GTA V: Here Is How To Start Your Own Business

Here Is How to Start Your Own Business in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is well-known for its realistic elements, including a relatively accurate depiction of the entire city as well as features for players. However, making money in GTA V is always important for the overall gameplay experience, and many fans are curious to find out how to start their own business in GTA V as a result.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players can start a business in GTA V by purchasing an Executive Office from Dynasty 8 Executive using the character’s phone, with Maze Bank West being the most affordable option.
  • From there, players can customize their office and purchase a Warehouse for a Special Cargo Business using the Computer on their office desk, and start special cargo missions to begin growing the business.

Businesses in GTA V

Making money is one of the main obstacles that GTA V presents, as players need tons of cash in order to advance in the game. GTA V fans have many expenses awaiting them as they progress in the game, whether it be through investing in properties, buying GTA V garages, purchasing GTA V bunkers, or even investing in Tracking and Insurance features in order to save stolen cars in GTA Online.

gta offices

Starting a business is one of the best ways to obtain money in GTA V over time. There are various types of businesses in GTA V – players can start Passive businesses or Active businesses in GTA V, all of which earn money differently.

Best Businesses in GTA V

Some businesses in GTA V are far more profitable over time, topped off with various benefits for their owners. Below are some of the best businesses to start in GTA V, along with an overview of the expected investment for each business and its respective profit potential.

GTA V Business (Passive)Initial Investment/ LossAverage Profit (Hourly)
MC Businesses$650,000 – $1,300,000$16,000 – $74,000
Bunker$598,500 – $1,155,000$40,000 – $79,000
Warehouse Management
$100,000+$4,000 – $10,000
(per industry)

The best Active businesses include Warehouses, Crate Warehouses, Vehicle Warehouses, Hangar, and Auto Shops. Profits depend on a variety of factors when it comes to Active businesses in GTA V. However, all of the mentioned businesses can lead to profits in the millions within a relatively short time frame in-game.

How to Start a Business in GTA V

While there are many business types for players to get into, the process for starting a business in GTA V is quite straightforward. However, brand-new players will need to play through the game for some time after starting GTA V Story Mode or after creating their character in GTA Online.

Players will need to play the game up until they gain access to the in-game stock market in GTA Online, after which they’ll need to use in-game money (or real-world money in GTA Online) in order to start a business. From there, simply follow the steps below to start a business in GTA V.

1. Purchase an Executive Office

Offices in GTA do come with additional costs in the form of combined daily fees for maintaining the space as well as salaries for staff, but they provide players with the opportunity to create their very own business. Players can choose from a handful of Executive Offices in-game, all of which come at different costs and afford numerous advantages based on the location.

Maze Bank West$1,000,000
Arcadius Business Center$2,250,000
Lombank West$3,100,000
Maze Bank Tower$4,000,000

Before players are able to start any type of business in-game, they will need to purchase office space. Those with the GTA V: Premium Edition will naturally have access to a specific office for free, in addition to a bunker.

gta office desk

However, other players will need to purchase an office manually – which can be done by following the steps and tips below.

  1. Open up your character’s Phone in GTA V.
  2. Head to the Browser.
  3. Navigate to “Dynasty 8 Executive”.
  4. Select “Maze Bank West” for a good start without high expenses. This is the cheapest office available and is situated in a good location, particularly for players enjoying GTA Online.
  5. Players can skip out on decor as well as the Gun and Safe options, as these can be a huge waste of money in the beginning stages. However, hiring good personnel and setting up the business framework will be very important. Unless players do not have an apartment or are not planning on doing heists, it’s advised to skip out on accommodation as well.
  6. Name your business as you wish, but make sure you choose a good name, as it will cost money to change it later.

2. Purchase a Warehouse (Special Cargo Business)

From there, players will need to go ahead and purchase a warehouse for a special cargo business. Players do not need to go big in terms of the warehouse’s size, as small special cargo warehouses can work fine for starter businesses.

gta v warehouse

Simply follow the steps and tips below to purchase a warehouse and start a special cargo business in GTA V.

  1. Head to your Office.
  2. Go to your Computer, which is situated on your desk.
  3. Navigate to “Special Cargo” and choose a warehouse. If you are a beginner, try going for a small warehouse situated somewhere in the middle or lower region of Los Santos, as many players feel this is a great location to start off.
  4. From this point, players will need to start a cargo mission using their Computer.

The business should grow gradually from there, with expected profits depending on the business type as well as any additional upgrades. Revenue earned from the business can be invested back into the same business by hiring employees and expanding operations, or it can be used to start a brand new business as well.

Players have access to tons of customization options after they become a CEOs, and the same concepts for creating a profitable business will apply. Becoming a CEO in GTA V also comes with a handful of benefits for players, such as:

  • The benefits from the VIP/Bodyguard drop will carry over after becoming a CEO.
  • Buying properties such as offices and warehouses will grant players new vehicles as well.
  • Players will have no cooldown period, no bank balance requirement, and permanent uptime as a CEO in GTA.

That’s everything there is to know about choosing a good starter business and setting it up in GTA V, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although setting up your very own business in GTA V can feel incredibly daunting at first, there are many options for players, and the entire process will be worthwhile in the long run.

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