GTA V: Here’s How to Play in Split Screen Mode (All Platforms & Alternatives)

how to play gta 5 in splitscreen

The Grand Theft Auto saga has been a huge hit within the gaming community for many years, with GTA acquiring countless players over the course of its running. Considering that GTA V has so many dedicated players, many of whom enjoy playing the game together, numerous fans have been eager to find out if you can play GTA V in Split Screen mode on different platforms.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • GTA V does not include an official Split Screen mode feature, although players can make use of Multiplayer Co-Op mods to get a similar result.
  • Players with Social Club Accounts can enjoy the same GTA V game session with friends, while GTA Online players have access to numerous multiplayer features.

GTA V Does Not Have an Official Split Screen Mode

Enjoying GTA V is always better when you have someone to join you on all your wild adventures, and Split Screen mode has been a classic feature among gamers for many years – although, with online gaming taking the world by storm, the feature is not as common as it used to be. Unfortunately, GTA V does not have an official Split Screen mode at all.

Some fans have stated that it may be possible for two players to play GTA V at the same time by using two controllers and adding a second character to the game, involving the steps below.

  1. Start the game and go to the Main Menu.
  2. Select “Story Mode” and choose a save file.
  3. Once you are in the game, press the start button on the second controller to bring up the character wheel.
  4. Select a second character and press “A” or “X” to switch to that character.
  5. The first player will control the first character, while the second player will control the second character.

Players who have found this method useful have stated that each of the two players will be able to explore the game’s open world independently, as well as complete missions, and engage in numerous activities within the game. Certain missions apparently require both players to work together in order to complete them, while many can still be completed solo.

With that being said, the vast majority of GTA V players have found that it’s not possible for two players to play GTA V on one console with two controllers. For the most part, getting a Split Screen mode in GTA V will require additional measures – such as having two copies of the game and two consoles or using modding programs to create a similar effect.

The only release that’s been known to have a split-screen mode is GTA: San Andreas (GTA: SA). However, many players do not enjoy this game in recent times when compared to GTA V. Players are uncertain if the game will ever receive an update that enables an officially created Split Screen mode. However, most fans are doubtful this would ever occur.

GTA V Split Screen Mode Alternatives

Although there is no way to officially play GTA V offline with the use of Split Screen mode, there are still a couple of ways players can get a relatively similar gaming experience. However, it should be noted that it seems impossible to have two players actively playing GTA V on the same console with an actual Split Screen mode in GTA V vanilla.

Thankfully, the GTA V franchise is vast, with many players, some of whom have devised alternative methods for playing GTA V with others – with or without an actual Split Screen mode. Below are the best-known methods for getting a similar experience in GTA V, all of which require varying approaches.

1. Use Multiplayer Co-Op Mods

The only known method for setting up a Split Screen mode in GTA V is through the use of Multiplayer Co-Op mods, which have been created by some skilled GTA V fans worldwide. These mods will alter the game to an extent, as would other GTA V mods, although using mods always comes with relative risks.

As a result, players should make sure they take the appropriate precautions before going ahead with any mod. Multiplayer Co-Op mods can allow players to enjoy GTA V with friends in GTA V Story Mode, although an internet connection will be required.

2. Use the Same Servers

You can tailor your gaming experience using servers as well. Players must follow either of the two methods below to set up their multiplayer GTA V experience.

  1. The first method would be to create your own server. From there, set a lock on your server as well as a password for it. Ensure that the password is only known by the friends you want to play with, as this will prevent any strangers from entering your server later down the line.
  2. The second method would be to simply enter a server that has low ping (usually a server that has no players). Simply tell your friends the name of that server and play.

3. Social Club Accounts

If you and your friend both have Social Club Accounts, you may be able to make use of this alternative method – which will require 2 consoles and 2 copies of GTA V. Follow the steps below to set up multiplayer in GTA V using the respective Social Club Accounts.

  1. Start off by making sure that both players have their own copy of GTA V. Irrespective of whether one player has the game on the disc while the other has the game via digital download; players will need to ensure that they both have the same version of GTA V.
  2. Both players will need to sign into their respective Social Club Accounts.
  3. Each player should select “Play” during the loading sequence of the game and scroll to the player selection screen. From there, select “Invite a Friend”.
  4. The first player will need to enter their friend’s GTA V name and invite them, while the second player will need to accept the invite by selecting “Accept” on their Social Club invitation page.
  5. The second player will then need to select “Join Game,” after which they will be entered into the same game session as the first friend. Players will then be able to enjoy the same GTA V session together.

GTA Online Does Not Feature a Split Screen Mode Either

For those who are eager to play GTA V with others, switching to GTA Online may be the best option. It’s easy to play GTA Online with others, and players can even host and play GTA Online missions with friends. However, GTA Online does not feature a Split Screen mode either – players still need to have their own consoles and game copies.

That’s everything there is to know about playing GTA V & GTA Online in Split Screen mode. Although GTA V players will not be able to play GTA V in Split Screen mode officially, a handful of mods may be worth a try. On the other hand, switching to GTA Online offers the best experience in terms of multiplayer gameplay – while this version does not feature a Split Screen mode either, players will benefit from its seamless interfaces and social interaction.

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