GTA Online: Here’s Why You Can’t Choose Bunker Research Order

Choose Bunker Research Order

Grand Theft Auto includes a wide range of fun activities and pastimes for players, especially when it comes to owning properties in GTA Online. Players who own bunkers in GTA Online can participate in unique research projects that offer numerous benefits, but many players are still curious to find out if there is a way to choose the bunker research order.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Although there is no official way to choose the Bunker Research order, some players have found alternative methods – such as hopping between GTA 5 Story Mode and GTA Online, restarting the game, and even unplugging ethernet cables.
  • Each of the 51 Bunker Research projects appears at random, and players can speed up the process by assigning staff to only research and by using the Fast Track feature where needed.

Bunker Research in GTA Online

Much like how investing in properties to start a business can be incredibly lucrative, bunkers can afford various benefits to players in GTA Online. But, one of the major selling points is that players can conduct special research projects after they purchase their own bunker.

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Bunker research is a procedure in which staff can be assigned to research specific projects in GTA Online. Players can conduct research when supplies are gained through Disruption Logistics (a Dark Net network server featured as part of the Gunrunning update). Each research project will take time and resources and reward players with different in-game bonuses.

Once bunker research projects are complete (which specialize in aspects such as armor and weaponry), players will be able to unlock the researched modifications and apply them in their playthrough. The unlocked research modifications can be applied to Weaponized Vehicles or added to the MKII weapon conversions.

Can Players Choose the Bunker Research Order?

There is a total of 51 different bunker research projects that players can complete using their staff, and only one bunker research project can be done at a time. Considering there are so many different research projects to get through, quite a few players have become curious to find out if it’s possible to select the order in which they are completed.

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While this is theoretically possible, there is no official way to choose or customize the order of bunker research projects. All of the bunker research projects will become available at random, and the research unlocks will also be picked at random.

Still, some players have claimed that they have successfully chosen the bunker research order. Below are the methods that some fans have used to choose the bunker research order in GTA Online.

Method 1

  1. Open up Disruption Logistics.
  2. Go to the Research tab.
  3. Click on Fast Track (do not click on Confirm yet).
  4. Unplug your ethernet cable.
  5. Immediately click “Confirm”, and see what the next research project will be.
  6. If it’s a good project, plug the ethernet cable back in.
  7. If it’s not a good project, force quit the game and then plug the cable back in. Launch the game back up and repeat the process.

Method 2

  1. Watch the current research until it’s nearly completed.
  2. Quit and head to GTA 5 Story Mode to save the game.
  3. Go back online, ensuring that the spawn location is the bunker.
  4. If it worked, players should now have 7 minutes before it finishes and starts a new one. On the side, set a timer for 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
  5. When the timer goes off, watch and wait for the bunker research project to roll over to the next one. If it’s not a good project, simply force quit the game and restart. Repeat as needed.

Method 3

  1. Go to the computer.
  2. Click on the Fast Track Research button.
  3. Restart the game. Once it is started, a research tab should appear on the bottom right side of the screen.
  4. Players have to head to the computer and open the computer options. Go to the Research tab on the left of the screen, click on the Fast Track Research button, and confirm it.
  5. Restart the game, and repeat until the desired bunker research project appears.

With all that being said, these approaches may not work for every GTA Online player. Players have stated that choosing the bunker research order is not possible on PC, and it’s always possible for these methods to become obsolete via Rockstar Games’ numerous updates and patches.

How Long Does it Take for Bunker Research to Complete?

Completing each of the bunker research projects will take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours in GTA Online – while consuming the player’s resources to complete the research. The amount of time will depend on the specific research project and whether the player uses time-saving tactics, but it can take well over 200 hours to complete all projects.

How to Do Bunker Research Faster in GTA Online

Many players enjoy the benefits these research projects provide, but getting through all of them will take a ton of time and effort – not to mention in-game money. There are two main ways to speed up bunker research progress in GTA Online.

1. Assign Staff to Research Only

One of the primary ways to speed up bunker research progress is to customize how the bunker staff’s time is spent. Players typically assign staff to both stock/ manufacturing and research, resulting in each bunker research project taking the default amount of time.

However, choosing to assign staff to bunker research projects only via the “Manage Staff” tab can be an amazing way to speed up the entire process. This is due to the fact that it will automatically cut the expected time span in half on average.

2. Use Fast Track for Bunker Research

Many players love using the Fast Track feature to instantly complete their various bunker research projects. However, this will definitely amount to a ton of in-game money.

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Players will be able to spend less money using the Fast Track feature if they are closer to completing the research project in question, as seen below.

Bunker Research
Project Progress
Fast Track Cost
0% – 20%$225,000
21% – 40%$180,000
41% – 60%$135,000
61% – 80%$90,000
Over 80%$45,000

Doing the math, players will need to spend as much as $11,475,000 in order to complete all 51 bunker research projects almost instantly each time – which is definitely not worth the price. The majority of GTA Online players only recommend using the Fast Track feature when necessary and only once the research project has reached 61%, as this costs $90,000 per use and will cut down the expected waiting time by almost half.

That’s everything there is to know about the order of bunker research in GTA Online, as well as how to speed up the process with images and stats, thanks to the GTA Wiki. While many fans have found that skipping through so many unwanted bunker research projects can be annoying, there may be a couple of ways for players to “choose” the bunker research order – or, at least, complete more projects in the same amount of time.

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