GTA Online: Kosatka Submarine Controls Explained

kosatka controls

Grand Theft Auto features amazing vehicles for players, including classic cars, two-wheelers, and more exhilarating vehicles like helicopters. A more recent update also brought the Kosatka Submarine, which can be an incredibly fun way to explore the aquatic spaces available in-game. However, many players are still eager to learn how to use the Kosatka Submarine controls in GTA Online.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The controls for the Kosatka Submarine in GTA Online depend on the chosen gaming platform.
  • Players can navigate to the Helm inside the Bridge and sit down at the controls panel, after which they should be met with a pop-up box displaying the relevant controls in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

The Kosatka Submarine in GTA Online

The Kosatka Submarine, also known as the “RUNE Kosatka” because it is manufactured by RUNE, is a large Propaganda Class nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine. This vessel was initially introduced to GTA Online with the Cayo Perico Heist update – which is infamous for amazing missions that involve hacking fingerprint scanners while rewarding amazing profits (minus the fencing fees).

kosatka in gta online

It takes design cues from the Russian Kelmar and Delfin Delta-class submarines and the Chinese Type 094 submarines. The Kosatka Submarine is maintained, manned, and operated by the infamous and multi-talented Pavel, and it can be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry website for the cost of anywhere between $2,200,000 and $9,085,000.

Kosatka Submarine Controls

Although the Kosatka Submarine includes a huge spread of features and rooms, the main deck is where players can find the primary control room. Players can access the Bridge, which houses the Helm and Periscope topped off with a Heist Planning Table, and players also have the option to include Sonar Systems and Guided Missile Systems that can be controlled from this area as well.

Many players have become confused about how to steer the Kosatka Submarine, as the controls pop-up seems to disappear quite quickly. Players have stated that it’s possible to get a first-hand look at the specific Kosatka Submarine controls for their chosen gaming platform by consulting the Help section within the Info tab in GTA Online.

kosatka control panel

But, some players argue that this can’t be found in the Interaction Menu – instead, simply head over to the Helm within the Bridge inside the Kosatka Submarine and sit on the chair in front of the control panel. From there, players should get a pop-up box in the screen’s top left-hand corner, indicating the relevant platform’s control keys.

To look at all of the controls for the Kosatka Submarine in GTA Online on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, check out the chart below.

Kosatka Submarine
AscendSquareXLeft CTRL
DescendXALeft SHIFT
MovementL1/ R1/ AnalogL1/ R1/ AnalogW A S D

To exit driving mode, players must press the same key needed for exiting any other vehicle in-game – such as the Triangle button on PlayStation.

While piloting the boat, there are only two camera views available. Players can choose between a “long follow camera” and a “First Person/Hood cam” view – which is positioned directly on top of the crest on the sail that’s overlooking the bow.

The controls for the relevant weapons will depend on what players have chosen to include upon purchase. Weapons such as Torpedos can be fired by pressing the Circle button on PlayStation, or the relevant key on other platforms.

Kosatka Submarine Handling Tips

Despite the Kosatka Submarine being a force of its own, its sheer size and weight can make it quite difficult to control – it handles relatively poorly compared to most other vehicles in GTA Online. It still has surprisingly good turning capabilities for its structure, but most players still struggle to operate it or perform evasive maneuvers.

kosatka lower deck

The Kosatka Submarine has some pretty low acceleration power. Still, this trait is combated by a high top speed due to its enormous engine and propellers – this allows the Kosatka Submarine to rival the Dinghy (which can also be spawned for free thanks to the Kosatka Submarine Services tab). Since it has such a large frame and length, the Kosatka is limited to open water, and it will struggle to move in shallow waters or rivers.

Shallow waters and convoluted shorelines will automatically risk beaching – as a result, it’s best to stick to dark waters on the map, as light waters are generally too shallow. The Kosatka Submarine is also very challenging to dock, and the setup will require the player to step in water unless it is parked in some cases (for example, when trying to dock at the Del Perro Pier).

kosatka inside

Players will find that this vessel submerges and surfaces based on its size, as it’s unable to descend or rise at an angle as sharp as the other submersibles in the game. Instead, the Kosatka Submarine is restricted to rising and descending at an almost horizontal angle – still, the Kosatka Submarine has a dive depth limit of approximately 500 ft, which is the same as the other submersible vessels available in-game.

What Button is “Autopilot” on the Kosatka?

Players may choose to use the autopilot function while driving the Kosatka Submarine, similar to the autopilot function used on the Avenger. The controls for activating the Kosatka Submarine’s autopilot mode can be seen below – to deactivate autopilot mode, simply press the exact same button.

  • PlayStation: Hold Right
  • Xbox: Hold Right D-Pad
  • PC: Press the “E” key

The autopilot feature can be extremely handy for just about every GTA Online player, as the player will be able to leave the Helm with the boat remaining in place. This feature allows the Kosatka Submarine to remain submerged underwater in order to avoid most threats that originate from above water – although, this type of approach does end up limiting access for the Sparrow.

How Do You Fast Travel the Kosatka?

Players also have the option to instantly fast-travel to a fixed location with the Kosatka Submarine, which can be an awesome way to cut down on time in-game. The use of this function will cost players $10,000 or $2,000 if the player has already completed the Cayo Perico Heist.

kosatka map

With that being said, a possible issue can come with fast traveling – taking control of the Kosatka immediately after using quick travel will result in the submarine moving at higher speeds and not responding to steering controls. Players can still control the vessel’s depth, but it may have a heavily delayed response upon gaining vertical speed which can risk the player reaching the crush depth and being wasted as a result.

That’s everything there is to know about the Kosatka Submarine in GTA Online, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. While many players might struggle to steer the Kosatka Submarine at first, the controls are quite straightforward in GTA Online.

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