Marie Moreau’s Blood Powers in ‘Gen V’ Explained: How Does She Measure up Against New Supes?

Marie Moreaus Blood Powers in Gen V Explained How Does She Measure up against New Supes

‘Gen V’ recently debuted with the first three episodes, and we were once again plunged into the world of incredible superpowers with often uncomfortable side effects. The prime evidence of this is Marie Moreau. Introduced in the series as a shy teen, Marie’s first contact with her powers left her parents dead, her sister alienated, and herself scared for life. Considering that she is one of the series’ protagonists, Marie is destined to be one of the most powerful supes around. Considering that, let’s see her powers and abilities and how she measures up against other talented youngsters at Godolkin University. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Marie Moreau has blood manipulation abilities, meaning that she can take command of her own blood and the blood of the people surrounding her. 
  • Her blood manipulation effects extend to offensive attacks as she can shape her blood into razor-sharp tendrils and blunt projectiles.
  • Marie also possesses a moderate healing factor that allows her to heal her wounds while she is not utilizing her own blood. She was also seen to be able to stop another person from bleeding out. 

Marie’s blood manipulation powers are extremely versatile

Like most of the supes in ‘The Boys’ world, Marie Moreau was ingested with Compound V as a child, which resulted in her powers manifesting when she was undergoing puberty, like a good portion of other supes. 

Marie became aware of her superpowers during her first period; the shock of having her period probably closed her mind to the possibility of her powers manifesting in this way, and she didn’t realize that what she was seeing was something normal. Her mother entered the bathroom and panicked. Marie’s survival instincts kicked in, her blood manipulation powers fashioning her blood droplets into razor-sharp projectiles, subsequently killing her parents and leaving her sister scared for life. 

If Marie had been open to the possibility of developing superpowers, it’s possible that this catastrophe would have been avoided; however, her first contact with the powers left her scared and confused, which proved catastrophic when it came to controlling her powers. 


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Now grown up, Marie has showcased incredible control of her powers. We’ve seen her practicing with targets, manipulating her blood into taking the form of tendrils and even blunt projectiles. When Sam was looking to escape from the ground of Godolkin University, she was accurate enough with her aiming and steering the blood tendrils mid-air that she was able to trip him. 

Marie tendrils of blood

Her incredible control was shown in the best light when she stopped an unnamed girl from bleeding out in the club. What would prove to be a fatal injury was easily stopped by Marie.

This shows that she has some defensive qualities in her skills as well. But also opens up the possibility of Marie being able to manipulate not just her own blood but anyone’s blood while it’s inside their own bodies. Although we haven’t seen this on-screen already, it’s highly possible that Marie can kill a human (or supe) by messing with blood without even touching the individual in question. 

Marie stopping bleeding

Marie’s physical abilities are in large part unknown

Most of the supes we encounter usually display some form of enhanced strength, speed, or durability. While Marie hasn’t showcased these attributes yet, we know she heals from her cuts faster than a regular human would. It makes sense, considering that she often has to draw her own blood to access her ability. Her bodily mechanisms need to be enhanced or, in any case, adjusted to allow for the swift healing of wounds.

Even if Marie didn’t have access to the healing factor, she could still stop her wounds from becoming lethal by stopping the bleeding herself. 

Now that we’ve covered the extent of Marie’s powers let’s see how she compares to other young supes from ‘Gen V.’ 

Andre has an advantage due to magnetism and metals being far more common than blood

andre manipulating metal

Andre showcased unspecified potential to manipulate metal objects and magnetism, and this is what reminded us of Magneto, who is regarded as one of the most powerful comic book characters of all time. Andre’s powers likely won’t be explored in such detail, but think of the potential that Magneto can do with his abilities and translate it to the world of ‘Gen V.’ 

There’s also the fact that if Andre can manipulate metals to the full extent, he can also manipulate human blood, probably not to the extent that Marie can, but enough to counter her projectiles. It’s also evident that Andre has superhuman strength, making him stronger than Marie. 

Little Cricket would likely lose to Marie

Emma small

Emma Meyer, aka Little Cricket, has size manipulation, and as such, she has incredible potential to become lethal both while supersized and while micro-sized. But, the catch with her power is that she needs to “purge” to get smaller and eat to get bigger. This doesn’t sound all too convenient if the fight was to break out suddenly. Due to the preparation necessary for Emma to use her powers in the first place, Marie would prove to be victorious over her. 

Cate could manipulate Marie if she were to get close enough

cate mind manipulation

Due to her mind manipulation, I’m still convinced that Cate is one of the most dangerous supes. Cate can make you do horrifying things by merely touching your exposed skin. It’s never been specified whether there are limits to what Cate can make you do. Still, judging by what she accidentally did to her younger brother, it’s obvious that her manipulation is so potent that targeted individuals are easily able to override their own survival instincts to fulfill what Cate compelled them to do. 


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Luckily, Cate needs to touch you for her powers to work. Also, if she pushes herself too hard, she gets seizures and migraines. Cate would prove herself to be far more powerful than Marie if she could touch her in the first place. Marie has the advantage due to her powers being ranged in a sense. 

Jordan Li is more powerful than Marie until her other powers are revealed

Jordan Li punsh

Jordan Li can change their gender at a moment’s notice. The change is so subtle and quick. It’s quite frankly terrifying. But this is not the most overpowered thing about them. It’s the fact that both genders have different sets of skills, ranging from super-strength to energy blasts.

Jordan Li would likely prove to be more powerful than Marie, especially if their durability is strong enough to resist razor-sharp blood projectiles and internal blood manipulation.

Marie wouldn’t stand a chance against Golden Boy 

golden boy 1

Golden Boy is, as far as we know, dead and gone, but if he wasn’t, it’s possible that he would, with time, turn into another Homelander-level threat. Golden Boy had pyrokinetic and thermonuclear powers. He was able to fly, and to make matters even more complicated, his strength far surpassed that of his peers, as well as his durability.

Golden Boy proved himself to be extremely lethal both in close combat as well as in ranged combat, and it’s likely that Marie wouldn’t be able to do a single thing to him. He was attacked by multiple supes before his ultimate demise, but eventually, the only harm capable of subduing him had to come from himself. 

How do you think Marie measures up against other supes? Let us know in the comments below!

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