GTA IV: Here’s What Smart Shoes Are & How To Get Them

GTA IV Heres What Smart Shoes Are How to Get Them

While Grand Theft Auto primarily focuses on cars, heists, and races, players also have to take special note of their clothing in some cases. Being dressed in classy attire can get players pretty far in GTA 4, and many players are still curious to know what Smart Shoes are and how to get them in-game.

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  • GTA 4 players can purchase a suit (with a built-in tie) and smart shoes (black loafers or formal wingtip shoes) from any Perseus store in Liberty City, costing around $1,500 in total.
  • Players will gain the “Smart, Classy look” on their stats for wearing such clothing, and Niko Bellic must be wearing a suit and smart shoes without any glasses or headgear to access Jimmy Pegorino’s missions.

What Are Smart Shoes in GTA 4?

Clothing and accessories are definitely seen as added extras in GTA titles, but they often afford additional perks or bonuses in the process. For example, with more recent GTA content, such as in GTA Online, players can gain more reputation points by wearing a racing suit while being “AFK” at the Los Santos Car Meet.

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However, in GTA 4, clothing plays a larger role in the storyline itself, as players are occasionally required to wear “a suit and smart shoes”. Smart shoes are nothing special, although they can certainly be costly to acquire for many players.

They are similar to loafers or smart shoes in the real world and can be obtained alongside a suit of the player’s choice for the completed look. Wearing appropriate clothing greatly influences how the player is perceived in GTA 4.

Various characters throughout the streets of Liberty City will respond differently based on what players are wearing. In some cases, characters like pedestrians will not even acknowledge or respond to the player unless they are dressed well.

Why Are Smart Shoes Necessary in GTA 4?

Players can spend in-game money on purchasing clothing items that will gain more respect and attention from others. Wearing a suit and smart shoes around the area will grant the “Smart, Classy look” on the player’s stats, which can be great for many scenarios – but owning a suit and smart shoes will also be necessary for completing some GTA 4 missions.

smart shoes grand theft auto

Players who do not own “a suit and smart shoes” will not be able to complete these missions, primarily missions done for Jimmy Pegorino, with the logic being that players need to look good to get close to certain targets. Fortunately, players only have to make the purchase once – after which they should be able to wear the same suit and smart shoes to access similar missions in the future.

How to get Smart Shoes in GTA 4

GTA 4 players can purchase a suit and smart shoes from any Perseus store in Liberty City. Numerous clothing stores are located around the city in-game, but Perseus is the home of all smart, classy, and formal clothing items in GTA 4.


Other clothing stores offer more everyday wear, which will not cut. All of the clothing items within the set must be purchased from a Perseus store for it to be recognized for the relevant missions, and purchasing similar pieces from other stores will not have the desired effect.

A popular Perseus store is located in Middle Park East, at the corner of Pyrite Avenue and Bismarck Avenue, while the other can be found at the corner of Amethyst Street and Amsterdam Lane in the Exchange neighborhood. There is a Perseus location very close to the location of the Final Interview mission, as indicated by the clothing icon near the player’s location in the map below.

perseus location

What’s important to note here is that players should purchase a suit with a built-in tie, as many players have reported that other suits do not count. The “smart shoes” are simply formal shoes, and players can purchase a variation of these shoes, such as the “black loafers” or any “wingtip” pair of smart shoes.

Follow the steps below to get a classic, formal suit and accompanying smart shoes for Niko Bellic in GTA 4.

  1. Head to one of the Perseus stores situated in Liberty City.
  2. Enter the Perseus store.
  3. Talk to the clerk inside Perseus to access the clothing items available.
  4. Purchase a complete suit of clothes, including smart shoes.
  5. Players can use any owned safehouse in-game to put on the purchased Perseus outfit at later stages.

Obtaining the entire outfit (the suit and the accompanying smart shoes) should cost players around $1,500 in total, with the suit costing around $1,000. While unnecessary violence can be tempting for many GTA fans (a factor influencing the Mental State feature in GTA Online), players should avoid attacking the clerk on duty during the process, as this will prevent the player from being able to purchase any clothing.

Players who want to head straight into Jimmy Pegorino’s missions (indicated by the gray “J” icon on the map) will need to ensure they are not wearing additional accessories, such as sunglasses, masks, or hats. Wearing a head slot accessory will not meet the requirements of wearing only “a suit and tie,” and players will be blocked from the missions in these cases.

That’s everything there is to know about Smart Shoes in GTA 4. While many players have struggled to find Smart Shoes and use them, there are multiple locations where players can obtain them – with the right approaches. Players can use these shoes to complete all of Jimmy Pegorino’s missions and other challenges in-game.

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