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“So you’re telling me that I’m in a town where I can’t leave, and every night, monsters come from the forest?” Jade (David Alpay) summarized his new reality in one question to Donna (Elizabeth Saunders). The only thing he didn’t say is that those monsters take the shape of someone you love and play with your mind causing you to open the door for them so they can torture and rip you apart. FROM perfectly merges Sci-Fi and horror in a unique way that has garnered a huge fanbase as more people try to understand the mysteries of The Town.

The plot is set so that fans can’t tell who will die next, and the horror scenes, although difficult to watch, still end up being electric and interesting. Harold Perrineau’s performance as Sheriff Boyd is one of the biggest attractions to the show, as the lead character tries to help a group of strangers imprisoned by unknown forces to try and make a little heaven in hell. Although FROM is irresistible, it only has a limited number of episodes, so fans who intend to binge on more interesting shows can check out these ten shows like FROM based on their IMDB scores.

1. Yellowjackets: 2021

Cast of hit series Yellowjackets. Showtime

IMDB: 7.9/10

What it’s about: Yellowjackets follows the lives of the members of a New Jersey girls’ high school soccer team that gets stranded in the wilderness in Ontario after their plane crashes while on the way to Seattle. Their new reality with hardships in the jungle forces some of the girls to turn to cannibalism, leading to horror scenes as different clans attack each other as everyone tries to stay alive for the 19 months of their life in the jungle. The show then crosses over to the adult versions of the survivors 25 years after they are rescued.


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Why it’s similar to FROM: Just like the Mathew family, The Yellowjackets find themselves trapped in a new world where death is almost certain. The mysteries and horrors of the jungle in Yellowjackets are very similar to what the people in The Town face. Man-eating monsters in FROM are also quite similar to the cannibalistic clans that emerge from among the team members in Yellowjackets.

2. Wayward Pines: 2015

wayward pines1

IMDB: 7.3/10

What it’s about: A US secret service agent Ethan Burke gets involved in a car accident on his way to investigate the disappearance of two fellow agents and wakes up in a mysterious town where he can’t contact the outside world. The town is called Wayward Pines, in Idaho, where the members of the town can’t leave because they are trapped inside by an electric fence. A sheriff enforces a set of tough rules, and breaking them is punished by public execution in a ceremony known as The Reckoning. Burke later discovers that the town is not the prison he thought of, and the world he hopes to return to doesn’t exist anymore.

Why it’s similar to FROM: The dystopian setting in Wayward Pines is similar to that of the mysterious town in FROM, with everyone that finds themselves in the town being turned into a prisoner in both shows. The threat of man-eating monsters from outside the town is similar in both towns, and the storyline of the Sherriff making the tough rules and enforcing them with an iron rod is repeated in Wayward Pines.

3. The Wilds: 2020

The Wilds

IMDB: 7.3/10

What it’s about: A plane carrying a group of girls from different backgrounds crashes on an uninhabited island while on the way to Hawaii. The girls had been recruited to attend a women empowerment program called the Dawn of Eve. Unknown to them, the plane crash is staged, and the whole trip is part of a social experiment. They are forced to interact and bond on the deserted island, crossing the boundaries of their different backgrounds and working together to survive.

Why it’s similar to FROM: Like FROM, The Wilds employs an ensemble cast, with the survivors of the first season being different from those in the second. The Wilds also explores strangers’ behavior when they face a common threat in a strange environment, just like in FROM. Both shows test the endurance of the characters to the limits.

4. The Man Who Fell To Earth: 2022

TheManwhofelltoearth Publicity H 2022 Aimee Spinks SHOWTIME

IMDB: 7.2/10

What it’s about: An alien named Faraday lands on Earth with instructions from his planet to track down a disgraced engineer called Justin Falls to help him build an energy source powerful enough to save his planet, which is on the brink of extinction. Their difficult partnership is threatened by a group of government operatives who want the alien technology for themselves instead.


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Why it’s similar to FROM: Intense action scenes with lots of mystery dominate The Man Who Fell To Earth, just like in FROM. Despite being Sci-Fi, the characters are extensively humanized, just like in FROM, with the struggle to survive a seemingly apocalyptic environment dominating the plot. Justin Falls and her family have a lot in common with the Mathews family in the first season of FROM.

5. The Society: 2019

Doreen TheSocietyOnNetflix

IMDB: 7.1/10

What it’s about: A group of high school teens from West Ham, Connecticut, return to their hometown after a camping trip and find all the adults in the town gone. They are forced to create a functional society by themselves as they soon realize that their newfound freedom has to be limited by some rules for everyone to survive. The chaos created by everyone attempting to achieve their teen fantasies soon creates a small hell out of their previously classy town.

Why it’s similar to FROM: The mystery of all the adults in town disappearing leaves confusion, just like what newcomers experience when they arrive in the mysterious town in FROM. The Society is like an expansive version of FROM’s The Colony, except Donna is not there to enforce the rules. Every character expressing the best or worst version of themselves when threatened by extinction in The Society creates a similarly chaotic environment.

6. Under The Dome: 2013

Under The Dome Poster

IMDB: 6.5/10

What it’s about: The small town of Chester’s Mill is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a giant indestructible dome that seems to have a mind and life of its own. The townspeople find themselves in a critical situation with supplies running out and lawlessness setting in. As everyone waits for the government to come and rescue them, the town is forced to set a new set of rules, with villains and monsters emerging from among the town’s people.


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Why it’s similar to FROM: The pressure of being imprisoned in their own town brings out the best or the worst in different people in the town, just like the strangers that find themselves in The Town in FROM. No one seems to be able to figure out what is happening in both shows, with the stress brought about by the fear of being imprisoned in a strange place forever driving people to madness. A few straight-minded people fight to maintain civilization in the town while struggling with their own problems, just like Boyd in FROM.

7. Y: The Last Man: 2021

Yorrick in Y The Last Man

IMDB: 6/10

What it’s about: A mysterious disease wipes out all mammals with the Y chromosome on Earth, leaving only one man, Yorick Brown, and his pet monkey. As the whole world descends into anarchy, Yorick’s mother finds herself holding the office of POTUS. While dealing with the threats facing a world full of women who can’t figure out what happened to their families, a mysterious group plans to overthrow her, and rumors of a conspiracy emerge as her son is the only man that seems to have survived the Y-apocalypse.

Why it’s similar to FROM: Both TV shows have an apocalyptic theme, with mysteries that the characters can’t figure out. Anarchy is the main threat to the existence of society in both TV Shows as characters are tested to their limits with betrayal leading to dangerous divisions. Y: The Last Man has more action than FROM, with intense emotions in similar scenes.

8. Here Alone: 2016

Ann in Here Alone

IMDB: 5.6/10

What it’s about: After a zombie apocalypse wipes out all civilization, Ann is forced to live in the woods, surviving scavenged food. She hopes for the return of civilization, with a crank radio only broadcasting in French, a language she doesn’t understand, as her only connection to the outside world. One day, while out hunting for food, Anna comes across an injured man and his daughter, and the memories of her own family that died in the apocalypse start torturing her.

Why it’s similar to FROM: Just like the people in FROM, Ann constantly fears monsters in the zombies that attack without notice. The movie also focuses on the intense mental struggle that the characters have to deal with when they find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world, just like in FROM. The movie shows the threat of anarchy that comes when people give in to their worst desires in a post-apocalyptic world, just like in FROM.

9. The Mist: 2017


IMDB: 5.4/10

What it’s about: The town of Bridgeville, Maine, wakes up to a mysterious mist descending from the mountains that totally eliminates visibility. Strange creatures resembling people’s worst fears and guilt also kill people when they find themselves in the mist. The series follows different groups of survivors trapped in a mall, a hospital, and a church, with people’s worst fears becoming a reality and people turning on each other even before the monsters arrive.


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Why it’s similar to FROM: Bridgeville becomes similar to the mysterious town in FROM as everyone in the town is imprisoned by the mist that can’t be explained. The monsters that rip people apart also bring the same horrors as the mysterious creatures that kill people in FROM. The struggle to maintain order and survive mysterious threats also pushes people to the brink in The Mist, causing people to turn on each other.

10. The Remaining: 2014

The Remaining Main Cast

IMDB: 4.3/10

What it’s about: A group of friends attends Dan and Skylar’s wedding at a church when suddenly, people start dropping dead with white eyes. Strange natural events, including quakes and thunderstorms, also shake the world as each survivor is led to believe that eschatological events predicted in the bible are happening. None of their beliefs seem to come true, though, as each survivor gets their beliefs tested differently.

Why it’s similar to FROM: Like FROM. the survivors in the movie find themselves trapped in a dangerous world full of monsters, with their reality changing suddenly. Strange events and monstrous creatures torment them, and none of them can figure out what is happening. There are intense emotions as each character has their beliefs put to the test, and anarchy ensues just like it does with the society in FROM.

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