Godfather of Harlem: Who Is Teddy Greene? Meet Kevin Harrison Jr.’s Character

Forest Whitaker Kelvin Harrison and Lucy Fry Collage

“Romeo and Juliet isn’t a romance. It’s just two dumb kids who end up dead,” Bumpy Johnson told Teddy (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) when her mother requested Bumpy’s help in talking sense into him. Teddy and Stella Gigante (Lucy Fry) made one of the best couples in Godfather of Harlem. Harlem wasn’t ready to break racial barriers, though, so Teddy became the victim of the hate. Teddy still became a fan-favorite character, although many fans don’t know much about Kelvin Harrison, who plays Teddy in the hit show.

Teddy Greene was an upcoming black musician in Harlem who fell in love with Stella Gigante, the daughter of the Genovese Crime Family mafia boss Chin Gigante. Chin was overprotective of his daughter and didn’t like her relationship with the black man, which is why he ordered his capos to kill him. Teddy Greene is portrayed by the American actor Kelvin Harrison Jr, popular for playing the role of Zyrick in the 2018 film Monsters and Men.

Teddy’s untimely death was one of the hardest to watch in Godfather of Harlem because the idea of the young couple bridging racial differences and falling in love was interesting for most fans. Stella never recovered from his death, proving how special he was to her. Kelvin Harrison, the man portraying Teddy, is just as talented as Stella’s boyfriend, so let’s look at how the character became so important to Harlemites.

Who is Teddy Greene in Godfather of Harlem?

Teddy and Stella 1

Tedy Greene is just a young aspiring musician whose skills with the guitar and singing talent attract the attention of Stella Gigante, leading to their doomed relationship.

Teddy was Miss Greene’s eldest son, and while his mother was supportive of his career, she never approved of his relationship with Stella because she knew that interracial relationships in Harlem were doomed to fail.

Teddy’s mother requested Mayme to talk to Bumpy so that he would talk to Teddy. Bumpy told Teddy that his relationship with Stella was doomed and that he would end up dead, just like Romeo and Juliet.

Stella and Teddy were adamant, and Stella even stole one brick of her father’s heroin to try and sponsor Teddy’s career. Teddy finally got the invitation to perform in a live concert and made a breakthrough in his career.

Stella and Teddy planned to run away to Paris once Teddy’s career picked up because Chin Gigante would never allow Stella to marry a black man, and Stella knew that he would kill Teddy.


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Chin Gigante had already tasked his Capo Ernie, who was also in love with Stella, to kill Teddy, but Ernie knew Stella would never love him, so he went to warn Teddy about Chin’s plans instead.

However, Ernie’s fellow Capo, who wanted to please Chin, had already gone ahead of Ernie, reaching Teddy before Ernie could warn him and killing him just after he finished performing.

While most f the main characters in Godfather of Harlem are based on popular 1960s figures in Harlem, Teddy isn’t based on any real-life person. Despite being a fictional character, his story resonates with that of many other ambitious young black men in Harlem in that period.

Kelvin Harrison Jr., who plays Teddy, is a talented American actor from New Orleans. He has played many big roles in Movies since 2018, including Christian in Cyrano and Luce Edgar in the 2019 movie Luce.

Who is Stella Gigante in Godfather of Harlem?

Stella and Ernie in Godfather of Harlem 1

Stella Gigante is the only daughter of the mafia boss Chin Gigante, who is overprotective of her and wants to control every aspect of her life, including relationships.

Stella knew that her father would kill her boyfriend, Teddy, because he was black. She tried to save him by stealing heroin from her father to fund their escape to Paris.

When her father’s Capos killed Teddy, Stella swore revenge on her father, but she ended up falling in love with Ernie, who tried to warn Teddy about the hit placed on him by her father.

Stella and Ernie finally killed the man that had killed Teddy, but Chin Gigante killed Ernie. Stella turned against her father after Ernie’s death and snitched him to the FBI, leading to his arrest.


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Chin’s wife, Olympia, conspired with one of the crime bosses and plotted to kill Stella, but she killed the assassin and escaped, ending up in Joe Colombo’s protection.

The third season of Godfather of Harlem ends with Stella falling in love with Joe Colombo, who has fallen out with Chin Gigante because Chin thinks he is trying to take over Harlem.

Joe Colombo respects Stella and even gives her the role of an assistant in his business empire. Stella isn’t ready to lose another man that she loves to her father’s madness anymore, which is why she comes up with a plan to save Joe.

Stella Gigante is played by the famous actress Lucy Fry, popular for her performance as Zoey in Alien Surf Girls. She is one of the main members of the cast, and her performance has received lots of positive reviews from fans.

Teddy’s death was largely used as a stepping stone to the story of Stella Gigante and the Genovese crime family.

Teddy and Stella Gigante’s relationship explained

Teddy Greene and Stella Gigante in Godfather of Harlem

Teddy and Stella were destined to be Harlem’s Romeo and Juliet, and Teddy ended up being the martyr in their story because Harlem wasn’t ready for a relationship between a privileged white girl and a poor black boy.

They broke the barriers of race and Class that divide Harlem and fell in love beyond the expectations of both sides of the divide.

Stella knew that her father would kill Teddy, and her attempt to escape to Paris was destined to fail because Chin would track Teddy all over the world if he ever got married to Stella.


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Their love relationship was the show’s best attempt to bridge the racial gaps in Harlem. There is no historical evidence of Chin Gigante’s daughter being in a relationship with a black man, though, so it wasn’t necessarily based on a true story.

However, Interracial relationships were not unheard of in Harlem in the 60s, and Stella and Teddy’s relationship only exposes the unnecessary suffering that racial discrimination forced on such couples.

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