God Eater Manga Reading Order

God Eater Manga Reading Order

Ever watched the God Eater anime series? Or did you already finish the game and want to know more about every character and explore the vast world of God Eater? Well if these are your reasons, or you just want to start with manga, this reading order will guide you to read the God Eater manga in chronological order and its release order.

God Eater is originally an action role-playing game, developed and released by Bandai Namco Games in Japan. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic setting, a world filled and devastated by atrocious Aragami (violent god) where the bright future for humanity seems impossible. The player will take control of a new type of human who is called a God Eater (human with Aragami cell) who can fight the monstrous Aragami to protect the remaining 1% of the world’s population.

God Eater manga is known to cause confusion on where to start reading, so we decided to make you a guide to lessen your confusion on what to read first. It will also contain overviews of each manga, as well as their year of release. In that way, you can get started by reading the manga that first got released, then stitching up the stories altogether once you read all of them. So, let’s get started!

God Eater Manga Reading Order At A Glance

Many people are confused since there are the different mediums used to tell the story of God Eater, there’s an anime series, a light novel, a story in the game, and manga but the main focus of this article is all about the reading order of God Eater manga. God Eater manga has a different story than anime since the story in anime series is inclined to the game. 

However, the manga it’s different, it focuses on the point of view of all the characters in God Eater’s story including the canonical and non-canonical characters. Let’s see the manga stories about God Eater and check the reading order so if you decide to read it, you can easily understand the complex story and timeline of the GE.

Here is the Release Order of the entire God Eater Manga, and their year of release:

  • God Eater: The Return of the Messiah (2009)
  • God Eater: The Spiral Fate (2010)
  • God Eater: The Summer Wars (August 2011)
  • God Eater: -the 2 nd break- (December 2011)
  • God Eater 2- (February 2014)
  • God Eater 2: Undercover (July 2014)
  • God Eater: -side by side- (2015)
  • Chronological Order of the God Eater Manga
  • God Eater: -side by side- A.D. 2068
  • God Eater: The Spiral Fate A.D. 2071
  • God Eater: The Summer Wars
  • God Eater: The Return of the Messiah A.D 2072
  • God Eater: -the 2 nd break-
  • God Eater 2: Undercover
  • God Eater 2 A.D 2074

God Eater Manga Reading Order

God Eater Manga Reading Order

Now that you know what is the exact order of the manga, below are the different manga installments of the God Eater series, as well as a bit of overview of each:

God Eater: The Return of the Messiah

This manga was by Eiji Karasuyama. It is published by Shounen Rival. The story takes place in Fenrir America Branch, 1 year after the events of God Eater Burst. The story takes place in 2072 focusing on the finest God Eater group in the Fenrir America Branch, known as Unit 1, who were led by their captain Edger K. Rogers and its members Silva Orcride, Mizuki, and Jake. The manga revolves around how Unit 1 does their job as expected of their abilities and giving light to the remaining 1% of the human population by protecting it and beating Aragamis.

God Eater: The Spiral Fate

It is a manga that offers an alternate reality to the main continuity of the God Eater series since the protagonist is Ryo Kagami(a non-canonical character), not Yuu Kannagi. The story takes place in 2071 and the earth is filled with Aramis. The story began with Ryo Kagami, the leader of the first unit in the Far East Branch of Fanrir travels from Finland to return to what was formerly called japan. An unexpected thing happened because Ryo lost his memories after he fought Aragami.

That incident gives Unit 1 a difficult challenge: Unit 1 is actually a leaderless group and their situation also becomes worst when they are removed as a main and become a backup unit because a new type of God Eater Team Assasor takes their place.

God Eater: The Summer Wars

God Eater Summer Wars is a manga drawn by Okiura. It is published by Fujimi Shobo. Compared to the other God Eater Manga this story has a romance in its genre. It’s not a romance since there’s a ton of fighting in this series too but this story tells a lot of things about how Alisa Ilinichina Amiella develops a feeling similar to respect for the 1st Unit leader, Yuu Kannagi. After many things that happened within their life as a God Eater in the Far East Branch. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella and Yuu Kannagi were sent to Aegis Island to have a protection mission.

God Eater: -The 2nd Break-

This story was illustrated by Ikumi Katagiri, published by Dengeki Maoh. This is the prequel to the God Eater 2 in the manga. In the year 2074 after the events in the God Eater Burst (the game) Alisa Ilinichina Amiella and Soma Schicksal are given a mission to check if there are new residential areas around the vicinity of the Far East Fenrir. The story focuses on the three characters Alisa, Soma, and Kota Fujiki story. It takes place before and during the story of God Eater 2.

God Eater: 2

This is an ongoing manga by Katagiri Ikumi and is a direct adaptation of the videogame, God Eater 2. It was released on February 27 2014 in Dengeki NEXT magazine and was serialized by ASCII Media Works. The manga expands more of the original game’s mythology and sets the debut of Hiro Kamui. 

The story revolves around the formation of the Blood Unit and its newly selected recruits Hiro Kamui, Ciel Alencon, Gilbert McLane, Nana Kazuki, and Romeo Leoni try to form a formidable team by a bunch of recruits to halt the Black Plague from spreading. But of course, it is not easy to do that since they have different beliefs and characteristics, especially Gilbert McLane needs to adjust to a new environment since he is from the other branch of Fenrir. 

Three years after the event in God Eater Burst, a new fatal pandemic called the Black Plague caused by red rain has struck the Far East area where the Friar (the transportation and also a mobile base where the Blood Unit is aboard) is heading to research the God Arc Soldier program made by the Friar research team.

God Eater 2: Undercover

It is an upcoming God Eater 2 manga serialized in the God Eater Magazine that takes place sometime after God Eater -the 2nd break-. The story is set after certain people return from a mission in Europe (sometime before God Eater 2). 

This character that is involved in this story is Yuu Kannagi a former 1 st unit leader of the Far East Branch but now a member of the Cradle (an independent squad that explores the world and investigates the whereabouts of Aragamis and finds the remaining inhabitable areas for Satellite homes. 

The other characters who are involved in this story are Lindow, Anamiya, Tsubaki, Anamiya, Lydia Pazaroba, Kota Fujiki, Sakuya Tachibana, and Dr. Paylor Sakaki

God Eater: Side by Side 

It is a manga that was first launched at Japan’s Dengeki Maoh magazine on April 27th,

2015. The story focuses on Tatsumi O’Mori as the main protagonist and the former 2nd

Unit leader, Marco Donath. The other character that was involved in this story is Brendan Bardell, Shun Ogawa, Karel Schneider, and Gina Dickinson. This story was displayed from Tatsumi Oomori’s perspective.

A little trivia, The God Eater: Side by Side, along with the God Eater: The Return of the Messiah is the only manga adaptation that does not feature Alisa Ilinichina Amiella.

God Eater Manga

Is the Manga Finished?

Most of the God Eater manga is not finished yet except the God Eater: The Summer Wars. All of them are not even close to the finale yet as they seem only in the half of the story. In the current volume of every God Eater manga, it seems that the main characters are already introduced and the predicament that they are in was displayed in the manga.

However, the other character’s history in God Eater: The Return of the Messiah and God Eater 2 is not shown yet. For example, we don’t have the idea of Silva Orcride’s origin and even where Hiro Kamui’s came from. 

We only know a few details about other characters yet, so for me, it seems that the God Eater Manga is not even in the middle of the story yet but as I notice the beginning to let their readers know the character well by slowly introducing their backstories.

Although the God Eater Manga is not yet finished I believe we would expect the incoming chapters of their manga series are becoming more and more intense as the story progresses.

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