GTA V: Here’s How To Bypass Daily Sell Limit & Sell More Cars

GTA 5 Heres How to Bypass Daily Sell Limit Sell More Cars

Considering the massive amount of amazing cars in Grand Theft Auto, quite a few fans have found that certain limitations can ‘prevent’ them from playing the game with ample enjoyment. Many fans are eager to find out if there’s really a way to bypass the daily sales limit in GTA 5 in order to sell more cars than is usually allowed.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • While there is no official way to bypass the daily sell limit or increase the limit in GTA Online, a handful of approaches and glitches may create a similar result.
  • That being said, making use of “car sale exploits” always comes at the player’s own risk, as it could result in a decreased daily sell limit and even a temporary or permanent account ban.

Can You Bypass the Daily Sell Limit in GTA Online?

Players in GTA 5 can earn tons of money in-game by completing various activities, including challenging heists or even some intense bank robberies. However, one of the most popular methods for making some easy money in GTA 5 has always been through selling cars for instant cash.

Due to the nature of the player’s ability to sell cars, there is a daily sell limit for all players, which restricts the number of cars that players can sell each day they play GTA 5. For the most part, this daily sell limit has been set in place in order to restrict players from exploiting the system, but many players have started claiming that it’s possible to bypass this daily sell limit in order to sell way more cars and make way more money in GTA 5 as a result.

Based on the sheer number of gamers that play GTA 5, it’s crucial to make sure that fans are well aware of how these approaches work and the relative risks involved. There is no official way to bypass the daily sell limit in GTA Online, as this would directly contradict the way the game developers have created this incredible title.

How to Bypass the Daily Sell Limit in GTA Online

With that being said, quite a few players have still found a few ways to bypass the daily sell limit in GTA Online, which has sparked a flood of debate among avid players. There are actually a variety of methods that could result in the daily sell limit being increased or even bypassed entirely, although all of these approaches go against the Terms of Service.

1. Second Character

One of the most well-known methods involves creating a brand-new account. But players could also use an account that has not sold any cars in at least a month.

  1. The player needs to use a second character, purchase an arena, and fill up all three garages with 27 Deluxe vehicles.
  2. Players should sell all 27 cars.
  3. The player should deposit the cash into the bank, save, and swap to the second character.
  4. Players should delete their second GTA Online character and create a new one, purchase an arena, fill it up with 27 Deluxe vehicles, and wait for 30 real-life hours before selling them.
  5. Players can repeat this process to bypass the daily sell limit.

Players appear to bypass the daily sell limit to an extent with this method, hitting a maximum of 30 GTA Online cars. This may still be a limitation, but it is significantly higher than the legitimate maximum daily sell limit set by Rockstar Games – which is reportedly 8 cars per 30 hours.

2. LAN Cable

Using a LAN cable, the next method involves a classic and age-old gamers’ trick. Players may be able to sell more cars within a 90-minute window using this method.

  1. Players could hook up their system to a wired connection.
  2. When players sell a car and spawn back on the street, they should look for the orange autosave icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Players should wait about half a second and unplug their cable after seeing the icon.
  4. This should kick the player back to story mode. If this is timed right, players may keep their money, but the daily sell limit won’t detect the sold car.

3. LS Customs Glitch (For Dupe Detected Players)

The next method, shared by Reddit user Tego31DaGreat, involves a glitch – it reportedly works on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, although fans are unsure if this method works the same way for PC users. This method may work for players who have been dupe detected (picked up for using duplicates in-game), and players will need to make sure that they have not sold any vehicle for at least a day.

  1. Players should go to the furthest LS Customs and sell their vehicle.
  2. The player will need to find a new session quickly as soon as they spawn outside on foot.
  3. Players should head to any other LS customs, except the first one, or visit an Arena workshop.
  4. Sell vehicles and find a new session, then go to a different LS Customs. Players should be able to sell up to 3 vehicles per day instead of the daily sell limit of 1 given to those who have been dupe detected.

Considering the risks involved, players are always advised to avoid using exploits altogether, and simply follow the game developers’ rules to the tee. It’s also important to note that Rockstar Games frequently updates GTA Online specifically in order to prevent players from using glitches or exploits to advance in the game.

Will GTA Players Get Banned for Bypassing the Daily Sell Limit?

When it comes to GTA Online, players should definitely steer clear of any sort of tampering – which includes GTA mods as well as the use of exploits. Although certain methods for bypassing the daily sell limit do involve glitches that may exist within the game itself, this is not necessarily grounds for the player to proceed.

If players are caught using a glitch to their advantage within the game, rather than choosing to report or even simply ignore it, it will likely be seen as a “car sale exploit” by the game developers. Since this game title is online and multiplayer, these approaches will undoubtedly create an unfair imbalance among players and could lead to severe consequences.

Most players who engage in car sale exploits will gradually get an increased “exploit level,” which results in lowering the daily sell limit over time. Players will be able to sell fewer cars per day each time until they end up with a daily sell limit of only 1 per day – as described with “dupe detected” players.

Such approaches could also lead to the player’s GTA Online account being temporarily or permanently banned. Apart from the risk of these approaches not working at all, players will also be unable to know if they were detected or not. The standing daily sell limit is quite manageable for dedicated GTA players, and the risks of bypassing it simply outweigh the potential rewards.

That’s everything there is to know about bypassing the daily sell limit in GTA Online. Although some players have successfully managed to bypass the daily sell limit to sell more cars, these approaches are generally not recommended – primarily due to the negative impact they could have on the community as a whole, in addition to the risk of losing your account.

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