Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide In Lost Ark: Everything You Need To Know

lost ark nacrasena guide

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Lost Ark is loaded with awesome monsters and evil enemies for players to challenge, topped with some fun activities like Guardian Raids. The Armored Nacrasena Guardian is equipped with some deadly attacks and tactics, but you can still take it down with the proper approaches and preparation.

The Armored Nacrasena is a level 5 Guardian, a more powerful variant of the level 2 Nacrasena with similar attack patterns and mechanics. Players will need to be at least Item Level 1302 to take on this Guardian, and it’s better to tackle this Guardian with a party of 4 players.

Although the Armored Nacrasena has some devious tricks and mechanics, players can still be victorious with some solid planning. Stick around to find out about the Armored Nacrasena Guardian, how you can access it, and how you can beat it in Lost Ark.

Armored Nacrasena Guide In Lost Ark

Guardian Raids are filled with challenges and trials for Lost Ark players, flaunting powerful bosses with unique mechanics and attack patterns. There are 5 levels of Guardian Raids, with each Guardian Raid level featuring 4 bosses, and the fights will get increasingly difficult as the Gaurdian Raid’s level progresses.

The first Guardian Raid level 5 Guardian is the Armored Nacrasena, which is a more powerful variant of the level 2 Guardian Nacrasena. As a result, the Armored Nacrasena Guardian has similar attacks patterns when compared to the Raid Level 2 Guardian Nacrasena.

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In a sense, the Armored Nacrasena can feel like taking on Nacrasena on Hard Mode. It will take 1 to 4 players to defeat the Armored Nacrasena. But, in most cases, the more the merrier. Some players have managed to defeat the Armored Nacrasena solo, but this is an incredibly difficult task that will take plenty of skill and preparation – in addition to the Item Level requirements.

This Guardian will also move and change its position quite frequently, which can make the battle significantly more challenging – especially for classes or advanced classes that have longer skill animations. However, things will get much easier once you get the hang of its animations and attack patterns.

Armored Nacrasena Requirements

Guardian Raids can only be unlocked after players reach a character level of 50 and complete the prerequisite purple Tutorial Quest in Vern. After Guardian Raids have been unlocked, players will be able to access the Guardian Raids from the Raid Notice Board, which can be found in any of Arkesia’s major cities.

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Players will need to have completed subsequent Guardian Raid levels to access the level 5 Armored Nacrasena Guardian – as such, you’ll need to complete a level 1, level 2, level 3, then level 4 Guardian Raid. The Armored Nacrasena Guardian requires players to be at least at 1302 Item Level to enter the Guardian Raid.

Useful Combat Items For Armored Nacrasena

Players can take on the Armored Nacrasena with flurries of attacks and abilities, but there are a few notable influences. The Armored Nacrasena takes 10% more damage from Earth Element Skills, and can be defeated more easily with the following Combat Items:


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  • Corrosive Bomb
  • Destruction Bomb
  • Pheromone Bomb
  • Flare
  • HP Potion
  • Stagger on Combat Items or Skills

Armored Nacrasena Mechanics

The Armored Nacrasena is the first Guardian that has 2 separate armor break mechanics – namely, the main armor and the tail. Below are the Armored Nacrasena’s attacks and mechanics:

Armored Nacrasena Mechanics

  • Tail Armor: Players must throw Destruction onto the tail after the Armored Nacrasena is knocked in order to break the tail armor.
  • Charge Phase: The Armored Nacrasena will raise its tail and charge shortly after the battle starts. This doesn’t deal damage, so players can stay attacking.
  • Knock and Destroy: Knocking the Armored Nacrasena is key, as this will allow you to destroy its tail. Cutting off the tail will greatly reduce the Armored Nacrasena’s difficulty level.

Armored Nacrasena Normal Attacks

  • Single Jump: The Armored Nacrasena will raise its claws upward before leaping and and inflicting an AoE on landing.
  • Charge: The Armored Nacrasena will raise its claws into the air and charge forward.
  • Backstep: The Armored Nacrasena will quickly backstep. If players are in a backstab path, they will recieve damage.
  • Crush Claw: The Armored Nacrasena will arch backwards before bringing its claws down in front. It will swipe or swing its claws in front, and these attacks are one of the easiest patterns to avoid.
  • Breath: The Armored Nacrasena will breath out to the left and to the right, inflicting an attack with a large range. Players who get hit by this breath will have their mana and movement speed decreased.
  • Side Claw Attack: The Armored Nacrasena will raise its claws into the air before swiping to the side.
  • Frontal Claw Attack: The Armored Nacrasena will slam its claws down in quick succession before swiping forward.

Armored Nacrasena Normal Attacks With Tail

  • Triple Thunderbolt: The Armored Nacrasena will lift its tail and cast 3 AoEs onto a target.
  • Bongos: The Armored Nacrasena will stick its tail into the ground, casting numerous exploding light pads on the ground.
  • Laser: The Armored Nacrasena will charge its tails, turning its head onto a player. Players who get hit will become paralyzed, and the Armored Nacrasena will start picking at the player which can easily lead to a fatality. Players will need to stagger the Armored Nacrasena in order to release the paralyzed player. You can avoid this attack entirely by running from side to side – just avoid running into party members.
  • Tail Swipe: The Armored Nacrasena will slam and swipe with its tail. The initial slam will stagger players while the following swipe will knock players back. The CC can be avoided by spacing in and out of the swipe.
  • Burrow: The Armored Nacrasena will burrow into the ground, spawning 5 scorpions. The Armored Nacrasena will not attack or chase with this move, but players will need to focus on taking down these scorpions as quickly as possible. The best method of dealing with the scorpions is running together to the left or right. This will give players a wider view to gather them up and AoE them all down. If you don’t kill the scorpions in time, they will eventually have an electric AoE surrounding themselves. Getting hit by these will chain paralyze and damage players.

Armored Nacrasena Counterable Attack

A counter-attack would be possible during the Armored Nacrasena’s charge attack pattern. The Guardian will glow blue at the start of this attack animation, and players will have a brief window of opportunity to cast a skill with a Counter Attack affix while they stand in front of Armored Nacrasena.

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The Guardian’s attack will be interrupted and staggered for a few seconds if players can cast this fast enough. While it may only be a few seconds, players and their entire party will have a short window to deal additional damage and use buffs.

This attack can be performed up to 2 times in a row, so players may have more opportunities to pull this off. This would be indicated by the Armored Nacrasena raising its claws into the air at the end of the first charge attack.

Armored Nacrasena Gameplay Tips

Taking on the Armored Nacrasena can be understandably frustrating and difficult, But, it can be made significantly simpler with the following gameplay tips:


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  1. The Armored Nacrasena’s armor must be destroyed first.
  2. Follow up by destroying the Armored Nacrasena’s tail while it is staggered after destroying the armor. Many of the Armored Nacrasena’s most dangerous attacks use the tail, so this tactic will instantly cut down this difficualty level. Players will only need to consider the Armored Nacrasena’s Normal Attacks instead of its Normal Attacks With Tail.
  3. Lower mobility classes should run from the Armored Nacrasena or stand close to its legs when it uses Lightning Barrage.
  4. High mobility classes can also run for cover during Lightning Barrage, but they may be able stay fighting by dodging strikes with quick reaction time.

Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Rewards

The Armored Nacrasena Guardian drops Tier 3 Accessories, Ability Stones, and Upgrade Materials. This Guardian may also drop some rare drops such as Engraving Books, Cards, and Runes. Loot should always be collected before leaving the Guardian Raid instance.

Guardian Soul Drops

Players will be able to defeat the Armored Nacrasena Guardian and collect its loot up to 2 times per day. Guardian Soul Slots are portrayed on the Raid Notice Board UI, and players can obtain a Guardian Soul if the Armored Nacrasena Guardian is defeated with at least one empty Soul slot.

This drop will provide a large amount of valuable loot for players. Collecting a Guardian Soul will fill one of the Soul Slots, and Guardians defeated will no longer drop Souls after the slots are filled. This limit is reset once a day during the Server Reset.

Taking on the Armored Nacrasena can be understandably daunting considering all of its dangerous attacks. But, with the right Combat Items, Gear setup, Item Level, and a great party, you’ll be landing blows and claiming the Armored Nacrasena’s rewards in no time.

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