Fresh Details Surface Regarding Sebastian Stan’s Absence from the ‘Thunderbolts*’ Set

Fresh Details Surface Regarding Sebastian Stans Absence from the Thunderbolts Set

‘Thunderbolts*’ has finally started filming after facing some challenges during development and dealing with cast issues following the SAG-AFTRA strike. Recently, Florence Pugh shared a video on her social media, giving fans a tour of the set.

In the video, we got a glimpse of her new costume and the updated title of the movie, ‘Thunderbolts*’ with an asterisk. However, the significance of the asterisk hasn’t been explained by officials yet. Filming officially began at the end of February at Trilith Studios and Atlanta Metro Studios in Atlanta. Reports have surfaced indicating that Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky, was completely absent from the set a few days ago.

Alex Perez, a well-known industry insider and leaker, confirmed this and provided a plausible explanation. According to him, Bucky is set to join the team later in the filming process, so it’s reasonable for him not to be on set from the beginning. Perez also mentioned that the current scenes being filmed depict the team in a large vault where Sentry will be discovered.

‘Thunderbolts*’ faced challenges during its development, including the impact of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Months before filming was set to begin, Steven Yeun stepped down from his role as Sentry, prompting the studio to recast the role with Lewis Pullman, a choice soon confirmed by the studio.

Laurence Fishburne and Rachel Weisz are reprising their roles as Bill Foster and Melina Vostokoff. Geraldine Viswanathan joined the cast as de Fontaine’s assistant due to a scheduling delay leading to another actor’s departure. The film’s release date was moved to May 2, 2025, swapping with ‘The Fantastic Four.’ Joanna Calo was assigned to rewrite the script, with earlier versions focusing on the team’s perilous mission, potentially resulting in their deaths.

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