‘Goodnight Mommy’ Ending Explained: What Happens at the End of the 2022 Remake?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Goodbye Mommy, the newest Amazon Prime remake made by Hollywood of a movie that didn’t need a remake. The film is based on the original movie, released in 2014. That film became a success, and it gave its directors a career making horror films. However, it seems that American audiences and studios do have a terrible fear of subtitles. This remake doesn’t really justify its existence, and it feels dated, as there aren’t many of this type nowadays. This is the type of film Hollywood shouldn’t be making any more.

Goodbye Mommy tells the story of two brothers, and twins, as they face their mother coming back home. What is the issue? Well, their mother, an actress, has been away for a while. She had some plastic surgery on her face, and she has come back looking like a mummy. Her entire face is covered with bandages. She looks quite scary. The brothers don’t know how to face their mother; she behaves more like a monster than a human, and as secrets start revealing themselves, the twins.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Goodbye Mommy. Read at your own risk.

Is The Mother A Monster In Goodbye Moment?

The movie begins with the introduction of Lukas and Elias, identical twins. They are traveling with their father to their mother’s house in the forest. It is clear that the boys are having a hard time with both parents being separated. As is usual when parents get divorced and the kids get trapped in the middle. For Lukas and Elias, things are not going so well. Their father tells them that they should behave as their mother has been recently undergone surgery, and is still recovering.

When the two brothers arrive at the house, it is revealed that their mother’s face is completely covered in bandages. This doesn’t seem as weird when it is explained that their mother is a prominent Hollywood actress, so she has some touch-ups here and there to keep her looks. The brothers find their mother’s look quite frightening, and it seems like things go beyond just looks. The brothers begin to notice that their mother is behaving differently from what they remember.

trailer de goodnight mommy naomi watts interpreta a una terrorifica madre en un remake de terror

The mother creates very strict rules for the brothers. They are not allowed to play outside or make any noise of anything. Their mother certainly isn’t behaving like a loving mother. All the contrary, in fact. The twins start to notice other changes in their mother. She forgets the lyrics to a very important song that she used to sing with them. She has different eye color, and she also seems to be too strict and hateful towards them. Whatever is happening, Elias and Lukas conclude that their mother has been kidnapped and exchanged with this creature.

The twins also find a blood trail that goes to the barn, and they are sure that the blood belongs to their real mother. They try to escape the house, but the police catch them, and they return home. When her mother goes to pick them up from the police, her face is free of bandages. She still behaves very weirdly, but she looks way more normal now. The brothers get inside the barn to see where the blood is coming from, and there they find out the truth about everything. Their mother is not a monster, but Elias might be.

What Happens At The End Of The 2022 Remake?

Like in the original film, the big twist in the movie deals with trauma, disassociated personality disorder, and hallucinations. Elias did something bad, something so, so bad that his mind is playing tricks with him. Her mother explains that the blood of the bard doesn’t belong to her, but to her brother Lukas. You see while playing with their father’s gun in the barn, Elias ended up shooting Lukas by accident, killing him in the process. Lukas is dead, and the kid we see going around with Elias isn’t really there. It is only a fabrication of Elias’ mind.

The movie goes out of its way to give us flashbacks so that we can understand what happened during the movie. It is here that it becomes clear that Lukas never existed. Her mother only talks and looks at Elias, she only touches Elias, and Lukas is always in the background watching. The ghost never actually interacts with anything because he isn’t there.

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The movie explains that the mother’s behavior can be explained because, after Elias killed his brother, the mother has never been able to look at Elias the same way. Being identical twins means that every time the mother sees Elias, she is also looking at Lukas. It seems that the mother cannot forgive Elias for his mistake, and Elias has created a version of her mother that is truly a monster that cannot love him.

At the end of the movie, Elias pushes her mother from the top of the barn as it catches fire. Elias escapes the fire and leaves her mother inside to burn alive. However, as he escapes, Elias sees her mother and brother once again, smiling at him. It seems like in order to cover up the trauma of having killed his mother, as well as his brother, Elias’ mind, has created versions of these people that can accompany Elias on his guilty trip.

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