Fresh ‘The Acolyte’ Behind-the-Scenes Footage Reveals Unprecedented Star Wars Experience

acolyte bts footage

Action, mystery, martial arts—‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ offers a blend of it all. Premiering on Disney+ with the first two episodes just around the corner, new behind-the-scenes footage gives fans a glimpse of what to anticipate.

Star Wars uploaded a video on their official YouTube page, featuring snippets of interviews with the cast and crew, along with scenes from the upcoming show. Notably, showrunner Leslye Headland shared her interest in martial arts films as a direction for the series.

Headland mentioned that the series drew significant inspiration from samurai and wuxia films. Cast members also discussed the extensive and challenging training they underwent. Dafne Keen, who plays Jecki Lon, even hinted at an exceptional fight scene, possibly the best in the franchise’s history.

The assertion that ‘The Acolyte’ will offer a unique experience for Star Wars holds particularly true in terms of live-action. This series marks the first time the High Republic Era has been depicted on screen. While this era hasn’t been extensively explored in movies and shows, it has been covered in books and graphic novels. It’s characterized as a time when the Jedi were at their peak, with their numbers in the thousands, and the Sith were believed to be extinct—a golden age for the republic.

However, Sith will still play a role in the show. Creator Leslye Headland cautioned that depending on the situation, the authority held by the Jedi could position them as antagonists in the story.

Throughout the series, one Sith will be revealed, but how this revelation will impact the rest of the franchise remains uncertain.

‘The Acolyte’ premieres on June 4th on Disney+. Have something to contribute? Share it in the comments below!

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