All 9 ‘God Eater’ Manga Series in Order

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‘God Eater’ was originally an action role-playing game developed and released by Bandai Namco Games in Japan. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic setting, a world filled and devastated by atrocious Aragami (violent god) where the bright future for humanity seems impossible. The player will take control of a new type of human called a God Eater (human with Aragami cell) who can fight the monstrous Aragami to protect the remaining 1% of the world’s population. The original game was subsequently adapted to various forms of media, including manga.

So far the franchise has 9 manga series covering different characters and different parts of the story, and today we’re going to tell you how to read them in order.

Editor’s Note: This reading order was updated in November 2023, and the status of the ‘God Eater 2’ manga is still ongoing.

All ‘God Eater’ Manga Series in release date order

The first manga in the franchise was released in 2009 and since then additional works were added to the franchise over the course of 6 years. The works are the following in release date order:

  1. God Eater: Return of the Messiah (December, 2009)
  2. ‘God Eater: The Spiral Fate’ (March, 2010)
  3. ‘God Eater: The Summer Wars’ (August, 2011)
  4. God Eater -the 2nd break- (December, 2011)
  5. ‘God Eater 2’ (February, 2014)
  6. ‘God Eater 2 -Undercover-‘ (July, 2014)
  7. Chibi God Eater (July, 2014)
  8. God Eater 2: Anagura Recipe (October, 2014)
  9. ‘God Eater ~side by side~’ (April, 2015)

Are all ‘God Eater’ manga series connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

The ‘God Eater’ manga series consists of multiple adaptations and spin-offs that are interconnected, but they often focus on different characters and storylines. The main continuity is generally shared, but there are variations in the narratives depending on the specific series or adaptation. It’s like different perspectives on the same overarching world and events. If you’re new to the world, I recommend that you read all series in the release date order.

If you’re a seasoned veteran quite familiar with the chronology of the universe, it’s recommended that you read the series in chronological order.


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All ‘God Eater’ manga series in chronological order

As we’ve said before, the ‘God Eater’ chronology is not that complicated, but different published works focused on different perspectives and characters and the chronology doesn’t always reflect the release date order. Here’s what the chronology of ‘God Eater’ looks like:

  1. God Eater: The Spiral Fate
  2. God Eater: Return of the Messiah
  3. God Eater: The Summer Wars
  4. ‘God Eater -the 2nd break-‘
  5. God Eater 2 -Undercover-
  6. ‘God Eater 2’
  7. Chibi God Eater
  8. God Eater ~side by side~
  9. God Eater 2: Anagura Recipe

1. ‘God Eater: The Spiral Fate

God Eater The Spiral Fate

Volumes: 2

‘God Eater: The Spiral Fate’ takes place during the events of the main game. Six months post the Ark project, Ryo Kagami, a new type of divine machine user from the Far East branch, faces an Aragami attack upon returning from a business trip to Europe.

Despite successfully fending them off, he loses his memory in the process. As he endeavors to regain his recollections, he becomes entangled in the intrigues orchestrated by Garland Schicksaar, the new branch chief of the Far East branch. The setting essentially aligns with the main game. However keep in mind that canon status of this manga is questionable.

2. ‘God Eater: Return of the Messiah

God Eater Return of the Messiah

Volumes: 5

‘Return of the Messiah’ takes place 1 year after the events of the original game. In 2072, at the Fenrir American branch, Silva, a young man who lost everything in an experiment two years prior, plunges into the fray as a God Eater. Amidst the chaos, he finds guidance from an Aragami girl bearing a striking resemblance to Shio and is unexpectedly reunited with his presumed-to-be-deceased best friend, Decain.

3. ‘God Eater: The Summer Wars

God Eater The Summer Wars

Volumes: 1

Told from the point of view of Alisa Ilinichina Amiella taking place roughly around the same time as ‘Return of the Messiah.’ Yuu and Alisa are dispatched to Aegis Island for a protection mission. They encounter Suzaki an engineer, once involved in Aegis Island’s construction, with a laid-back demeanor and a distinctive eye tattoo.

Teaming up with Kanon, they visit Aegis Island under the guise of inspecting the underground plant but actually aim to steal a hidden cache of Oracle Resources. Their plan is uncovered by Yu and Arisa, leading to a chaotic confrontation where a pheromone diversion redirects Aragami attacks. Attempting a getaway by helicopter, Kanon thwarts their escape, resulting in both their defeat. Cornered by Yu, the engineer chooses to detonate himself and the helicopter to conceal vital information.

4. ‘God Eater -the 2nd break-‘

God Eater the 2nd break

Volumes: 3

‘God Eater -the 2nd break-‘ focuses on Alisa Amiella, Soma Schicksal, and Kota Fujiki, both before and during the events of God Eater 2. It’s one of the prequel stories to ‘God Eater 2’ video game and manga. It takes place 3 years after the events of ‘Burst’ and serves as a bridge between ‘Burst’ and ‘God Eater 2.’

5. ‘God Eater 2 -Undercover-

God Eater 2 Undercover

Volumes: 1

Takes place after ‘2ndbreak’ and some time before ‘God Eater 2’ meaning that it’s a second prequel story. The story revolves around the main characters Yu Kaminagi and Rindou Amemiya.

6. ‘God Eater 2’

God Eater 2

Volumes: 7

‘God Eater 2’ is a direct adaptation of the ‘God Eater 2’ video game. It serves as a setup for the debut of Hiro Kamui. Three years post the events in God Eater Burst, a fresh and deadly pandemic named the Black Plague, triggered by red rain, has swept through the Far East region. Special Forces Blood, an adjunct of Fenrir residing in a mobile base, is dispatched to provide assistance.


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7. ‘Chibi God Eater

Chibi God Eater

A chibi retelling of the events of ‘God Eater 2’ manga and video game. It’s not necessary to read as it’s the same story told in a different format.

God Eater ~side by side~

God Eater side by side

Volumes: 2

The story revolves around Tatsumi O’Mori, serving as the primary protagonist, and Marco Donath, the former leader of the 2nd Unit.

9. ‘God Eater 2: Anagura Recipe

God Eater 2 Anagura Recipe

Volumes: 1

A spinoff manga focusing on the food of the ‘God Eater’ universe. Doesn’t really matter in which order this manga is read as it doesn’t have much bearing on the plot.

Where to read the above-mentioned manga series?

You can purchase ‘God Eater’ manga series on eBay or Amazon, and keep in mind that not all volumes were translated into English due to a lack of interest. You won’t find the manga on the usual sites that license these types of media in the West.

Will there be more ‘God Eater’ volumes & series?

‘God Eater 2’ is still officially ongoing, although not much has been published in recent years. Still, we can’t technically call the franchise over, with the rise of popularity new chapters and volumes will be released.

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