What Rank Is Saitama & Will He Become an S-Class Hero in One-Punch Man?

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One Punch Man boasts an insanely loveable plot with an even more loveable main hero. Saitama has been dubbed one of the most ridiculously overpowered main characters of all time, flaunting a massive range of skills and abilities that seem to be endless, but many fans still wonder what rank Saitama is, as well as if he’ll ever become an S-Class hero in One Punch Man.

Saitama is currently placed in B-Class with Rank 7 in the One Punch Man manga and anime series. However, according to the One Punch Man webcomic, Saitama does reach the lowest placement in the A-Class by achieving A-Class Rank 39. After his performance against Cosmic Garou, odds are that Saitama will reach S-Class in the future.

While Saitama has not yet reached the S-Class compared to some One Punch Man heroes, the odds of him being promoted to the top class in the future are pretty high. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about how Saitama has been ranked in One Punch Man so far, his promotions, as well as his potential to be placed in the S-Class.

What Rank Is Saitama In One Punch Man?

The Hero Association in One Punch Man is a corporate organization that works alongside the National Hero Registery, with the main intention of identifying possible members, watching over them, providing tasks, and much more. Within the Hero Association, the heroes are divided into different classes, which are similar to the well-known tiers, with the S-Class being the most powerful – followed by A, B, and finally C in last place.

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Saitama in One Punch Man is infamous for his ridiculously overpowered attacks and strength, being capable of defeating any opponent with a single punch. His punches and attacks do vary, as he has a number of different punches that he chooses to use on different occasions, all of which have different impacts on the surroundings and the enemy.

Considering Saitama’s monstrous strength and power, not to mention the extreme repercussions of Saitama’s Serious Punch in the battle between Saitama and Cosmic Garou, anyone would assume that this hero would naturally be S-Class at the very least. In fact, based on the lore within the One Punch Man universe, Saitama should be in a class of his own.


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However, he is not classified as S-Class, to many One Punch Man fans’ surprise, but he does show progression throughout the One Punch Man saga and still has room for growth. In fact, Saitama has only shown fans a minor fraction of his power, meaning that any ranking would theoretically be higher at his maximum power levels.

Saitama Started Off In C-Class

During the initial phase of the One Punch Man anime series, Saitama and Genos both appeared for the physical exam that would allow them to become licensed heroes. Saitama, who was assigned under the name “Caped Baldy”, excelled at all of the physical exams, receiving the best score among all participants – which would easily place him within the S-Class bracket.

But, he didn’t do so well when it came to the written tests and he received an overall score of 71 as a result. One Punch Man fans did find this comedic, however, as the irony of this insanely powerful and strong hero being placed in the last class due to his intellect really created an enjoyable plot shift.

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This score gave him a C-Class ranking overall when he first joined the Hero Association, just barely passing the application process. C-Class is pretty low when solely looking at his physical capabilities, and he actually got last place in C-Class with Rank 391 at first.

Genos even thought that Saitama would have received an A-Class ranking with ease with a different type of evaluation. He wasn’t too happy about the results, as seen below thanks to fans on Quora.

saitama c

After this point, Saitama climbed the C-Class rank after Genos told him that C-Class heroes have to fulfill weekly quotas – or stand the chance of getting kicked out of the Hero Association altogether. Saitama runs around in search of monsters to defeat as a result and gains some ranking in the process, being boosted up to C-Class Rank 342.


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Saitama Was Promoted To B-Class

From this point, Saitama almost breaks out of the C-Class by reaching C-Class Rank 5. Although, many fans argue that Saitama was actually promoted to a B-Class hero in the One Punch Man anime, after he destroyed the meteor that almost obliterated Z-City – of course, with one single punch.

There was some speculation on the outcome of this defense by Saitama since it was noted that Metal Knight and Genos both received exaggerated roles in the meteors’ destruction. Genos stated that had Saitama received a proper score for his role, he would have instantly been boosted to the A-Class.

saitama meteor

He showed massive progression after this point and continued to rise within the B-Class category, based on his performance when he defeated the Sea King in the very first season of One Punch Man. Saitama not only defeated the Sea King with a single punch, but he also seemed to have affected the climate of the city as well with his attack.

All in all, Saitama moves from B-Class rank 101 after the DSK fight, placing Mumen Rider at the top of the C-Class. He then achieved B-Class Rank 63 as a result of his performance during the Dark Matter Thieves attack. He then tops this off by climbing to B-Class Rank 7, which is his current rank and class in the One Punch Man manga and anime series.

Does Saitama Become A-Class?

After Saitama reaches the top range of the B-Class, Fubuki notices his performance and rank and tries to get Saitama to join the Blizzard Group – to which he declines. According to the One Punch Man webcomic, Saitama does reach the lowest placement in the A-Class by achieving A-Class Rank 39.


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This was primarily due to Saitama’s performance against Cosmic Fear Garou, which caused some massive damage and took down the infamous villain in the process. Even Garou stated, with his dying breath, that Saitama was still holding back with the attack and that he knew Saitama has far more power than he was willing to reveal.

Will Saitama Ever Become An S-Class Hero?

Saitama has been stuck in the B-Class (debatably the A-Class) for a while now, and there is no promise that this beloved, comedic, legendary hero will be promoted to S-Class anytime soon. But, Saitama has slowly been climbing the ranks as he takes on more powerful foes in the One Punch Man storyline.


The chances of Saitama at least getting into the S-Class sometime in the future are high, but it’s still debatable. Fans may get to see Saitama reach S-Class, but he may not get the recognition he truly deserves – mainly since he may never be the typical hero the Hero Association looks for.

Although Saitama has not been classified as an S-Class hero to date, Saitama has shown some insane power gains in recent times. Considering that Saitama technically has limitless power and room for growth in One Punch Man, he definitely has the potential to become one of the most overpowered S-Class heroes in the future.

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