation or natural structures on the island.

Finding The Hidden Spots

It’s important to note that there is a fairly specific way to ‘find’ the hidden locations, and players cannot simply ‘see’ the spot or run near it – this won’t be enough to complete the quest. Once you near a hidden spot, the exact area will be highlighted by a glowing circle.


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Players will need to stand inside this glowing circle to complete that area and move on to the next hidden location. The Fragrance and Fish quest will only be officially completed once the player has finished this process for each of the three hidden spots.

lost ark fragrance and fish locations

Below are all of the clues that players will receive, as well as where to find the corresponding hidden spot for each clue – with all images thanks to Gamer Pillar.

1. “Place Behind The Stone Lantern”

The location described by the “place behind the stone lantern” clue can be found on the eastern side of Panda Island, behind a stone lantern that allows access to a secret passage. Head to the northeast section of Panda Island, passing a family of pandas as you near the northeastern tip of the island.

Place Behind The Stone Lantern 11

Continue past the family of pandas until you encounter a section of dense bamboo foliage, surrounding a relatively small clearing. Make your way through the dense bamboo to find the secret passage and exit into a secret area on the other side, as the hidden location will be situated in this area.

Place Behind The Stone Lantern 22

2. “Place That Crosses With The Cliff”

The location described by the “place that crosses with the cliff” clue can be located at the very bottom of Panda Island. Players can continue to the area on foot from the first location, heading to the southernmost section of Panda Island.

place that crosses with the cliff 1

Keep an eye out for two stone lanterns before a broken bridge. Players will need to follow the path before dropping down a cliff and crossing this broken bridge to the other side, landing on a broken wooden section of the bridge.

place that crosses with the cliff 2

Traverse over to a smaller island off Panda Island, which would have been linked by the now broken bridge. Continue forward until you reach a wooden platform on the other side of this smaller island, as this platform will contain the hidden spot.

place that crosses with the cliff 3

3. “Place Past The Panda”

This is likely the simplest yet most confusing clue of all, as the island is packed with bubbly pandas. However, it can be quite easy to find this spot if you know what to look for.

Head back to the main island from the second hidden spot’s location, continuing until you reach the two stone lanterns previously used as a marker for the second clue. You may start to notice roaming baby pandas, which can be taken as a sign that you’re getting close to the last hidden spot.

place past the panda

Continue northwest from this general area, traveling along the pathway until you reach a group of pandas. A secret passage will be tucked away behind them, again hidden behind dense bamboo foliage, leading to the final hidden location.

Fragrance and Fish Quest Rewards

Once you have located all three hidden spots and stood in the glowing circles for each area, the Fragrance and Fish quest will be complete. Successfully completing the Fragrance and Fish quest will grant Lost Ark players with the following rewards:


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  • Silver
  • Wisdom
  • Roster XP
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • Splendid Shard Chest

Players will be able to use rewards like Silver and XP at any stage, but the other rewards will likely only be useful once players hit level 50 and unlock the Gear Honing System in Lost Ark. Still, completing the Fragrance and Fish quest will be incredibly beneficial for progressing along the main questline.

Although the Fragrance and Fish quest can seem confusing and frustrating, it can actually be one of the simpler and quicker Lost Ark quests. Besides, simply being on the island will be enjoyable as is since you’ll have plenty of happy and fluffy pandas to keep you company!

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