All 14 ‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’ Manga Arcs in Order

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: All 13 Arcs Reading Order

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a fantasy manga written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe. It has been published since April 28, 2020, and currently has 12 volumes as of the time of writing this article. Set in a fantasy world, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End follows a group of friends who defeated the Demon Lord and now have to continue on with their lives after the end of their journey. In this article, we are going to discuss the manga’s structure. This article will be your ultimate guide to the narrative arcs of the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga, as we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Editor’s Note: This reading order is regularly updated due to manga being ongoing. The last update was on February 5, 2024, with chapter 123: Proof of Perseverance

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga arcs in order (at a glance)

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga arcs at a glance.

  1. Beyond Journey’s End Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 1–2 (1–13)
    • Episodes: 1–TBA
  2. Demon Infiltration Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 2–3 (14–23)
    • Episodes: TBD
  3. Early Northern Travels Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 3 (24–26)
    • Episodes: TBD
  4. Journey with Sein Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 3–4 (27–36)
    • Episodes: TBD
  5. First Class Mage Exam – First Stage Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 4–5 (37–46)
    • Episodes: TBD
  6. First Class Mage Exam – Second Stage Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 5–6 (47–55)
    • Episodes: TBD
  7. First Class Mage Exam – Final Stage Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 6–7 (56–58)
    • Episodes: TBD
  8. Continued Northern Travels Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 7–8 (59–70)
    • Episodes: TBD
  9. Shōgun Subjugation Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 8 (71–76)
    • Episodes: TBD
  10. Travels to El Dorado Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 8–9 (77–80)
    • Episodes: TBD
  11. El Dorado Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 9–11 (81–104)
    • Episodes: TBD
  12. Ernst Region and Wissen Mountains Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 11 (105–106)
    • Episodes: TBD
  13. Goddess’s Monument Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 11–13 (105–119)
    • Episodes: TBD
  14. Imperial Territory Travels Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 13–TBA (120-TBA)
    • Episodes: TBD

As you can see, the overall structure of the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga is quite simple. The story progresses linearly most of the time (there are some flashback moments), and so far, with 122 chapters as of the time of writing, there is a total of 14 narrative arcs. This is a solid number of arcs for such a small number of chapters, but in the case of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, it has been working out great so far.

In what order should you read Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End?

Fans of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End will need to start with the first volume of the manga, but they will then have to follow the release order of all the chapters to normally follow the evolution of the plot. It’s a lot of material, but the best way to approach it is to simply follow the release order, as it coincides with the evolution of the plot.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga arcs explained

Beyond Journey’s End Arc

Beyond Journeys End Arc

After a ten-year-long journey, the mage Frieren and her companions, the Hero Himmel, the Warrior Eisen, and the Priest Heiter, defeated the Demon Lord. Frieren begins a new journey with her old companions’ disciples fifty years later.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 1: The Journey’s End
  • Chapter 2: The Priest’s Lie
  • Chapter 3: Blue-Moon Weed
  • Chapter 4: The Mage’s Secret
  • Chapter 5: Killing Magic
  • Chapter 6: New Year’s Festival
  • Chapter 7: The Land Where Souls Rest
  • Chapter 8: One One-Hundredth
  • Chapter 9: Phantoms of the Dead
  • Chapter 10: Solar Dragon
  • Chapter 11: The Hero of the Village
  • Chapter 12: The Northern Checkpoint
  • Chapter 13: Liberation Festival

Demon Infiltration Arc

The heroes stop at Graf Granat’s Domain, where they have to confront a group of demons led by one of the Seven Sages of Destruction, Aura the Guillotine. After saving the city, they are directed towards the Northern Plateau, but before going there, they must pass the First Class Mage Examination.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 14: Monsters That Speak
  • Chapter 15: Draht
  • Chapter 16: The Murder of a Guard
  • Chapter 17: Frieren the Slayer
  • Chapter 18: The Undead Army
  • Chapter 19: Raid
  • Chapter 20: Master’s Technique
  • Chapter 21: Coward
  • Chapter 22: The Scales of Obedience
  • Chapter 23: A Victory and a Funeral


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Early Northern Travels Arc

The heroes are heading towards Äußerst to pass the Examination.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 24: The Elves’ Wish
  • Chapter 25: The Village of the Sword
  • Chapter 26: A Gift to a Warrior

Journey with Sein Arc

Along the way, the heroes stop at Alt Woods and recruit the Priest Sein, who is looking for his friend, Warrior Gorilla. When he finds out that Warrior Gorilla is headed toward Tür, they part ways, promising to reunite once again.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 27: A Priest from an Ordinary Village
  • Chapter 28: The Priest and His Regret
  • Chapter 29: Ideal Adult
  • Chapter 30: Mirrored Lotus
  • Chapter 31: Chaos Flower
  • Chapter 32: The Orden Family
  • Chapter 33: Old Man Voll
  • Chapter 34: Statues of Heroes
  • Chapter 35: A Reason to Begin the Journey
  • Chapter 36: Emotional Support

First Class Mage Exam – First Stage Arc

First Class Mage Exam First Stage Arc

The party arrives in Äußerst, and the exam begins. The first part of the three-part exam is to capture a mana-sensitive bird called the Stille in the Grube Basin. Frieren and Fern both pass.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 37: The First-Class Exam
  • Chapter 38: Stille—Meteoric Iron Bird
  • Chapter 39: Commence Capture Strategy
  • Chapter 40: A Spell to Capture a Bird
  • Chapter 41: Time for Resolve
  • Chapter 42: A Reason to Fight
  • Chapter 43: Privilege
  • Chapter 44: Recapture the Stille
  • Chapter 45: Water-Manipulation Magic
  • Chapter 46: An Even-Better Flavor

First Class Mage Exam – Second Stage Arc

The second part of the exams consists of entering the depths of the Tomb of the Ruined King. There, they have to face a monster called Spiegel, which is able to conjure doppelgängers.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 47: Fern and Her Baked Sweets
  • Chapter 48: The Tomb of the Ruined King
  • Chapter 49: Dungeons and Magical Items
  • Chapter 50: Spiegel—A Water-Mirror Demon
  • Chapter 51: Dungeon Battle
  • Chapter 52: Strategy Meeting
  • Chapter 53: An Era of Humans
  • Chapter 54: A Spell that Slashes Almost Anything
  • Chapter 55: The Second Exam Ends

First Class Mage Exam – Final Stage Arc

The final stage of the Exam takes place, and the heroes managed to pass it. After obtaining the necessary rank, they head to the Northern Plateau.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 56: Fern’s Staff
  • Chapter 57: The Third Exam
  • Chapter 58: Serie’s Intuition

Continued Northern Travels Arc

On their way to Aureole, the heroes finally enter the Northern Plateau, where they face various monsters and creatures along the way.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 59: With a Little Help
  • Chapter 60: Departure and Farewell
  • Chapter 61: Magic-Nullifying Crystal
  • Chapter 62: Why I Set Out on This Joruney
  • Chapter 63: The Hero of the South
  • Chapter 64: The Demon with a Sword
  • Chapter 65: The Secret Hot Spring of the Etwas Mountains
  • Chapter 66: The Places She Would Like
  • Chapter 67: Peaceful Time
  • Chapter 68: Northern Plateau
  • Chapter 69: Boshaft-The Emperor’s Spirit
  • Chapter 70: The Norm Company


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Shōgun Subjugation Arc

On their way, the heroes are sent to a village in the Rufen Region of the Northern Plateau. There, they must defeat the demon Revolte, a shōgun warrior who is only partially human.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 71: Subjugation Request
  • Chapter 72: The General
  • Chapter 73: Encounter Battle
  • Chapter 74: Divine Revolte
  • Chapter 75: Erilfrachte-The Spell to Dispel Fog
  • Chapter 76: Settling

Travels to El Dorado Arc

After defeating the shogun, the heroes make their way to Weise, the location of the last Sage of Destruction, Macht of El Dorado, where they first encounter another first-class mage, Denken.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 77: A Thunder of Dragons
  • Chapter 78: Lake Korridor
  • Chapter 79: Grand Valley of Tor
  • Chapter 80: Holy Snow Crystals

El Dorado Arc

El Dorado Arc

Finally arriving at the barrier, the heroes must assist Denken in defeating Macht, which results in an epic battle between the heroes and one of the most powerful villains in the series.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 81: El Dorado
  • Chapter 82: Universal Golden Transmutation Magic
  • Chapter 83: Stone Bracelet of Sovereignty
  • Chapter 84: Daredevil
  • Chapter 85: Malice
  • Chapter 86: Talks
  • Chapter 87: Favour
  • Chapter 88: Solitar
  • Chapter 89: Guilt
  • Chapter 90: Glück
  • Chapter 91: Front Stage
  • Chapter 92: The Demise of Weise
  • Chapter 93: Great Barrier
  • Chapter 94: Analysis
  • Chapter 95: Nameless Great Demon
  • Chapter 96: Master and Apprentice
  • Chapter 97: Observation
  • Chapter 98: Reward and Retribution
  • Chapter 99: Offense x Defense
  • Chapter 100: The Fundamentals of a Mage
  • Chapter 101: Breakthrough
  • Chapter 102: Draw
  • Chapter 103: Time for Punishment
  • Chapter 104: Grave Visit

Ernst Region and Wissen Mountains Arc

In this short arc, the heroes simply continue their travels up north.

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 105: Golem
  • Chapter 106: Sky Range Dragon

Goddess’s Monument Arc

Frieren was sent back to the past but managed to reunite with her friends.


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Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 107: The Monument of the Goddess
  • Chapter 108: Reunion
  • Chapter 109: Zart the Remnant
  • Chapter 110: The Party of Heroes
  • Chapter 111: Escort Mission
  • Chapter 112: Faith
  • Chapter 113: Abyssal Dragon
  • Chapter 114: The Sword of the Hero
  • Chapter 115: Best Friend
  • Chapter 116: Spell to Return
  • Chapter 117: Miraculous Illusion
  • Chapter 118: Vialathor
  • Chapter 119: Memories

Imperial Territory Travels Arc

Chapters and Episodes included in the Arc

  • Chapter 120: False Hero Image
  • Chapter 121: Monsters on the Road
  • Chapter 122: The Titan Fortress Ruins

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