Gal Gadot Revealed If She Would Return For The Potential Red Notice Sequel

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Red Notice, the newest Netflix film debuted last Friday in select theaters, and this Friday it will debut worldwide on the streaming service. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and with an estimated budget of $200 million, it is one of the most ambitious projects Netflix ever created.

Although it received mixed reviews from critics, the ambitiousness of the project and its set-up have already opened the door to the potential sequel. Dwayne Johnson and producers already stated that they would be more than ready for the sequel. And now, Gal Gadot revealed if she would be up for Red Notice 2:

I hope so. I love these guys and I would love to have the opportunity to work with them again.”

Gal Gadot for Today

Gadot is currently one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. She will return soon to the role of Wonder Woman in the third installment of DCEU’s sub-series. She was recently cast as Evil Queen in Disney’s Snow-White live-action remake. She is set to star in Netflix’s Heart of Sone. She is also set to play a titular role in the next Cleopatra movie. And let’s not forget Hedy Lamarr TV show on Showtime where she’s set to play another titular role. Phew, that’s a lot of projects. And on top of all that, will there be time for Red Notice 2 anytime soon?

Who knows, all these projects are in development, but it is unknown how the development of each of those projects is going. Gadot revealed that Wonder Woman 3 script is being written right now, and Snow White is set to begin production next year, but not much is known about the other projects.

Ryan Reynolds recently took a little break from acting, although he’s still working on Deadpool 3. With Johnson and Gadot willing to do the sequel, regardless of all the other projects, if Reynolds and director Rawson Marshall Thurber are also up for it, Red Notice will most likely turn into a franchise. Time will tell, but no hurry, movie still isn’t available worldwide.