Gate Anime Watch Order (with Full Story Recap)

Gate Anime Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is a fantasy light novel series that first appeared in 2006. A manga adaptation appeared in July 2011, with three spin-off manga that began serialization in 2015. A light novel sequel, called Gate Season 2: Jieitai Kano Umini nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, began publication in 2017. The first anime season aired from July to September 2015 and the second one aired from January to March 2016. This is all we have from the series at this moment and because of that, we are going to give you a detailed episode guide to the complete Gate series.

Gate watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought in Their Land works in the proper release order:

  1. Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought in Their Land part 1
  2. Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought in Their Land part 2

Now that you have a Gate watch order at a glance, here is a full story recap of the Gate anime.

Gate anime full story recap

In this section, we are going to give you a full recap of Gate’s story.

Episode 1: “The Self-Defence Force Goes to Another World”

Yōji Itami is a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), as well as an otaku fond of manga, anime and fantasy video games, who one morning, on his way to Ginza for a manga event, witnesses the sudden appearance of a huge army made up of orcs. , monsters, dragons and medieval knights, who come out of a kind of portal immediately hurl themselves against the population.

Yōji does his best to assist in the safety of civilians inside the imperial palace, but soon the arrival of the JSDF manages to repel the invasion, killing most of the attackers and driving the survivors beyond the portal. After the storm, the Japanese government decides to reclaim the world of invaders, called the Special Region, as an integral part of its territory, and Prime Minister Hōjō announces its intention to send a detachment of the JSDF as soon as possible to try to discover the true intentions of its inhabitants, establishing a peaceful dialogue with them if possible.

Yōji, promoted to rank and officially awarded for exemplary behavior during the initial attack, is selected to be part of the detachment, commanded by General Hazama, and three months after the incident the expedition crosses the portal, finding a second army to await her upon arrival in the new world.

Episode 2: “Two Military Forces”

The appearance of the JSDF causes an understandable bewilderment within the Empire, which turns into fear when one realizes the enormous, and practically unbridgeable, technological difference that exists between the inhabitants of the two worlds.

Deaf to the exhortations of Senator Casel about the need to open a peaceful dialogue, Emperor Molt orders the deployment of a huge army formed by the troops of all the vassal kingdoms, which is led by King Duran, but within just three days, and despite the difference in strength of 30 to 1, the imperial troops are all massacred.

Later it will be discovered that this was precisely the goal of the Emperor, who intended to get rid of all the submissive rulers and their armies to prevent them from exploiting the situation to rebel. Furthermore, after giving the order to resort to the scorched earth strategy to try to stop the enemy advance, the ruler orders his daughter Piña to act as a scout with his small army of personal guards to spy on the invaders.

For their part, the JSDF decide to undertake a policy of peaceful coexistence with the inhabitants of the other world, and Yōji is put in charge of a reconnaissance team to carry out explorations of the territory surrounding the portal. Following the information of the villagers of a friendly village, Yōji and his team reach a settlement in the forest, but find it under attack by a huge dragon.

At first glance, after the attack, there seem to be no survivors, but surprisingly a young elf is found in a well, unconscious but alive. Meanwhile, on Earth, while the United States government begins to consider the idea of ​​sending its own team beyond the portal, among the Japanese there are those who support exploration and those who would like to cut all ties with each other.

Episode 3: “Fire Dragon”


After rescuing the young elf, the third reconnaissance team takes her to the village of Coda, but the inhabitants, having learned of the presence of a fire dragon in the region, understand that they too can no longer remain in the area, so that Yōji and the his companions offer to escort them to a safe place. Among the fleeing villagers is Lelei, a sorceress who is immediately intrigued by the language of foreigners, and soon the demigod Rory will join the caravan, who in turn will be attracted by the strangeness of the inhabitants of a another world.

While the party crosses a canyon, the fire dragon returns to the attack, but thanks also to the help of Rory, the JSDF manage to drive him away after taking away his arm with a rocket fired by a Panzerfaust-3. Nonetheless, the losses are considerable and the inhabitants of Coda, unable to take with them the elderly and children who were orphaned during the attack, entrust them to the JSDF, who in turn decide to transport them to the headquarters on the hill of Arnus.

Episode 4: “To Unknown Lands”

The news of the JSDF’s rejection of the fire dragon spreads quickly through the Empire, even reaching Princess Piña, who is on her way to Arnus Hill to spy on the invaders. Her research leads her to a hospital where Duran, who survived the clash with the JSDF but was horribly mutilated, is found, from which she learns that the opposing troops are simply too powerful to be defeated, and that in fact the real enemy could be the Empire itself, interested only in saving its domains regardless of the fate of the vassal kingdoms.

Meanwhile, Yōji and his team return to the base, around which in the meantime a real fortified citadel has been built, where he is initially scolded by his superiors for having brought some inhabitants of these lands inside the camp. Later, however, thanks to his report and good relations with the locals, General Hazama approves his decision, on the condition that he and his companions take care of the refugees.

However, as Lelei slowly begins to learn Japanese and the young elf Tuka shows that she is still struggling to accept her father’s death, Yōji is warned by his friend Yanagida, who points out to him that the immense economic, political and military potential. inherent in these lands represent a strong temptation to which the major powers of the world will hardly agree to renounce, thus putting Japan in a dangerous position.

Indeed, the Japanese government finds itself pressured both from within, with rumors of alleged excessive use of force by the JSDF, and from without, with Chinese President Dechou Dong planning to move half the Chinese population beyond. of the portal to solve the problem of overcrowding in China. In any case, to try to repay what the JSDF are doing for them, Lelei, Rory and Tuka decide to extract the scales of the dragons who died in the repeated attacks on Arnus to sell them for their weight in gold in the nearby city-state of Italica, where they go together with Yōji and his team, without knowing that Piña is also headed towards the same goal.

Episode 5: “The Battle of Italica”

Once they reach Italica, Yōji and his team learn that the city is under siege by his own soldiers, who have given themselves up to banditry after the death of the overlord during the battle of Ginza or on the hill of Arnus. Piña, who arrived in the city first, despite having assumed the leadership of the small group of fighters left to defend the walls, is aware that the three days it will take for the rest of her army to come to give them a hand, could be too long to hope for a favorable outcome of the battle.

When the JSDFs reach the city, Piña chooses to welcome them kindly, explaining to Yōji that the current situation in which Italica finds itself was caused not only by the death of the feudal lord, but also by the internal feud between his heirs, of which the the only one left alive is the last born Myui, too young and inexperienced to be able to fulfill her role as sovereign in the best possible way.

The third reconnaissance team then offers their help, but during the subsequent night attack of the bandits, due to the poor strategic skill of the princess who deliberately assigns to Yōji and the others the apparently most defenseless point of the walls to act as bait, the enemy manages to bypass the JSDF garrison and penetrate the city.

Episode 6: “Ride of the Valkyries”

The battle of Italica seems about to end in a massacre for the inhabitants and the now desperate garrison, when suddenly from the hill of Arnus a large division of UH-1, AH-1S and OH-1, who warned in advance by Yōji, easily wipes out the forces of the brigands by saving the city. In the midst of the clash, the third reconnaissance team also joins the battle, with Rory and Shino who, driven respectively by bloodlust and impulsiveness, stand out particularly, supporting each other.

After the battle, Princess Piña, shocked and terrified by what she has just witnessed, fears the consequences that the Empire would face by challenging beyond the JSDF, and therefore prepares for what she will consider to be a humiliating acceptance of surrender. Instead, Colonel Kengun proposes extremely favorable conditions, also promising not to exercise any kind of control over the city, which in fact is immediately returned to the inhabitants.

After selling the dragon scales, Yōji’s group also prepares to return to Arnus, but during the journey, due to a misunderstanding, the convoy collides with the Knights of the Roses, the knightly order under the command. of Piña directed to Italica to help the besieged, and so Yōji, left behind to allow his companions to escape, is taken prisoner by their deputy commander Bozes.

Episode 7: “The Princess’s Decision”

Yōji, battered after his meeting with the Knights of the Roses, is entrusted to the care of the maids in the service of Princess Myui, while on the other hand Bozes and her companions are harshly scolded by Piña for what happened (to the point that, to avert a eventual breaking of the truce just signed, the princess will come to force Bozes to have a sexual relationship with Yōji, which fortunately turned out to be unnecessary).

Thus, when the third reconnaissance team returns to Italica to save the foreman, the situation has already been resolved in the meantime. Meanwhile, the news arrives to Yōji of his summoning together with Tuka to the Diet to account for what happened in the clash with the fire dragon and in the battle of Italica, and so Piña, fearing the consequences of his relationship, gets to be able to accompany him to Arnus to personally apologize for the actions of his subordinates.

Once back at the headquarters, here the princess is once again faced with the immense war potential of the JSDF, but before Yōji and Tuka enter the portal, she, Rory and Lelei also obtain authorization to accompany them to the other world.

Episode 8: “Japan, Beyond the Gate”

Yōji and the rest of the team are met in Japan by Public Security Officer Komakado. Here, Piña and Bozes have a meeting with councilor Reiko Shirayuki, with whom they start the first step of a peace negotiation, mediating the return to the Empire of some survivors of the Ginza attack interned and imprisoned by the Japanese authorities.

At the same time, Tuka, Rory and Lelei appear together with Yōji at the Diet, and despite the attempts of the deputy Kōhara to discredit the work of the military branch of the operation for the benefit of the political one, Rory’s heartfelt oration and the sagacious The Lieutenant’s dialectic persuaded the Diet to leave unchanged the policy regarding the use of the Special Region, as well as enormously increasing popular support for the mission.

The arrival of the inhabitants of the other world, however, also attracts the attention of the United States, Russia and China, which send their respective secret services to try to kidnap the girls in order to exercise their own control over the portal. Having escaped two different ambush attempts, Yōji and the others then seek refuge in the home of Risa, the penniless ex-wife of the lieutenant.

Episode 9: “The Hakone Mountain Night Battle”


After spending the night at his ex-wife’s house, Yōji, in contravention of orders, decides to give the girls some free time, with Rori, Tuka and Lelei going shopping with Risa. Tomita, on the other hand, is forced to take Piña and Bozes to the library to satisfy their unspecified request for forms of terrestrial culture, which will later turn out to be manga yaoi.

Meanwhile, Yōji meets with the current Minister of Defense and his old friend Tarō Kanō to discuss the Special Region and receive orders on which inn to stay. The group then moved to a spa complex in Hakone, which was well defended secretly by the JSDF, that same night was attacked in vain by a paramilitary division under the orders of the CIA.

Since brute force fails to get the better of the defenders, the President of the United States decides to resort to blackmail, threatening Prime Minister Matoi to make compromising information public about some members of his government if he does not allow his men to bring Piña and the others in his country. The soldiers therefore receive the order to return, and Kanō, at the head of the operation, is forced not to intervene. Meanwhile, inside the spa, Rory, tipsy and overexcited from the ongoing bloodshed, attempts to seduce Yōji.

Episode 10: “Despair and Hope”

Kanō warns Yōji of the looming threat just in time to save him from Rory’s temptations, but just before the CIA men can raid the inn, a team of Specnaz and one of the Chinese special forces appear, starting to kill each other first. of being wiped out by Rory.

Quickly leaving the inn, the group commandeers the CIA vehicle to be able to return to Tokyo and re-cross the portal, but since Yōji is aware that the pursuers will surely return to the attack, Risa has the idea of ​​spreading on the Internet the news of the imminent arrival of the girls at the memorial to the victims of Ginza located next to the portal, to bring together in the area the next day an oceanic crowd, which will severely limit the freedom of action of CIA agents (whose efforts will also be thwarted in advance of both the intervention of Komakado and the resignation of Minister Matoi).

Along the way on foot to the portal, Shino also meets his sister Nanami, to whom he tells on live TV what happened at the exit from the Diet and at the Hakone spa, in order to make public the involvement of other countries in the recent incidents. days. Thus, after paying homage to the memorial, the girls and their companions finally return to the Special Region, where Piña gives immediate instructions to organize as soon as possible the start of diplomatic meetings between Japan and the Empire.

Episode 11: “Visitor”

In Sadera, the capital of the Empire, peace negotiations, mediated by Piña, begin secretly between the local families and the Japanese government, represented by the young deputy minister Sugawara, who, albeit with unorthodox means, manages to secure the loyalty of Senator Cicero, one of the fiercest supporters of the movement in favor of the continuation of the war, which then goes to the side of the pacifists.

Meanwhile, in Arnus, thanks to the proceeds from the dragon scales trade and the opening of a PX dedicated to the sale of Japanese products, the camp that houses the refugees of the Special Region is quickly transformed into a small town, which attracts itself an ever-increasing number of settlers, merchants and mercenaries.

And it is precisely in the camp inn, where the young semi-human Dalilah also works, that one evening a dark elf named Yao Haa Dushi arrives, who after mistaking Yōji for a molester due to Rory’s poisonous tongue and having him made to escape, she asks the other patrons to help her meet the green men (as in the meantime the JSDF have begun to be known).

Those present, at the sight of the compensation that the elf is ready to offer in exchange for the help she says she needs (a large diamond), offer to assist her, only to think again immediately when they are told that the mission consists of killing a fire dragon. The next day, as Yao prepares to return to the camp after spending the night in the forest, Yōji is sent with his team to the capital to escort the Japanese diplomatic delegation.

Episode 12: “What Would Itami Do”

Yao, returning to the refugee camp, encounters a small detachment of JSDF guarding the gates, but soon realizes that neither they nor the other soldiers around the town can understand what he says. Disconsolate, even after being approached by a series of disreputable individuals promptly put on the run, she tries to ask for help from Mair, the cat-girl who runs the PX, who, obeying the rule that prohibits selling goods to unauthorized persons, however, he refuses to sell her a Japanese dictionary.

Finally, in the midst of the discussion, Yao is even arrested by the surveillance guards, as one of the criminals she previously beaten up on her reported her for assault. Fortunately, in order to conduct her interrogation, Lelei (who in the meantime has begun to study Earth chemistry to improve her magic) is summoned, so the elf finally has the opportunity to explain the situation and the reasons that led her there: the forest of her tribe, in fact, is under attack from the same fire dragon that destroyed the village of Tuka, and the council of elders sent it to Arnus to ask for the help of the JSDF.

Yao thus manages to meet with General Hazama, but the Japanese general staff and high command, fearing the political consequences of entering a nation formally not involved in the war (the Kingdom of Elbe, where the forest is located) of the huge deployment of forces needed to take down the dragon, they refuse the request for help. Disheartened, she Yao lets herself be seized by desperation for a moment, but returning to hope when she, by chance, she learns about Yōji and her altruism. Meanwhile, Yōji himself, along with the rest of the third team, is on the verge of reaching Sadera.

Episode 13: “The Banquet Begins”

In Sadera, under the supervision of Yōji and the rest of his team, a secret meeting is held between the deputy Sugawara and the moderate senators headed by Cicero, who, faced with a direct demonstration of the war potential of the JSDF, are still convinced more than the need to reach peace with Japan as soon as possible (an agreement which, however, is difficult to implement at the moment, due to the recent transition from the Shinzo government to the weak Morita government).

Except that at a certain point Prince Zorzal also shows up at the banquet, who, having learned both of the apparent connivance between Piña and the invaders and of the ever-increasing number of senators opposed to the continuation of the war, confronts his sister face to face to understand if the rumors about him are true; luckily Yōji and his team manage to get away before being discovered, and after leaving the palace they take refuge in a villa in Piña.

Mari, on the other hand, ends up helping out as a nurse in a sheltered house set up by a Japanese medical team in the poor neighborhood of Akusho, home to most of the semi-humans living in poverty. Here, Mari meets Mizari, a prostitute with angelic features, who that night returns to the protected house with a group of other prostitutes to warn the JSDF that one of them, endowed with a particular sixth sense, has perceived the imminent arrival of a earthquake.

The general alarm is immediately issued, and in fact, shortly thereafter, the activity of a nearby volcano causes a seismic phenomenon so strong that it reaches Sadera and Arnus, where in the meantime Yao has begun to gather information on Yōji.

Episode 14: “The Imperial Capital Quake”

Thanks to the early warning launched by the JSDF, the earthquake, while seriously damaging the capital, does not cause victims either in Sadera or Arnus. Once calm is restored, Piña, fearing for her father’s fate, decides to go to him, and for the occasion she is also accompanied by Yōji, Shino, Tomita and Sugawara, in order to finally make the parent participate in his will to reach a peace with Japan.

In the midst of the tense but nevertheless cordial meeting, Zorzal bursts into the throne room, insisting on removing his father from the palace having learned from one of his slaves that new tremors may occur. Then, when the slave in question is revealed to be Noriko, a young Japanese woman captured during the attack on Ginza, Yōji has a fit of anger that leads to a violent confrontation at the end of which Zorzal, beaten to death by Shino, reveals the existence of other Japanese prisoners sold as slaves within the Empire.

Sugawara orders Piña and the Emperor to find and return the aforementioned captured fellow citizens as soon as possible, and at that point, the negotiations are abruptly interrupted; furthermore, in retaliation for what happened, a couple of F-4 Phantoms make a raid on the capital, pulverizing the seat of the senate and demonstrating once more the Japanese war potential in the eyes of the incredulous senators, who consequently meet and agree on the opening of an official diplomatic channel between Japan and the Empire.

At the end of the assembly, Zorzal receives a visit from his younger brother Diabo, to whom he reveals his intention to exploit, despite the humiliation suffered, the issue of Japanese prisoners to secure succession, thus ousting him from the race to the throne.

Episode 15: “Tuka Luna Marceau”


Yōji learns from Yanagida of Yao’s arrival in Arnus during his absence, and of the mission that led her in search of the JSDF, but at first he refuses his friend’s idea of ​​personally complying with the request of the elf, having realized that the fire dragon is too powerful to be dealt with with the few means at his disposal.

However, shortly thereafter, she discovers that Yao, in an attempt to force him to act, has forced Tuka to relive the drama of her father’s death, causing her such a shock that she sees him as her lost parent. Yōji, at first, chooses to indulge the girl’s fantasies, dressing like her father and posing as one, but soon realizes that this only has the effect of pushing Tuka to deny reality.

Moreover, the experience proves to be traumatic for him too, as it forces him to remember when, many years earlier, he had accused his mother of killing his father, a violent man who often beat her (so much so that legitimate defense was recognized. ), later abandoning her to herself in the psychiatric hospital where she had been locked up.

Eventually, cornered, and after a clarifying dialogue with King Duran, Yōji understands that the only way to make Tuka accept his father’s death is to kill the fire dragon responsible for his disappearance before his eyes; so, fully armed, and accompanied by Tuka, Lelei, Yao and Rory, in contravention of the orders, he sets off for the forest of Shwartz. At the same time, in Sadera, Tyuule, with the complicity of the beast-man Bōro, begins to weave his plan to avenge the destruction of his tribe by Zorzal.

Episode 16: “The Fire Dragon, Once More”

Duran, having learned of the presence of the fire dragon within his kingdom, manages to barter the help of the JSDF in regaining power in Elbe both with the concession of the exploitation rights of the oil fields present in the subsoil of his lands, and with the permission of the Japanese army to cross its borders in force to reach the forest of Shwartz and go to the aid of Yōji.

Shortly thereafter, two F-4 Phantoms under the command of Lieutenant Kamikoda are sent to track down the fire dragon, who once found does not hesitate to prove to be a tough nut to crack even for them by seriously damaging one of the aircraft before returning to Shwartz, where he runs into Yōji and his group just after they arrive in Dark Elf Territory.

It is on this occasion that, finding himself face to face with the creature that exterminated his people, Tuka is forced by Yōji to kill him with his hands, but a little for the shock, a little for the emotion the rocket shot by the elf misses the target. Meanwhile, Delilah, who is actually a spy sent to Arnus by the head-waitress of the Formal family to monitor the movements of the JSDF, receives a letter from Italica with the order to kill Noriko, and despite not being able to understand the reason for a this arrangement prepares to execute it.

At the decisive moment, however, she is discovered by Yanagida, and a brief confrontation arises that ends with the serious injury of both. Investigating the incident, the military police discover the complicity of the butler of the Formal family, who after being framed by the examination of the fingerprints is induced with the amobarbital to confess the place where the instigator of the murder is hiding, who however he manages to escape capture.

Episode 17: “Decisive Battle”

Yōji and his group meet with the few survivors of Yao’s tribe, who after having been roughly instructed in the use of the rocket launcher, prepare with the newcomers to fight the fire dragon. In an attempt to avoid a difficult hand-to-hand fight, Yōji has the idea of ​​filling the creature’s lair, located on a ledge of a nearby crater, by C-4, but while the placement of the charges is still in progress the dragon returns ahead of schedule, going wild on the team.

The dark elves are killed one after the other, but thanks to the joint efforts of Rory, Lelei and Tuka the dragon is greatly weakened, only to be finally destroyed by Yōji with explosives. The story seems to have finally ended, but suddenly the demigod Giselle bursts on the spot, revealing that she was the one who controlled the fire dragon from the beginning and set it on elves and humans by order of her mistress, the goddess of the underworld Hardy, weary of mortal supplications.

Rory, battered out of the clash with the dragon, is not in a position to oppose her parigrade, but fortunately at the last moment the group is saved by the arrival of the JSDF, who after eliminating the two baby dragons still at the side of Giselle force the latter to flee. The battle is therefore truly over, and Tuka, avenged her tribe, can finally leave behind the trauma of her father’s death.

Episode 18: “The Magic City of Rondel”

Back in Arnus, Yōji is acclaimed by the whole continent as a hero for killing the fire dragon (the Kingdom of Elbe and the dark elves even grant him a noble title), but at the same time he is harshly scolded for having acted in contravention to orders received. Deprived of the command of the third team, he receives the task of escorting Lelei to the magical academy of Rondel, where he will take the exam to obtain the title of Master, and where, for the occasion, he and the girls also know Arpeggio, the angry and hyperactive sister of Lelei.

Meanwhile, in Sadera, the head of the fire dragon is delivered directly to the square of the imperial palace as a further show of strength by the JSDF, and at that point Emperor Molt hurries to organize an official reception that sanctions the signing of a truce between the Empire and Japan. The meeting, which is also attended by Councilor Shirayuri, seems to be going well, but suddenly the Emperor collapses to the ground, secretly poisoned by Tyuule.

Episode 19: “Dangerous Sisters”

Taking advantage of the serious health conditions of his father, still alive but in a comatose state, Zorzal, with the support of some survivors of the attack on Ginza eager for revenge, seizes power, and first of all he does waste paper of the talks of peace, indeed proclaiming a rearmament of the imperial army.

Finally, he has all the pacifists arrested both in the senate and among the military leaders, replacing them with loyalists who propose to discredit the work of the JSDF, so as to put Japan in a difficult position and force it to sign a more advantageous peace agreement for the Empire. Piña is also purged and deprived of her role as mediator, while Diabo, as a last resort to stop Zorzal, secretly abandons Sadera with the intention of forming an international coalition of neighboring kingdoms and attacking his own country.


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Meanwhile, in Rondel, Yōji and the others discover that, according to some studies conducted by the academy’s sages, most of the inhabitants of the Special Region are not indigenous, but would actually have arrived there through the portal from innumerable parallel dimensions; at the same time, however, the relationship between Arpeggio and Lelei is somewhat complicated, so much so that the first of her arrives to challenge her sister to a duel.

While the fight is still ongoing, however, a hitman attempts to kill Lelei in vain on Zorzal’s orders, filled with envy of her involvement in the death of the fire dragon. The assassin is in fact killed at the last moment by Gray and Shandi, two of Piña’s subordinates who have just arrived there on his orders to inform the group of the sudden reversal of events, as well as the fact that another much more dangerous killer, known as the Pied piper, he was unleashed against them.

Episode 20: “Lover”

In response to the escalation of tension within the Empire, the Japanese government is forced to refuse the requests for help from supporters of the pacifist faction and to maintain neutrality, in order not to risk further complicating an already dramatic situation. On the other hand, Tyuule, with an expedient, manages to push the Senate to give it absolute control of the special police of the Empire, the Opričnina, which created to silence all the voices of dissent to Zorzal’s policy, is immediately hurled against the family.

Tyueri, guilty of favoring dialogue with Japan and of giving refuge to Senator Casel, head of the pacifist faction. Sherry, the twelve-year-old heir of the family, long infatuated with Sugawara, after leaving the villa with Casel at the sacrifice of her parents, manages to discover that the jade palace, one of the residences of Princess Piña, is a Japanese embassy that enjoys the benefits of extraterritoriality.

Despite some difficulties, Sherry and Casel therefore reach the palace, but by virtue of the orders received from Tokyo, Sugawara initially refuses to let them in. However, when Sherry is about to be taken away from Opričnina, the diplomat takes a burst of pride, and in contravention of her instructions he saves the girl and Casel by offering him political asylum inside the embassy. The bankruptcy between the Empire and Japan is therefore officially blown.

Episode 21: “Deadline”

Opričnina’s attempt to force the embassy to arrest Sherry is thwarted by the Order of the Knights of the Roses charged with protecting the palace.

Fearing that the Empire could return to office, Minister Kanō and other members of the government intend to evacuate the Japanese delegation from the capital and strengthen military operations, but Prime Minister Morita orders instead to maintain, at least for now, the most absolute secrecy about the real gravity of the situation, since the mass media and representatives of the G20 are making an official visit to the Special Region, thus postponing any decision until both delegations have left.

Unfortunately, the situation quickly worsened, and Zorzal, after placing Piña under house arrest again at Tyuule’s suggestion, orders the army to besiege the embassy. Meanwhile, Rondel Yōji and his group, after escaping an assassination attempt, organize a plan to uncover the Pied Piper.

Episode 22: “The Imperial Princess in Slave’s Clothing”

The repeated attacks of the imperial army on the embassy end with nothing, but as the hours go by the evident imbalance of forces begins to undermine the resistance of the Knights of the Roses, so much so that Bozes begins to consider the idea of leave the jade palace to seek refuge in Italica.

Meanwhile, in Rondel, Shandi manages to discover that the Pied Piper is planning a new assassination attempt against Lelei. The attack, as planned, takes place a few days later, during the discussion of his thesis, but both hitmen sent are promptly stopped. Just when the worst seems to be over, however, Lelei is treacherously stabbed by Shandi, in turn deceived by the Pied Piper.

Fortunately, the group had also thought about this eventuality: so once again Lelei comes out unscathed, and Shandi, when asked about the reason that pushed her to support the principal, reveals that she acted to protect Piña, increasingly compromised in the eyes of her brother.

Yōji and the rest of the team then decide to immediately return to the capital to save the princess, without knowing that the latter, accused of high treason, has been thrown in prison. Meanwhile, with the consent of Tokyo, a large expeditionary force, consisting of war helicopters and airborne troops, leaves Arnus to rush to the aid of the besieged at the Jade Palace.

Episode 23: “Paradrop”

The combined air and ground attack by the JSDF quickly overwhelmed the defenses of Sadera, freeing the pacifists imprisoned in imperial prisons and breaking the siege of the jade palace. Faced with the obvious defeat and the impossibility of opposing the enemy, Zorzal, already ready to flee, is convinced to stay with Tyuule, clearly eager to see him die in order to complete her revenge.

Once Sugawara and the others have been rescued, Bozes obtains from Kengun the evacuation of the few survivors of the Knights of the Roses to Italica, where a new government hostile to Zorzal is being formed; then she and her companion Beefeater head to the imperial palace to save Piña, but blocked by the guards they have no choice but to retreat, abandoning Sadera along with the JSDF and leaving the princess in the hands of the enemy.

Epsiode 24: “Thus, They Fought There”

Arriving in Sadera, Yōji contacts the city headquarters of the JSDF, discovering that Tomita, Takeo, Shino and Mari have also stayed in town to help him. With a gimmick, the team, aided by Tuka, Rory, Lelei and Yao, manages to infiltrate the palace, where in the meantime Piña has been dragged in front of Zorzal to answer the accusation of high treason.

The encounter is interrupted by Yōji, who, defended by Rory, easily overtakes both the guards and a battle ogre. Cornered, at first Zorzal lets Pina and the Emperor go away, only to think about it soon after, sending all her men after them in a vain attempt to stop them.

Vowing to take revenge for the humiliation suffered, Zorzal and his supporters are branded as traitors, while in the meantime a new government supported by Tokyo is formed in Italica, which is managed by Molt in the role of sovereign of the cloister and Piña de facto new empress and commander supreme of the loyalist forces: it is the civil war.

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