‘Gen V’: Who Is ‘Tek Knight’ & What Are His Powers?

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One of the characters we’ve met in the storyline of ‘Gen V’ is Tek Knight, who had a very big role in the events of episode 4. Of course, Tek Knight is simply one of the many different ‘The Boys’ characters taken from their counterparts in the comic book. But this version of Tek Knight in ‘Gen V’ seems to be different compared to the one we saw in the comics. So, who is Tek Knight in ‘Gen V,’ and what are his powers?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Tek Knight is a reality TV detective who goes around the country to solve crimes, and he is looking to make a spectacle out of the Golden Boy incident at Godolkin University.
  • It was made clear that Tek Knight has superhuman deduction skills and superhuman senses that allow him to do his detective work better than anyone else in the world.

Tek Knight works as a TV show detective

The storyline of ‘Gen V’ revolves more around the fact that a group of teenagers or young adults are looking to solve a very important matter involving the death of Golden Boy, who was the strongest person on campus. Of course, we know that this is something that’s related to Golden Boy’s brother Sam, who was locked in an underground medical facility called The Woods.

Episode 1 ended with Golden Boy overloading his body to commit suicide as he left the duty of rescuing his younger brother to his best friend, Andre. Then, in episode 3, Andre enlisted the help of Emma to find Sam in the underground prison facility using her ability to shrink. But the one thing that we also know is that both Vought and Godolkin University are trying to find a way to take advantage of the situation involving the death of Professor Brink and the suicide of Golden Boy.


So, with that said, Vought tried to take advantage by sending Tek Knight down to God U. Of course, there was a very good reason why Tek Knight was sent there. But first, who is Tek Knight in ‘Gen V’?

Tek Knight is a brilliant reality show detective who goes around the country to solve crimes that are related to supes. Of course, the important part about his show was to bring in the ratings and increase engagement, and that was why Vought allowed him to film his show on God U as Golden Boy was still trending all over the internet for what he did. And having Tek Knight on campus means that Vought could take advantage of the entire situation without necessarily allowing him to crack the mystery behind Golden Boy’s actions.

In the comics, however, Tek Knight is a very different character. Instead of being a detective in reality TV shows, the comic book version of Tek Knight is kind of like a blend between Iron Man and Batman in the sense that he fights crime using his money and technology. 

What happened to Tek Knight in ‘Gen V’?

As mentioned, Tek Knight was sent to God U to make a show out of the Golden Boy fiasco. However, Vought told him that he shouldn’t try to find the true reason behind Golden Boy’s meltdown. Instead, he simply had to pin it on one of the students. And Dean Indira Shetty told him that he shouldn’t touch anyone in the top five of Godolkin University.


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Throughout episode 4, Tek Knight uses his skills and powers as a detective to try to make some of the students crack. His skills were so advanced that he was able to make Andre crack. Later on, he did the same to Marie, who admitted that she didn’t do anything against Golden Boy and that Jordan Li fought him.

Tek Knight’s actions did not sit well with Shetty, who tried to make him stop what he was doing. However, Tek Knight told Shetty that he could deduce that Sam had escaped The Woods to make her a pawn. But this ultimately backfired.

Shetty eventually used security footage to blackmail Tek Knight into dismissing Golden Boy’s case as nothing more than just an unfortunate incident of a student who went insane. In the footage, Tek Knight was seen fornicating every hole he could find, as this condition was caused by a tumor inside his brain. As such, Tek Knight had no choice but to leave the top five and God U alone.

Tek Knight’s detective skills aren’t just for show

While Tek Knight spent his life as a TV show detective instead of actually using his abilities on the field as a hero, his detective skills weren’t just for show because he actually had powers that allowed him to become a great detective.

First of all, Tek Knight possesses superhuman deductive powers that allow him to quickly connect the dots when it comes to solving cases. That was how he forced Marie to crack and admit that she didn’t fight Golden Boy, as Tek Knight deduced that she had problems with Professor Brink due to the nature of her powers.

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Tek Knight’s second power is related to the fact that he has superhuman senses. Using his senses, he could see Dean Shetty’s sweat from several feet away and deduce that she was also ovulating. He used the same skills to sense that Andre and Cate were in a sexual relationship, as he could smell Cate’s “hole” from Andre’s mouth.


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Of course, Tek Knight is similar to most supes because he has superhuman strength. In his interview with Cate, he noticed that she was about to take her glove off to use her powers on him. However, before Cate could do so, Tek Knight threatened that he would rip her entire hand off if she took her glove off.

Overall, Tek Knight is a very capable supe with brains, senses, and physical abilities that combine to make him formidable. In fact, after Jordan Li found out that he was on campus, she/he quickly warned Marie about this. As such, it was clear that he was a true detective in every sense of the word.

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