Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Complete Filler List and What to Skip!

Fullmetal Alchemist vs. Brotherhood: Differences & Which Is Better?

Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist manga has become one of the best-known and one of the most beloved stories ever to come from Japan. It follows the story of the Elric brothers who are in search of a way to return their bodies to normal, only to discover a larger conspiracy that threatens the whole continent. The original manga had a total of 27 volumes and it was adapted into an anime series twice – as Fullmetal Alchemist and as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

In today’s article, we are going to analyze the content of these two series, giving you a complete list of canon, mixed and filler episodes. You’re going to find out which episodes are manga (or anime) canon, which are mixed episodes and which are fillers. Luckily for you, neither Fullmetal Alchemist nor Brotherhood have a lot of actual filler episodes, but there are some specifics we are going to address in the course of the article. Now, let us begin!

Fullmetal Alchemist filler list

Here is a list of all the episodes of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, which aired originally from October 4, 2003, to October 2, 2004. The series had a total of 51 episodes and four OVA episodes released later on. This is the basic structure:

#Episode TitleStatusAir Date
1“Those Who Challenge the Sun”
Transcription: “Taiyō ni Idomu Mono” (Japanese: 太陽に挑む者)
MANGA CANON2003-10-04
2“Body of the Sanctioned”
Transcription: “Kinki no Karada” (Japanese: 禁忌の身体)
MANGA CANON2003-10-11
Transcription: “Okāsan…” (Japanese: おかあさん…)
MANGA CANON2003-10-18
4“A Forger’s Love”
Transcription: “Ai no Rensei” (Japanese: 愛の錬成)
5“The Man with the Mechanical Arm” (“Dash! Automail”)
Transcription: “Shissō! Ōtomeiru” (Japanese: 疾走! 機械鎧
ANIME CANON2003-11-01
6“The Alchemy Exam”
Transcription: “Kokka Renkinjutsushi Shikaku Shiken” (Japanese: 国家錬金術師資格試験)
MANGA CANON2003-11-08
7“Night of the Chimera’s Cry”
Transcription: “Kimera ga Naku Yoru” (Japanese: 合成獣が哭く夜)
MANGA CANON2003-11-15
8“The Philosopher’s Stone”
Transcription: “Kenja no Ishi” (Japanese: 賢者の石)
ANIME CANON2003-11-22
9“Be Thou for the People” (“The Dog of the Military’s Silver Watch”)
Transcription: “Gun no Inu no Gindokei” (Japanese: 軍の狗の銀時計)
MANGA CANON2003-11-29
10“The Phantom Thief” (“Phantom Thief Psiren”)
Transcription: “Kaitō Sairēn” (Japanese: 怪盗サイレーン)
11“The Other Brothers Elric: Part 1” (“The Land of Sand: Part 1”)
Transcription: “Sareki no Daichi: Zenpen” (Japanese: 砂礫の大地・前編)
ANIME CANON2003-12-13
12“The Other Brothers Elric: Part 2” (“The Land of Sand: Part 2”)
Transcription: “Sareki no Daichi: Kōhen” (Japanese: 砂礫の大地・後編)
ANIME CANON2003-12-20
13“Fullmetal VS Flame”
Transcription: “Honō VS Hagane” (Japanese: 焔VS鋼)
MANGA CANON2003-12-27
14“Destruction’s Right Hand”
Transcription: “Hakai no Migite” (Japanese: 破壊の右手)
MANGA CANON2004-01-10
15“The Ishbal Massacre”
Transcription: “Ishuvāru Gyakusatsu” (Japanese: イシュヴァール虐殺)
MANGA CANON2004-01-17
16“That Which Is Lost”
Transcription: “Ushinawareta Mono” (Japanese: 失われたもの)
ANIME CANON2004-01-24
17“House of the Waiting Family”
Transcription: “Kazoku no Matsu Ie” (Japanese: 家族の待つ家)
MANGA CANON2004-01-31
18“Marcoh’s Notes”
Transcription: “Marukō Nōto” (Japanese: マルコー・ノート)
MANGA CANON2004-02-07
19“The Truth Behind Truths”
Transcription: “Shinjitsu no Oku no Oku” (Japanese: 真実の奥の奥)
MANGA CANON2004-02-14
20“Soul of the Guardian”
Transcription: “Shugosha no Tamashii” (Japanese: 守護者の魂)
MANGA CANON2004-02-21
21“The Red Glow”
Transcription: “Akai Kagayaki” (Japanese: 紅い輝き)
ANIME CANON2004-02-28
22“Created Human”
Transcription: “Tsukurareta Ningen” (Japanese: 造られた人間)
ANIME CANON2004-03-06
23“Fullmetal Heart”
Transcription: “Hagane no Kokoro” (Japanese: 鋼のこころ)
MANGA CANON2004-03-13
24“Bonding Memories”
Transcription: “Omoide no Teichaku” (Japanese: 思い出の定着)
MANGA CANON2004-03-20
25“Words of Farewell”
Transcription: “Wakare no Gishiki” (Japanese: 別れの儀式)
MANGA CANON2004-03-27
26“Her Reason”
Transcription: “Kanojo no Riyū” (Japanese: 彼女の理由)
MANGA CANON2004-04-03
Transcription: “Sensei” (Japanese: センセイ)
MANGA CANON2004-04-10
28“All is One, One is All”
Transcription: “Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi” (Japanese: 一は全、全は一)
MANGA CANON2004-04-17
29“The Untainted Child”
Transcription: “Kegarenaki Kodomo” (Japanese: 汚れなき子ども)
ANIME CANON2004-04-24
30“Assault on South Headquarters”
Transcription: “Nanpō Shireibu Shūgeki” (Japanese: 南方司令部襲撃)
ANIME CANON2004-05-01
Transcription: “Tsumi” (Japanese: 罪)
ANIME CANON2004-05-08
32“Dante of the Deep Forest”
Transcription: “Fukai Mori no Dante” (Japanese: 深い森のダンテ)
ANIME CANON2004-05-15
33“Al, Captured”
Transcription: “Torawareta Aru” (Japanese: 囚われたアル)
ANIME CANON2004-05-29
34“Theory of Avarice”
Transcription: “Gōyoku no Riron” (Japanese: 強欲の理論)
MANGA CANON2004-06-05
35“Reunion of the Fallen”
Transcription: “Gusha no Saikai” (Japanese: 愚者の再会)
ANIME CANON2004-06-12
36“The Sinner Within”
Transcription: “Waga Uchinaru Togabito” (Japanese: 我が内なる科人)
ANIME CANON2004-06-19
37“The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant & The Mystery of Warehouse 13”
Transcription: “Honō no Renkinjutsushi, Tatakau Shōi-san, Dai-Jūsan Sōko no Kai” (Japanese: 焔の錬金術師 戦う少尉さん 第十三倉庫の怪)
38“With the River’s Flow”
Transcription: “Kawa no Nagare ni” (Japanese: 川の流れに)
ANIME CANON2004-07-03
39“Secret of Ishbal”
Transcription: “Tōhō Naisen” (Japanese: 東方内戦)
ANIME CANON2004-07-10
40“The Scar”
Transcription: “Kizuato” (Japanese: 傷痕)
ANIME CANON2004-07-17
41“Holy Mother”
Transcription: “Seibo” (Japanese: 聖母)
ANIME CANON2004-07-24
42“His Name is Unknown”
Transcription: “Kare no Na o Shirazu” (Japanese: 彼の名を知らず)
ANIME CANON2004-07-24
43“The Stray Dog”
Transcription: “Norainu wa Nigedashita” (Japanese: 野良犬は逃げ出した)
ANIME CANON2004-07-31
44“Hohenheim of Light”
Transcription: “Hikari no Hōenhaimu” (Japanese: 光のホーエンハイム)
ANIME CANON2004-08-07
45“A Rotted Heart”
Transcription: “Kokoro o Rekkasaseru Mono” (Japanese: 心を劣化させる
ANIME CANON2004-08-21
46“Human Transmutation”
Transcription: “Jintai Rensei” (Japanese: 人体錬成)
ANIME CANON2004-08-28
47“Sealing the Homunculus”
Transcription: “Homunkurusu Fūin” (Japanese: ホムンクルス封印)
ANIME CANON2004-09-04
Transcription: “Sayōnara” (Japanese: さようなら)
ANIME CANON2004-09-11
49“The Other Side of the Gate”
Transcription: “Tobira no Mukō e” (Japanese: 扉の向こうへ)
ANIME CANON2004-09-18
Transcription: “Shi” (Japanese: 死)
ANIME CANON2004-09-25
51“Laws and Promises” (“Munich 1921”)
Transcription: “Myunhen Senkyūhyakunijūichi” (Japanese: ミュンヘン1921)
ANIME CANON2004-10-02

As you can see Fullmetal Alchemist only has 3 actual filler episodes, which is a very, very low 6%. Yet, there is an issue. Namely, the anime was produced while the manga was still running, so at one point, the anime develops its own canon, as the table shows. This means that, despite the fact that these episode are not considered to be fillers, they are not manga canon episodes, but are a representation of an alternative timeline that shows what could have happened with the Elric brothers. Since these episodes take up about 50% of the whole series, some fans don’t consider the original Fullmetal Alchemist canon.

As for the OVA episodes, they are as follows:

#Episode TitleAir Date
1“Chibi Party”March 29, 2006
2“Kids”March 29, 2006
3“Live Action”March 29, 2006
4“Alchemists vs. Homunculi”March 29, 2006
5“Reflections”May 19, 2005

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood filler list

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was the second anime adaptation of Arakawa’s manga; it aired from April 5, 2009, to July 4, 2010. The series had a total of 64 episodes and 4 additional OVA episodes. This is the basic structure:

#Episode TitleStatusAir Date
1“Fullmetal Alchemist”
Transcription: “Hagane no Renkinjutsushi” (Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師)
2“The First Day”
Transcription: “Hajimari no Hi” (Japanese: はじまりの日)
MANGA CANON2009-04-12
3“City of Heresy”
Transcription: “Jakyō no Machi” (Japanese: 邪教の街)
MANGA CANON2009-04-19
4“An Alchemist’s Anguish”
Transcription: “Renkinjutsushi no Kunō” (Japanese: 錬金術師の苦悩)
5“Rain of Sorrows”
Transcription: “Kanashimi no Ame” (Japanese: 哀しみの雨)
MANGA CANON2009-05-03
6“Road of Hope”
Transcription: “Kibō no Michi” (Japanese: 希望の道)
MANGA CANON2009-05-10
7“Hidden Truths”
Transcription: “Kakusareta Shinjitsu” (Japanese: 隠された真実)
MANGA CANON2009-05-17
8“The Fifth Laboratory”
Transcription: “Daigo Kenkyūsho” (Japanese: 第五研究所)
MANGA CANON2009-05-24
9“Created Feelings”
Transcription: “Tsukurareta Omoi” (Japanese: 創られた想い)
10“Separate Destinations”
Transcription: “Sorezore no Yukusaki” (Japanese: それぞれの行く先)
MANGA CANON2009-06-07
11“Miracle at Rush Valley”
Transcription: “Rasshu Barē no Kiseki” (Japanese: ラッシュバレーの奇跡)
MANGA CANON2009-06-14
12“One is All, All is One”
Transcription: “Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi” (Japanese: 一は全、全は一)
MANGA CANON2009-06-21
13“Beasts of Dublith”
Transcription: “Daburisu no Kemono-tachi” (Japanese: ダブリスの獣たち)
14“Those Who Lurk Underground”
Transcription: “Chika ni Hisomu Mono-tachi” (Japanese: 地下にひそむ者たち)
15“Envoy from the East”
Transcription: “Tōhō no Shisha” (Japanese: 東方の使者)
MANGA CANON2009-07-12
16“Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms”
Transcription: “Senyuu no Ashiato” (Japanese: 戦友の足跡)
MANGA CANON2009-07-19
17“Cold Flame”
Transcription: “Reitetsu na Honō” (Japanese: 冷徹な焔)
MANGA CANON2009-07-26
18“The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human”
Transcription: “Chiisa na Ningen no Gōman na Tenohira” (Japanese: 小さな人間の傲慢な掌)
MANGA CANON2009-08-02
19“Death of the Undying”
Transcription: “Shinazaru Mono no Shi” (Japanese: 死なざる者の死)
MANGA CANON2009-08-09
20“Father Before the Grave”
Transcription: “Bozen no Chichi” (Japanese: 墓前の父)
MANGA CANON2009-08-16
21“Advance of the Fool”
Transcription: “Gusha no Zenshin” (Japanese: 愚者の前進)
MANGA CANON2009-08-30
22“Backs in the Distance”
Transcription: “Tōku no Senaka” (Japanese: 遠くの背中)
MANGA CANON2009-09-06
23“Girl on the Battlefield”
Transcription: “Ikusaba no Shōjo” (Japanese: 戦場の少女)
MANGA CANON2009-09-13
24“Inside the Belly”
Transcription: “Hara no Naka” (Japanese: 腹の中)
MANGA CANON2009-09-20
25“Doorway of Darkness”
Transcription: “Yami no Tobira” (Japanese: 闇の扉)
MANGA CANON2009-09-27
Transcription: “Saikai” (Japanese: 再会)
MANGA CANON2009-10-04
27“Interlude Party”
Transcription: “Hazama no Utage” (Japanese: 狭間の宴)
Transcription: “Otō-sama” (Japanese: おとうさま)
MANGA CANON2009-10-18
29“Struggle of the Fool”
Transcription: “Gusha no Agaki” (Japanese: 愚者の足掻き)
MANGA CANON2009-10-25
30“The Ishvalan War of Extermination”
Transcription: “Ishuvāru Senmetsusen” (Japanese: イシュヴァール殲滅戦)
MANGA CANON2009-11-01
31“The 520 Cens Promise”
Transcription: “Gohyaku Nijū Senzu no Yakusoku” (Japanese: 520センズの約束)
MANGA CANON2009-11-08
32“The Führer’s Son”
Transcription: “Daisōtō no Musuko” (Japanese: 大総統の息子)
MANGA CANON2009-11-15
33“The Northern Wall of Briggs”
Transcription: “Burigguzu no Hokuheki” (Japanese: ブリッグズの北壁)
MANGA CANON2009-11-22
34“Ice Queen”
Transcription: “Kōri no Joō” (Japanese: 氷の女王)
MANGA CANON2009-11-29
35“The Shape of This Country”
Transcription: “Kono Kuni no Katachi” (Japanese: この国のかたち)
MANGA CANON2009-12-06
36“Family Portrait”
Transcription: “Kazoku no Shōzō” (Japanese: 家族の肖像)
MANGA CANON2009-12-13
37“The First Homunculus”
Transcription: “Hajimari no Homunkurusu” (Japanese: 始まりの人造人間(ホムンクルス))
MANGA CANON2009-12-20
38“Conflict at Baschool”
Transcription: “Bazukūru no Gekitō” (Japanese: バズクールの激闘)
MANGA CANON2009-12-27
Transcription: “Hakuchū no Yume” (Japanese: 白昼の夢)
MANGA CANON2010-01-10
40“Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)”
Transcription: “Homunkurusu” (Japanese: フラスコの中の小人)
MANGA CANON2010-01-17
41“The Abyss”
Transcription: “Naraku” (Japanese: 奈落)
MANGA CANON2010-01-24
42“Signs of a Counteroffensive”
Transcription: “Hangeki no Kizashi” (Japanese: 反撃の兆し)
MANGA CANON2010-01-31
43“Bite of the Ant”
Transcription: “Ari no Hito Kami” (Japanese: 蟻のひと噛み)
MANGA CANON2010-02-07
44“Revving at Full Throttle”
Transcription: “Barinbarin no Zenkai” (Japanese: バリンバリンの全開)
MANGA CANON2010-02-14
45“The Promised Day”
Transcription: “Yakusoku no Hi” (Japanese: 約束の日)
MANGA CANON2010-02-21
46“Looming Shadows”
Transcription: “Semaru Kage” (Japanese: 迫る影)
MANGA CANON2010-02-28
47“Emissary of Darkness”
Transcription: “Yami no Shisha” (Japanese: 闇の使者)
MANGA CANON2010-03-07
48“The Oath in the Tunnel”
Transcription: “Chikadō no Chikai” (Japanese: 地下道の誓い)
MANGA CANON2010-03-14
49“Filial Affection”
Transcription: “Oyako no Jō” (Japanese: 親子の情)
MANGA CANON2010-03-21
50“Upheaval in Central”
Transcription: “Sentoraru Dōran” (Japanese: セントラル動乱)
MANGA CANON2010-03-28
51“The Immortal Legion”
Transcription: “Fushi no Gundan” (Japanese: 不死の軍団)
MANGA CANON2010-04-04
52“Combined Strength”
Transcription: “Minna no Chikara” (Japanese: みんなの力)
MANGA CANON2010-04-11
53“Flame of Vengeance”
Transcription: “Fukushū no Honō” (Japanese: 復讐の炎)
MANGA CANON2010-04-18
54“Beyond the Inferno”
Transcription: “Rekka no Saki ni” (Japanese: 烈火の先に)
MANGA CANON2010-04-25
55“The Adults’ Way of Life”
Transcription: “Otona-tachi no Ikizama” (Japanese: 大人たちの生き様)
MANGA CANON2010-05-02
56“The Return of the Führer”
Transcription: “Daisōtō no Kikan” (Japanese: 大総統の帰還)
MANGA CANON2010-05-09
57“Eternal Leave”
Transcription: “Eien no Itoma” (Japanese: 永遠の暇)
MANGA CANON2010-05-16
Transcription: “Hitobashira” (Japanese: ひとばしら)
MANGA CANON2010-05-23
59“Lost Light”
Transcription: “Ushinawareta Hikari” (Japanese: 失われた光)
MANGA CANON2010-05-30
60“Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth”
Transcription: “Ten no Hitomi, Chi no Tobira” (Japanese: 天の瞳、地の扉)
MANGA CANON2010-06-06
61“He Who Would Swallow God”
Transcription: “Kami o Nomikomishi Mono” (Japanese: 神を呑みこみし者)
MANGA CANON2010-06-13
62“A Fierce Counterattack”
Transcription: “Seizetsunaru Hangeki” (Japanese: 凄絶なる反撃)
MANGA CANON2010-06-20
63“The Other Side of the Gateway”
Transcription: “Tobira no Mukōgawa” (Japanese: 扉の向こう側)
MANGA CANON2010-06-27
64“Journey’s End”
Transcription: “Tabiji no Hate” (Japanese: 旅路の涯)
MANGA CANON2010-07-04

As for the OVA episodes, they are as follows:

#Episode TitleAir Date
1“The Blind Alchemist”
Transcription: “Mōmoku no Renkinjutsushi” (Japanese: 盲目の錬金術師)
August 26, 2009
2“Simple People”
Transcription: “Shinpuru na Hitobito” (Japanese: シンプルな人々)
December 23, 2009
3“Tales of the Master”
Transcription: “Sensei Monogatari” (Japanese: 師匠物語)
April 21, 2010
4“Yet Another Man’s Battlefield”
Transcription: “Sore mo Mata Kare no Senjō” (Japanese: それもまた彼の戦場)
August 25, 2010

Are the Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fillers worth watching?

Seeing how Fullmetal Alchemist (3) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2) have a total of just five filler episodes, which is a very low ratio, there is absolutely no reason to avoid them. The fit the narrative quite well and seem like integral parts of the whole story, especially in Brotherhood. The main issue with Fullmetal Alchemist is that the second half of the show is almost completely original, but those are not actually filler episodes, rather just a different type of canon.

So, if you want to avoid Fullmetal Alchemist altogether, that’s okay, as some viewers prefer an authentic adaptation, but if you want to watch it, there is no need to skip the three filler episodes, as they are quite entertaining and interesting. This also goes as far as Brotherhood is concerned – the series has only two filler episodes and there is really no need to skip them.

And with this, we conclude this guide. You should also check out our detailed guide on the differences between Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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