‘From’ Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained: Who Is Christopher?

From Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained Who Is Cristopher

Welcome to the ending explained for the fifth episode of From Season 2. Last week we found out that Anna is alive, and Kenny discovered that she is the one responsible for his father’s death, and much of this week’s episode focused on that fact alone. The Town is shocked by Anna’s appearance, including the fact that she won’t end up in the box. 

The faith in Boyd has been shattered, Jade is running in circles with the symbol, and Tabitha has an investigation of her own to conduct and fears to defeat. Now, let’s see what happened in this week’s episode titled “Lullaby.” 

Randall survived the night without incident, sort of 

Ever since he arrived via bus, Randall has made a name for himself as the resident troublemaker. He has trouble following the rules, and because of that, Donna banishes him from the Colony House. Randall was bound to spend a night inside the bus, with nothing except for one measly amulet for protection. 

Randall with monsters from

He survived but managed to get into a one-sided argument with monsters, who refused to linger around to witness his temper tantrums, seemingly having something better and more interesting to do. It looks like he’ll be making a permanent residence out of that bus. 

Anna is forced to face all the people she’s hurt  

We know by now that Anna is not going into the box, and now Boyd has the difficult task of explaining exactly why. Just to remind you, Anna is responsible for the deaths of 4 people. Her own brother Ethan, Kenny’s dad, a nurse that worked in the clinic at the time, and Jade’s friend who never even got the chance to recover from the car accident. She also tried to kill young Ethan Matthews, resulting in her brother’s death. 

Now Ethan is the first person that Anna has to face, Tabitha and Jim are furious, but young Ethan insists that he needs to face her to stop being afraid of her. 

Anna in Church From

Ethan and Anna meet under supervision, and Ethan calls her a monster. He says that he is not afraid of her anymore, and the matter is, for a moment, resolved. He doesn’t have it in him to forgive her, but he is not afraid. 

Anna with Ethan from

Anna then makes her way to her former house, which she used to share with Nathan, and looks for a figurine of a snowman that Nathan painted; the item holds a sentimental value for her, which is the reason why she made such a risky move.

The new residents in the house properly scream at her and chase her away from the house, telling her that the figurine is with Kenny’s mom, Tien-Chen, who makes sure to inventory the items that belong to members of the Town no longer with them. 

Anna and Elgin From

Knowing that retrieving the figurine won’t be as easy, Anna goes to church for a moment of quiet contemplation. This is where she meets Elgin, one of the newcomers from the bus who also seems to be plagued by visions related to Town. 

Elgin and Anna bond over the fact that they cannot see their loved ones. Elgin tells her a story about his grandmother, who is obsessed with owl figures, and after a few minutes of talking, Anna breaks down and admits that she is responsible for her brother’s death. 

It makes for an awkward first meeting, and Elgin promptly leaves the church. Possibly freaked out. With newfound courage, Anna makes her way to the diner where she used to work with Tian-Chen. As soon as she sees Anna, Tian-Chen gives her the box, warning her not to come to the diner ever again. She explains that Anna but hatred in her heart. Tian-Chen treated her like a daughter, and she took her husband away from her. 

Tien Chen Anna Diner From

Anna sheepishly takes the box of items and leaves the diner, but the trouble is far from over. Kenny sees her leaving the diner and loses it. He takes the box of her stuff and tosses the box’s contents on the ground. He notices that Anna is trying to protect the snowman figurine from breaking and takes it forcefully from her hand, smashing it on the side of the diner.

It was an uncomfortable scene to watch, mainly because it seems like Kenny is “kicking her” while she’s down. However, Kenny’s reaction is completely understandable and human. Things will only worsen the longer Anna is in Town without proper punishment. 


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Boyd goes around Town trying to repair his reputation

Boyd is under incredible stress with the situation concerning his well-being and the fact that, as a town sheriff, he should have punished Anna but didn’t. 

Kenny resigned from the position of deputy, and Jim and Tabitha are seriously mad that Boyd and Anna have some “chosen one” story that no one can understand without any proper proof or tangible evidence. 

Boyd makes his way to the Colony House to see Donna, who, at this point, holds as much authority as he does. Instead of absolution, Donna forces Boyd to accept the fact that he can’t fix this. People were looking up to him, he was their only salvation, and he betrayed them at the worst possible time.

Boyd and Donna Colony House

Donna tells Boyd that he is trying to absolve himself from what he did to Abby through Anna, but things don’t work that way, and their situations are not even remotely similar. 

Wandering around Town, Boyd also runs into Jim. He’s not here to argue but instead here to present him with a theory. Jim explains that he is party convinced that this is some kind of sick experiment where their reactions are being watched. People are brought to the edge and pushed. He explains that these kinds of experiments have been going on since at least World War II, and he is party right. Even mass hallucinations are possible if they are administered high doses of certain drugs through the water supply. 

Boyd doesn’t comment on this, but it’s something that crossed his mind as well. He makes his way to the diner to talk to Tien-Chen when he is once again experiencing “symptoms” in his arm, the works crawling, clearly visible under his skin. 

Boyd worms in arms

Marielle, Kristi’s fiance, has a dangerous addiction, or she is terribly sick

We know that Marielle was one of the bus passengers that arrived, which made things complicated between Kristi and Kenny. Kristi is, on the one hand, glad that her fiance now knows that she didn’t just run away and leave her old life behind, but she also feels terrible that her fiance is now stuck in this nightmare with her. 

Mariell and Krist From

The two are back in a romantic relationship and are spending as much time as possible together. They reminisce about old times, with Marielle even giving Kristi her favorite shirt and giving her a haircut. They are interrupted only when an older lady comes into the clinic. She explains that she was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and has been given a dose of liquid morphine. Kristi promises to take care of the drug and administer it to her when the time comes.

Old lady with cancer from

Marielle later takes the opportunity to unlock the medicine cabinet in the clinic and takes a dose for herself. We don’t know whether Marielle took the drug because she is addicted or suffering from some kind of disease, but we’re going to find out in the upcoming episodes. 

Marielle takes the liquid morphine


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Who is Christopher? 

Jade is looking for a way to decipher the strange symbol he has kept seeing for a while now, and the clue to understanding it seems to be Victor, the oldest resident in Town. We don’t know how Victor came to Town, but at this point, he’s been here for several decades. 

Christopher holding symbol Jade vision From

Jade is at the bar and trying to recreate the symbol with glass bottles when Victor comes to him carrying the violin. He promises to reveal everything to Jade if he plays a song for him.

From symbol glass bottles

Jade accepts, and the two make their way to the meadow outside of the Town where Victor stashed the cars of the former residents. He was too bothered to look at them when the former residents died, and you know, out of sight, out of mind. 

Jade and Victor among abandoned cars

Victor asks Jade whether he knows how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” a song his mother played to calm him down. Jade confirms that he knows that song and proceeds to play it. Victor is emotional, and he goes to sit on his mother’s car’s roof.

Jade plays Twinkle twinkle little star

After the song was finished, Jade started asking questions, and Victor revealed that Christopher, one of the deceased residents, used to see the same symbol as him, but it changed him. 

When Christopher arrived in Town, everyone loved him due to his sense of humor and his ability to cheer people up. The more he kept seeing the symbol. However, he changed until, one day, he snapped. 

Victor’s mother told Victor to find a new place to hide during the night, someplace that Christopher didn’t know about, and he did. Come morning. Victor found all the residents dead, presumably even his mother. 

Victor Crying From

We don’t know whether Christopher was the one who killed them or allowed the monsters to kill them, but we know that he is connected to the biggest trauma that Victor has ever witnessed, and this is why he refuses to speak about it. 


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Tabitha is either hallucinating or knows something

Tabitha keeps seeing undead children around Town, and they seem to be connected to the old blocks that Ethan recovered from the storage to play with. She recreated the elaborate blocky structure she saw in the tunnels under Town in front of the cave entrance to the tunnels.

Tabitha tunnels blocks From

She called for the undead kids, and they appeared in large numbers, chanting what appeared to be gibberish. The word that they were chanting was “Anghkooey.” 

Tabitha and undead children

The kids kept getting closer until Tabitha collapsed to the floor in panic.

After some time, she gained her composure and came to her senses. She noticed that she was completely alone. At that moment, Jade ran into her and noticed her nose bleeding. 

We don’t know whether the kids are real, but Tabitha is not the only person who keeps having visions.

What the role of the undead kids is and whether Jade will figure out the meaning of the symbol, we’ll see next Sunday when the sixth episode of “From” Season 2 is released