Godzilla vs. Kong: The Sequel Is In Active Development, It’s Known When The Production Starts

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Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures decided that Godzilla vs Kong apparently won’t be the conclusion of the MonsterVerse.

The shared universe focused on the creatures that make humans small like mice in comparison started with 2014’s reboot Godzilla, and the sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was released in 2019. In the meantime, the Kong reboot, Kong: Skull Island, was released in 2017. The franchise had its Endgame in Godzilla vs Kong, which was released in March 2021, and it was one of the first movies of the pandemic era that managed to achieve box office success with $468.2 million grossed worldwide. For comparison, grossed Godzilla: King of the Monsters only $386 million worldwide, and it was released one year prior to the pandemic. The whole franchise grossed $19 billion worldwide in total.

Although the MonsterVerse culminated with Godzilla vs. Kong last year, it seems Legendary Pictures still isn’t ready to conclude the franchise. Variety recently reported that the sequel that will feature giant lizard and giant monkey again will start production later this year in Australia. The movie has no release date, but one this that’s for sure, we can certainly expect another CGI fest that’s worth watching in a theater at least for its visual design.


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Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla vs Kong was released in March 2021 in theaters and on HBOMax simultaneously. It starred Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri, Eiza González, Julian Dennison, Lance Reddick, Kyle Chandler, and Demián Bichir. The movie received generally positive reviews from critics and the audience. Visual effects and action sequences were widely praised, but human characters were criticized because of their irrelevance, just like in previous MonsterVerse movies. But let’s be honest, who watches these movies because of human characters?

“The highly skilled crews, first-rate facilities, and unique locations make filming in Australia a great experience. The support from both the federal government as well as Queensland has always been critical to our success in achieving a high level of filmmaking and an unparalleled audience experience.” — Eric McLeod, producer

The sequel to Godzilla vs Kong still has no official release date.

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