Godzilla vs. Kong 2: Dan Stevens Joins The Cast, Adam Wingard Returns To Direct

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The visually stunning monster crossover movie Godzilla vs. Kong was released in March 2021, simultaneously in theaters and on HBOMax. Still, the scale of visual effects and action sequences managed to bring people to theaters despite the pandemic, and the movie grossed $468.2 million worldwide, which was enough for WB and Legendary Pictures to greenlight a sequel.

Deadline has learned now that Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs. Kong, will return to direct a sequel, and Dan Stevens is the first cast member officially announced to join the film. Wingard and Stevens previously worked together on the 2014 thriller The Guest. Stevens is also best known for the role of the Beast in 2017’s Disney live-action remake Beauty and the Beast.


Godzilla vs. Kong: The Sequel Is In Active Development, It’s Known When The Production Starts

MonsterVerse started in 2014 with the Godzilla reboot directed by Gareth Edwards. The second movie was Kong: Skull Island in 2017. Godzilla got her own sequel in 2019 — Godzilla: King of the Monsters, before the crossover Godzilla Vs. Kong was released in 2021. Some fans expected that the franchise will conclude with the crossover, and it might, but definitely not before that same crossover gets at least one sequel. The whole MonsterVerse grossed $1.950 billion worldwide combined.

Unlike MCU, the MonsterVerse franchise isn’t used to keep the same actors for multiple movies, because this franchise isn’t really centered on human characters. Dan Stevens will join the franchise with the Godzilla Vs. Kong sequel, and it’s not known if some actors from the previous movie will return. But after all, it doesn’t matter who are the human characters in these movies, just give us the giant monkey and giant lizard, that’s all you need.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2 is set to begin production this summer in Australia. The release date is still TBA.

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