Ghost Rider vs Thor: Who Would Win?

Ghost Rider Vs Thor: Who Would Win

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At first glance, you might be thinking Thor is no match for the Ghost Rider. But wait until you find out the answer to who would in a fight. Ghost Rider is a Marvel superhero figure. Although he is also portrayed as the antagonist in many comics. On the flip side, we have Thor, the God of Thunder, the son of Odin. So let’s see who would win, Ghost Rider or Thor?

If a fight broke out between Thor, and the Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider would defeat Thor. In Marvel comics, we have seen Ghost Rider outpace Thor’s hammer, increase his size, and spew volcanos of hellfire. But most importantly, Thor is greatly vulnerable in front of Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare. 

Are you shocked after seeing the answer? Told you so! We don’t want to disappoint you, but the comparison was done on previous fights that the Ghost Rider and Thor had, as depicted in several Marvel Comics. Let us breakdown their background, and powers in the later sections. Let’s get started. 

How Powerful Is Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a fictional superhero from Marvel. The character was adapted for the silver screen back in 2007 with the title Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage, and Eva Mendes. 

Ghost Rider is a popular superhero figure from Marvel comics. He ranked 90th on IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes.” He first appeared in the comic Ultimate Comics: Avengers Volume 2 #2. 

Ghost Rider was the bounty hunter for the demon Mephistopheles. The Ghost Rider is sent to Earth by his master to collect the contract of San Venganza. This would give Mephistopheles control over thousands of corrupt souls. But he failed, and the contract goes into oblivion.

This is when the main protagonist for the film steps in- Johnny Blaze. We first saw Johnny interacting with Mephistopheles when his father was dying of cancer. Johnny begged for his father’s life to Mephistopheles, and he agreed. But Johnny wasn’t aware of the fact that it was a plot.

The next morning Johnny saw that his father’s cancer has cured, but only to later find out that his father died that same day in an accident. This made Johnny hateful. He left his hometown, as well his then-girlfriend Roxanne Simpson.

Ghost Rider Vs Thor Who Would Win 01

After decades of this incident, Mephistopheles’s son comes to Earth to retrieve the contact of San Venganza. He seeks alliance from the hidden three fallen angels possessing the powers of air, earth, and water. 

And this is where Mephistopheles steps in, and offers Johnny to hunt down and kill his son. When Johnny says that he is a mere mortal, he doesn’t have the power to kill his son, Mephistopheles bestows all the powers of Ghost Rider in him. 

After Johnny receives the powers of the Ghost Rider, his body burning in free from the hell, his skeleton burns off the skin. Johnny, now having all the powers of Ghost Rider, first tries to kill the first fallen angel Gressil. 

Ghost Rider soon discovers his power of the Penance Stare. This evil ability makes mere mortals remember all the wrong things they have done to others, and all the pain they have caused for their satisfaction. Eventually, this stare steals their soul out of their body.   

In the meantime, he meets with the Caretaker, who knows everything about his predecessors who were sent to Earth as Ghost Riders before him. 

After talking with the Caretaker, Johnny goes on a mission to hunt down the air angel Abigor. Johnny then finds about bout where the contract of San was hidden. The caretaker reveals to him that the previous Ghost Rider Carter Slade hid it in his house. He unearths the contract but is forced to give it up.

Ghost Rider Vs Thor Who Would Win 02

Blackheart, the son of Mephistopheles, abducts Roxanne and makes Johnny bring the contract to him. Johnny had no other option but to give up the contract. His Penance Stare was ineffective on Blackheart as he had no soul.

But Johnny soon figures out that now that the contract of San is with Blackheart, he holds the thousand departed souls. Which means he can now use his Penance Stare on Blackheart, which he did. 

How Powerful Is Thor

Thor is a Marvel Superhero and a very popular one. We have seen him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, he also had his standalone movies titled Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World (2014), Thor: Ragnarok (2018).

Thor is based on the Norse deity who goes by the same name. He is the Asgardian god of thunder. He has the power of manipulating the weather, using his Mjolnir he can fly, and his enchanted hammer. 

We first got to see Thor appear in the Marvel comic universe back in August of 1962. He made his debut in the comic Journey into Mystery #83. He was adapted from the ancient books to fit the comic world by scripter Larry Lieber, plotter Stan Lee, and artist Jack Kirby. 

Thor was the son of Odin. Odin loved him very much, but angry at his attitude towards the common people of Asgard and a normal lifestyle, he wanted to teach his son the lesson of humility. He sends Thor on Earth. Upon arriving on Earth, he forgets his true identity. Hoe no longer has any recollection of being a Norse deity. He continues his life as a mere mortal human. He starts studying medical science and takes up the name Donald Blake. 

Ghost Rider Vs Thor Who Would Win 03

During his vacation, Donald visits Norway. He detects the arrival of an alien army. Frightened, and afraid he runs away and reaches a cave. He finds a walking stick inside that cave, which was his Mjolnir. Unknowingly he bangs the stick against a rock, which immediately transforms into the Thunder God.  

At first, he was overwhelmed with disbelief. But he soon realizes he has always been the god of thunder- Thor. He continued to stay on Earth, and serve the people as a doctor. He soon finds his soulmate Jane foster.

When Loki finds out that Thor was living on Earth, he tries to rage havoc on him. Loki was the adopted son of Odin, step-brother of Thor. They didn’t get along that nicely. Loki plotted a plan to make Thor’s life miserable.

Loki gradually started triggering Thor’s main enemies – Absorbing Man, Destroyer, and the Wrecker. Loki plotted a plan, that in the end backfired on him and led to the formation of the greatest superhero alliance of all time – The Avengers. 

Loki lured out the Hulk, which ultimately made Thor come out and join the fight. But little did Loki know that the Hulk and Thor would team-up. They later went on to include other superheroes such as Iron-Man, Ant-Man, and many others, in an alliance, which is later named the Avengers. 

Ghost Rider Vs Thor Who Would Win 04

Thor didn’t have a good relationship with his father- Odin. After Thor refused to return to the Asgard, because he was in love with Jane Foster, the relation worsened.  However, Thor did team up with his father Odin on several occasions. Most notably, they teamed up to beat the fire giant Surtur. 

Ghost Rider Vs Thor: Who Would Win

Now we know about the background of Thor, and Ghost Rider. Let us now find out who would win if a fight broke out between them. 

Thor possesses the superpower of God Blast.  He developed this power after Doctor Strange helped him bind with his hammer Mjolnir. After the connection was formed, every blow Thor took, his hammer got a share of it too. So if Thor decides to smash Ghost Rider with God blast, he would be able to do serious damage. So one point to Thor. 

Thor can move at the speed of light. Even so, he can detect any object that is traveling at the speed of light. However, the Ghost rider is faster than Thor and his hammer. In the comic Avengers #214, we saw the Ghost rider ride his bike and outpace Thor’s hammer. He then catches the hammer mid-flight, returns to Thor, and smacks him with his sword. One point for the Ghost Rider.

In the comic Doctor, Strange comments on the Ghost Rider that he possesses god-like superpowers. He even feared that his powers could well exceed that of Thor’s. But comic fans haven’t ever seen Ghost Rider unleash such level of superpower. Well, there is a logical explanation for that too. 

Ghost Rider needs a mortal host, which ultimately limits its superpowers. But if he didn’t require a human host, his superpowers would be god-like. So another point for the Ghost Rider. 

We see Thor, and the Ghost Rider engage in another fight in the comic Uncanny Avengers Annual #1. In that fight, we got to see the power of supersize for the first time in Ghost Rider. Just when Thor thought he had Ghost Rider, he sees the evil Bounty Hunter increase in size exponentially. And as you might have guessed it already, he went on to spew an enormous ball of fire at Thor. So one more point to the Ghost rider for his hidden talents. 

There is one superpower Ghost Rider has that Thor has no defense for -The Penance Stare. It can make an individual suffered the pain, and anguish that they have incurred upon everyone in their entire lifetime. 

Let us think about it for a minute. If the Ghost Rider used the Penance Stare on Thor, he would feel all the physical pain he had made his enemies suffer. And this happens at the same time. So if he had caused pain to a hundred individuals, he will suffer from all their pains simultaneously. That is something Thor cannot withstand. So another point for the Ghost Rider. 

So by far, the point stands, Thor vs Ghost Rider: 1/4. It might be very surprising to many of you. But the Ghost Rider is indeed more powerful than Thor, the god of thunder. 

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