Grand Priest Goku: How Did He Become One and How Strong Is He?

Grand Minister Goku: How Did He Become One and How Strong Is He?

Throughout the years, Son Goku, the protagonist of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga, has gone through a lot of changes. Some of these changes were proper transformations, while some others were less formal. One of latter transformations is going to be the topic of this article, as we are going to discuss Goku’s Grand Priest form as it appeared in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. You will find out how Goku became the Grand Priest (or, officially, Grand Minister) and just how powerful he was in that form.

Son Goku did not become a Grand Priest just yet, and it is not certain that he will ever become one, although he’ll probably reach that level of power at some point. He was wearing a Grand Priest attire because he had trained with the Grand Priest himself, but he himself did not become one. The training helped him defeat Oren and Kamin.

In the rest of this article, we are going to focus on Goku seemingly becoming the Grand Minister. As we have revealed, he did not actually become one, but he did train with him and we are going to explain all the circumstances surrounding these events, as well as the role of the Grand Priest in the fictional universe of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga and anime.

Is Goku a Grand Priest?

In case you’ve been following the recent episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes, you’ve probably seen Goku appear wearing the attire of the Grand Minister (or Grand Priest). This, of course, has prompted fans to wonder whether Goku has, indeed, become a Grand Minister (or the next Grand Minister, depending on whether there can be more than one) in the most recent iteration of Akira Toriyama’s famous work.

Well, if you were hopeful, we have to disappoint you by stating that Goku has not actually become a Grand Minister and we have our doubts that he will ever take up that mantle. This does not mean that he will not reach that level of power – he probably will, but we’re not certain that he will, as the series’ protagonist, actually take up the mantle. This is a bit of ironic since he has, in fact, taken up the mantle, but in a literal way, so the idiom’s metaphorical meaning has been a bit lost here.

So, no, Goku is not a Grand Minister but, of course, there is more to that story and we shall analyze it in the paragraphs that follow.

How did Goku get a Grand Priest’s attire?

The events that led to Goku obtaining the Grand Minister’s attire happen during the Universal Conflict Saga. There, Zamasu has appeared again, for mysterious reasons, along with a group of henchmen, saving Cumber from death and being accompanied by a duo of dangerous and mysterious Tsufruian twin brothers, known as Kamin and Oran, who possess a power greater than that of the assassin.

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Hit, who are attacking Universe 6 together with Hearts and a mysterious girl. The objective of this organization of idealists, known as the League for the Eradication of the Kings of All, is to destroy and end the absolute reign of the Kings of All in the multiverse, so this armed war is rapidly expanding throughout the multiverse. all existing universes.

Vegeta and Trunks come to the aid of Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, and Hit without Son Goku, who has been left behind in Universe 7’s collapsing Planetary Prison and is found presumably killed in action. But, Goku did not, in fact, die. Goku was actually saved by the Grand Minister, who brought Goku to Zeno’s planet and gave him new attire that resembled his own, which actually caused all the confusion. The Grand Minister then takes him to Universe 11, where both his allies and his enemies are surprised to see him.

In what episode does Goku get the Grand Minister’s attire?

The events we have described happen in Episode 8 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime series. The episode’s title was “The Ultimate, Worst Warrior Invades! Universe 6 Demolished!”, and it premiered on February 24, 2019 as part of the Universal Conflict Saga, i.e., it’s second episode. Goku, of course, continues to wear the outfit over the course of future episodes, but this was the first one.

How strong is “Grand Priest Goku”?

In the anime, without saying a word, he switches to his Ultra Instinct Sign state and knocks Oren, who is in possession of Vegeta’s body, off Future Trunks to save him. As Zamasu and Hearts make a comment about Goku’s divine power, an excited Oren tries to attack Goku, but he is easily overwhelmed and cannot land a single attack.

With a single punch, Goku manages to separate Oren from Vegeta and then blows away an incoming fireplace. He then stares up at Hearts, ready to face him next. Goku floats up to Hearts and confirms that he is the one he was told about when Kamin and Oren attack him together. Goku easily overpowers them with his strength and reflexes and knocks them down again.

After Kamin and Oren fuse into Kamioren, Goku briefly fights the fused warrior until Hearts summons Rags, who appears in a large pointed glass shard that Hearts sends at Goku. Goku uses all his strength to destroy the shard, returning to his normal state. Rags then attacks Goku with the broken shards, injuring him so badly that he falls to the ground.

Trunks saves him just in time before he is hit by a vital attack, but then manages to jump into the fight and save Trunks, although he takes more damage in the process. When Hearts sends Rags to Universe 3, Hearts vows to trigger Goku’s true Ultra Instinct power.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and lunges at Hearts, but is immediately taken down by Hearts’ Gravity Burst technique. At that moment, Shin teleports into the area and he and Goku teleport themselves, Trunks and Vegeta away. They arrive in Universe 7, where Piccolo and Android 17 join them to fight the emerging Core Area Warriors.

Who is the Grand Minister in Dragon Ball?

The Grand Minister is a character introduced in Dragon Ball Super; he is a guiding angel who receives visitors in the palace of the King of Everything and guides the guests to him. He is the father of the guiding angels of all universes, Kus being his eldest daughter.

He is a very respectable and fearsome being, since when he went to the Sacred Planet to announce the beginning of the tournament of the King of Everything, immediately all the Kaioshin panicked and prostrated themselves in his presence, even Beerus, being a God of Destruction fearfully knelt before him. He is an individual whose personality remains enigmatic at all times.

He is a person who expresses himself in a very formal and respectful way before everyone and shows a certain loyalty before the King of Everything, being somewhat indifferent to the actions he performs, positioning himself in a neutral way regarding his decisions, so much so that he does not show no kind of negative reaction to the announcement that a universe will be destroyed.

However, despite his mostly nonchalant attitude, he has shown happiness in seeing Android 17 make a wish to restore and bring back deleted universes from existence, showing that he likes people who are unselfish and care about others. He also exhibits great vigilance and care for his children, as is the case with Merus, since he was concerned at the idea that the latter was in danger of being annihilated for trying to break the Law of the Angels, admitting that, although be a problem child, you don’t want to lose a guide angel.

Such level of care was demonstrated when, even after Merus had violated Angelic Law and was eradicated from existence, he chose to restore him as a mortal with a limited life expectancy, allowing him to remain a member of the Galactic Patrol. He tolerates Son Goku’s behavior before the gods to a certain extent, having to scold him at the time he makes a racket in the Exhibition of Everything Match by yelling at Champa, a God of Destruction.

Despite his mostly carefree attitude, he continues to take his duties seriously, which he showed when he eradicated Merus and imposed punishment on Whis, Beerus, and Shin for the troubles that led to Merus breaking his charter. In the first instance. In the anime, Whis recognizes him as one of the five most powerful entities in all the universes and that not even he could fight him.

Instead, in the manga Whis reveals that the High Priest is the most powerful person in all the universes, being even more powerful than the King of Everything himself, in addition to implying and indicating that absolutely no one is at his level. His power and authority are so high that both the Kaioshin and the Gods of Destruction immediately kneel before him in respect. He also made Beerus cower with a single stern look.

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