Garou vs. Boros: Who Would Win in Fight & Why?

garou vs. boros

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In this article, you are going to find out who would win in a fight between Garou and Lord Boros, both very powerful characters from the One Punch Man.

Despite it being a very close call, Lord Boros would be able to defeat Garou, even in his Awakened Form. They’re both very powerful and their power levels are quite close, but we think that Lord Boros’ powers are somewhat on a higher level than Garou’s.

Speaking of Garou vs. Lord Boros, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers in more detail and see how the fight between Garou and Lord Boros would play out.  

Comparing the powers of Garou and Boros

Our second section will contain a comparison of the two characters’ powers. This section will be a direct comparison and not as much as a listing of their powers and abilities, as we have done before, and is going to serve as a basis for our analysis in section three of our article. Now, let us begin.

Physical Abilities

Boros showed extreme strength in his fight against Saitama. He could hit Saitama through several pillars at once. Boros’ punch was so powerful that the mere squeeze of the shock of his fist chased away a huge cloud of smoke created by his burst of energy.

Boros had incredible speed and agility as he could follow a relaxed Saitama. He used the latent energy withdrawn from his body as a means of propulsion, which made him incredibly fast. Boros proved surprisingly resilient.

He was Saitama’s first opponent to survive after being hit directly by his normal hit, despite his full strength sealed by his armor. Even after receiving a direct hit from Saitama in his Meteoric Burst form, he remained intact despite the bleeding and injuries.

When Saitama’s Serious Punch repelled his planet-destroying attack, he was strong enough to remain conscious for a brief period. Like the rest of his race, Boros had an incredible regeneration rate, with Boros himself surpassing all others of his race, as previously mentioned.

Boros was able to use the latent energy his body was producing to shoot great bursts of energy from the eye into his chest with great destructive power.

Boros wore ornate armor designed to control his immense powers. When the armor was removed, his body turned black and spiky and began to glow with the energy released. Boros praised Saitama for being the first to oppose his power in this state for so long, suggesting that Boros, even in this form, was immensely powerful compared to other enemies.


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Garou’s strength is superhuman, and at the level of an S-class hero, he is able to defeat A-class heroes with little to no effort. Even in his weakened state, Garou was still able to defeat a group of Class A and B heroes with a brief drum shot or a single hit. Garou also possesses immense durability and has endured extremely powerful blows and attacks.

Garou has extreme speed and reflexes that far exceed the average hero’s. He was able to react and dodge a short Golden Ball bullet. However, it surprised him also to be able to quickly dodge a large number of bullets from the latter in multiple directions and redirect them towards each other simultaneously, without any problem, after adapting to the weak environment.

Garou has an inhuman tolerance to pain. He’s able to keep fighting after sustaining injuries that would incapacitate normal people, like a Tanktop Master hit or when Spring stabbed Mustachio’s sword through his hand without even flinching.

Also, having been weakened by several fights the day before and having a fever, he managed to fight multiple heroes simultaneously, defeat them all with smart tactics, and endure all the lingering pain.

Even when he was beaten to death by Bang and Bomb, arguably the most powerful martial artists in the world, while constantly regaining and losing consciousness during the fight and having lost the feeling in his arms, he was still able to hold on and to shiver in the ground, uproot a tree and spin it at incredible speed, completely surprising both Bang and Bomb.


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Fighting styles

Boros was an extremely skilled fighter with decades of experience and not a single battle loss, which made him an extremely dangerous and powerful fighter. As such, he tried to end the fighting quickly and didn’t hesitate or hold back, possibly as a strategy to avoid giving his enemies a chance.

Boros used several techniques when he wanted to end a fight quickly or completely destroy an opponent. These include the Meteoric Burst, which augments his strength, speed, and durability but also severely burdens his body and even decreases his lifespan; he uses the technique to end fights quickly.

While in that form, he was able to use the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which creates an immense burst of energy he fires at his opponents.

Garou is an extremely skilled fighter who adapts to combat, taking advantage of an opponent’s weak points to gain an advantage in combat. His exceptional ability to learn allows him to learn countermeasures for the fighting styles of others while making their fighting style his own.

He shows this ability against Tanktop Master, where he attacks his weak spots and quickly reverses roles in the fight, easily gaining the upper hand. He also shows off this unique ability in his battle with Metal Bat, where he notices that Metal Bat’s attacks become predictable and weird, which allows him to win in the end.

While fighting his opponents, Garou accesses their fighting styles and techniques by simply looking at them once, which is enough for him. Additionally, Garou targets vital points and joints in combat so that his opponents lose the ability to defend themselves very quickly.

Additionally, by analyzing his opponent’s gaze direction, posture, muscle tension, breathing, energy, movement patterns, and center of gravity, he can almost perfectly predict his opponent’s next move. His prediction accuracy only improves as Garou gets stronger.

Now that we’ve compared the two, we can continue with the analysis and tell you who would win.

Garou vs. Boros: Who wins?

Garou OPM

After reading everything we’ve written, it is not overly difficult to determine the winner, even if we consider that Garou would fight Boros in his Awakened Form. Garou Awakened Form is truly powerful, but Boros is, as we’ve established, on a completely different level.

Boros comes from a superior alien race. The best proof of his power is that he quickly survived several of Saitama’s punches and even managed to kick Saitama to the Moon, which is an impressive feat. Sure, he couldn’t actually kill Saitama, but he survived, which is impressive (although it happened only once since Saitama killed him in the end).


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On the other hand, Garou, even in his Awakened Form, remains a human (or half-human) and is still inferior to Boros’ amazing powers and abilities.

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This is why we think that Boros would be able to defeat Garou. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, especially considering Garou’s Awakened Form, but Boros would still manage to do it, which is why we declare him today’s winner.

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