Haikyū: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights, Weights, Occupations & More

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The Haikyū saga is well-loved by anime enthusiasts, featuring a range of fun adventures coupled with some added entertainment for volleyball fans. However, the saga also flaunts a huge range of fascinating characters from various backgrounds, leaving many Haikyū fans eager to find out more about them.

While countless figures are introduced throughout the entire Haikyū storyline’s progression, some more prominent characters stand out. Below is everything you need to know about the Haikyū main characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, occupations, and more, including how these stats and details change after the saga’s time skip.

Haikyū!! CharacterAge RangeBirthdayHeight
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Shōyō Hinata15 – 25 years oldJune 21, 19965’7″/ 172.2cm154.2lbs/
Tobio Kageyama15 – 24 years oldDecember 22, 19966’2″/ 188.4cm181.2lbs/
Daichi Sawamura17 – 23 years oldDecember 31, 19945’9″/ 176.7cm154.5lbs/
Kōshi Sugawara17 – 24 years oldJune 13, 19945’8″/ 174.6cm140lbs/
Asahi Azumane17 – 23 years oldJanuary 1, 19956’1″/ 186.4cm165.8lbs/
Kenma Kozume16 – 25 years oldOctober 16, 19955’7”/ 175.4cm128.5lbs/
Kei Tsukishima15 – 22 years oldSeptember 27, 19966’4″/ 195.3cm179.7 lbs/
81.5 kg
Tadashi Yamaguchi15 – 22 years oldNovember 10, 19965’1″/ 180.0cm138.9lbs/
Ryūnosuke Tanaka16 – 22 years oldMarch 3, 19965’1″/ 178.2cm151.7lbs/
Yū Nishinoya16 – 25 years oldOctober 10, 19955’3″/ 160.5cm112.7lbs/
Tōru Oikawa17 – 27 years oldJuly 20, 19946’1″/ 185.5cm181.7lbs/
Hajime Iwaizumi17 – 27 years oldJune 10, 19945’1″/ 179.3cm154.7lbs/
Ittetsu Takeda29 – 35 years oldJanuary 10, 19835’5″/ 166.5cm130.9lbs/
Keishin Ukai26 – 32 years oldApril 5, 19865’1″/ 178.2cm159.2lbs/
Tetsurō Kuroo17 – 27 years oldNovember 17, 19946’2″/ 188cm166.0lbs/
Takanobu Aone16 – 23 years oldAugust 13, 19956’4″/ 196.3cm190.7lbs/
Kanji Koganegawa15 – 22 years oldJuly 9, 19966’4″/ 195.4cm190.7lbs/
Kōtarō Bokuto17 – 24 years oldSeptember 20, 19946’2″/ 190.3cm192.7lbs/
Keiji Akaashi17 – 22 years oldDecember 5, 19956’0”/ 183cm155.9lbs/
Wakatoshi Ushijima18 – 27 years oldAugust 13, 19946’3″/ 192.7cm199.7lbs/
Satori Tendō18 – 24 years oldMay 20, 19946’1″/ 187.7cm156.7lbs/
Yūji Terushima17 – 23 years oldApril 18, 19955’9″/ 177.2cm147.0lbs/
Atsumu Miya17 – 23 years oldOctober 5, 19956’1″/ 187.7cm177.3lbs/
Osamu Miya17 – 23 years oldOctober 5, 19956’0″/ 183.8cm164.2lbs/
Aran Ojiro18 – 24 years oldApril 4, 19946’1″/ 186.6cm195lbs/
Shinsuke Kita18 – 24 years oldJuly 5th, 19945’9″/ 175.2cm148.8lbs/
Rintarō Suna16 – 25 years oldJanuary 25, 19966’3″/ 191cm176.4lbs/
Kiyoomi Sakusa16 – 22 years oldMarch 20, 19966’3″/ 192.3cm176.8 lbs/
Lev Haiba15 – 16 years oldOctober 30, 19966′ 4.5″ / 194.3 cm175.7 lbs/79.7 kg

What Do We Know About the Main Haikyū Characters’ Ages?

Considering that all of the main Haikyū (“Haikyuu”) characters are human, they all age along a uniform timeline. They gradually mature over the course of about six years – between the start of the Haikyū storyline in 2012 up until the time skip depicting the characters in 2018, after which some characters’ ages are noted up until 2021.

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Some of the main characters have recorded ages as the years pass, although they would have all aged by the same number of years. Below are all of the main Haikyū characters’ recorded ages before and after the time skip.

Haikyū!! CharacterAge Pre-Timeskip (2012)Age Post-Timeskip (2018)
Shōyō Hinata15 – 16 years old22 years old; 25 years old (2021)
Tobio Kageyama15 – 16 years old21 years old; 24 years old (2021)
Daichi Sawamura17 – 18 years old23 years old
Kōshi Sugawara17 – 18 years old24 years old
Asahi Azumane17 – 18 years old23 years old
Kenma Kozume16 – 17 years old23 years old; 25 years old (2021)
Kei Tsukishima15 – 16 years old22 years old
Tadashi Yamaguchi15 – 16 years old22 years old
Ryūnosuke Tanaka16 – 17 years old22 years old
Yū Nishinoya16 – 17 years old23 years old; 25 years old (2021)
Tōru Oikawa17 years old27 years old (2021)
Hajime Iwaizumi17 – 18 years old24 years old; 27 years old (2021)
Ittetsu Takeda29 years old35 years old
Keishin Ukai26 years old32 years old
Tetsurō Kuroo17 – 18 years old24 years old; 27 years old (2021)
Takanobu Aone16 – 17 years old23 years old
Kanji Koganegawa15 – 16 years old22 years old
Kōtarō Bokuto17 – 18 years old24 years old
Keiji Akaashi17 years old22 years old
Wakatoshi Ushijima18 years old24 years old; 27 years old (2021)
Satori Tendō18 years old24 years old
Yūji Terushima17 years old23 years old
Atsumu Miya17 years old23 years old
Osamu Miya17 years old23 years old
Aran Ojiro18 years old24 years old
Shinsuke Kita18 years old24 years old
Rintarō Suna16 years old22 years old; 25 years old (2021)
Kiyoomi Sakusa16 years old22 years old

Main Haikyū Characters’ Genders, Birthdays & Zodiac Signs

Each of the main Haikyū characters is male in terms of their biological gender at birth – and, thanks to the title’s creators, fans have access to each Haikyū main character’s exact date of birth.


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As a result, we’ve connected them with their respective Zodiac Signs, as seen below.

Haikyū!! CharacterBirthdayZodiac Sign
Shōyō HinataJune 21stCancer
Tobio KageyamaDecember 22ndCapricorn
Daichi SawamuraDecember 31stCapricorn
Kōshi SugawaraJune 13thGemini
Asahi AzumaneJanuary 1stCapricorn
Kenma KozumeOctober 16thLibra
Kei TsukishimaSeptember 27thLibra
Tadashi YamaguchiNovember 10thScorpio
Ryūnosuke TanakaMarch 3rdAquarius
Yū NishinoyaOctober 10thLibra
Tōru OikawaJuly 20thCancer
Hajime IwaizumiJune 10thGemini
Ittetsu TakedaJanuary 10thCapricorn
Keishin UkaiApril 5thAries
Tetsurō KurooNovember 17thScorpio
Takanobu AoneAugust 13thLeo
Kanji KoganegawaJuly 9thCancer
Kōtarō BokutoSeptember 20thVirgo
Keiji AkaashiDecember 5thSagittarius
Wakatoshi UshijimaAugust 13thLeo
Satori TendōMay 20thTaurus
Yūji TerushimaApril 18thAries
Atsumu MiyaOctober 5thLibra
Osamu MiyaOctober 5thLibra
Aran OjiroApril 4thAries
Shinsuke KitaJuly 5thCancer
Rintarō SunaJanuary 25thAquarius
Kiyoomi SakusaMarch 20thPisces

What Do We Know About the Main Haikyū Characters’ Heights & Weights?

The Haikyū main characters have many recorded heights and weights, monitored across multiple months before and after the time skip. Based on all of the available stats, it’s clear that each of the young characters grew differently, with varying genetics that had different results.


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Below are the starting heights and weights compared to the final recorded heights and weights of the main Haikyū characters. For the purpose of simplicity, we have skipped over the height, and weight stats noted as each character grew throughout the Haikyū storyline.

Haikyū!! CharacterStarting Height
Starting Weight
Final Height
(2018 – 2021)
Final Weight
(2018 – 2021)
Shōyō Hinata5’4″/ 162.8cm114.4lbs/ 51.9kg5’7″/ 172.2cm154.2lbs/ 701kg
Tobio Kageyama5’11″/ 180.6cm146.2lbs/ 66.3kg6’2″/ 188.4cm181.2lbs/ 82.2kg
Daichi Sawamura5’9″/ 176.8cm154.5lbs/ 70.1kg UnknownUnknown
Kōshi Sugawara5’8″/ 174.3cm140lbs/ 63.5kgUnknownUnknown
Asahi Azumane6’0″/ 184.7cm165.8lbs/ 75.2kgUnknownUnknown
Kenma Kozume5’6″/ 169.2cm128.5lbs/ 58.3kg5’7”/ 175.4cm Unknown
Kei Tsukishima6’2″/ 188.3cm150.8lbs/ 68.4kg6’4″/ 195.3cm179.7lbs/ 81.5kg
Tadashi Yamaguchi5’10″/ 179.5cm138.9lbs/ 63.0kgUnknownUnknown
Ryūnosuke Tanaka5’9″/ 177.2cm151.7lbs/ 68.8kgUnknownUnknown
Yū Nishinoya5’2″/ 159.3cm112.7lbs/ 51.1kgUnknownUnknown
Tōru Oikawa6’0″/ 184.3cm159.2lbs/ 72.2kg6’1″/ 185.5cm181.7lbs/ 82.4kg
Hajime Iwaizumi5’10″/ 179.3cm 154.7lbs/ 70.2kgUnknownUnknown
Ittetsu Takeda5’5″/ 166.5cm130.9lbs/ 59.4kg5’5″/ 166.5cm130.9lbs/ 59.4kg
Keishin Ukai5’10″/ 178.2cm159.2lbs/ 72.2kg5’10″/ 178.2cm159.2lbs/ 72.2kg
Tetsurō Kuroo6’1″/ 187.7cm166.0lbs/ 75.3kg UnknownUnknown
Takanobu Aone6’3″/ 191.8cm194.4lbs/ 88.2kg6’4″/ 196.3cm190.7lbs/ 86.5kg
Kanji Koganegawa6’3″/ 191.5cm176.8lbs/ 80.2kg6’4″/ 195.4cm 190.7lbs/ 86.5kg
Kōtarō Bokuto6’1″/ 185.3cm172.6lbs/ 78.3kg6’2″/ 190.3cm192.7lbs/ 87.4kg
Keiji Akaashi5’11″/ 182.3cm155.9lbs/ 70.7kgUnknownUnknown
Wakatoshi Ushijima6’2″/ 189.5cm187lbs/ 84.8kg6’3″/ 192.7cm199.7lbs/ 90.6kg
Satori Tendō6’1″/ 187.7cm156.7lbs/ 71.1kgUnknownUnknown
Yūji Terushima5’9″/ 177.2cm147.0lbs/ 66.7kgUnknownUnknown
Atsumu Miya6’0″/ 183.6cm161.6lbs/ 73.3kg 6’1″/ 187.7cm177.3lbs/ 80.4kg
Osamu Miya6’0″/ 183.8cm164.2lbs/ 74.5kgUnknownUnknown
Aran Ojiro6’0″/ 184.7cm176.8lbs/ 80.2kg6’1″/ 186.6cm195lbs/ 88.5kg
Shinsuke Kita5’9″/ 175.2cm148.8lbs/ 67.5kg UnknownUnknown
Rintarō Suna6’1″/ 185.7cm 161.4 lbs/ 73.2kg 6’3″/ 191cm176.4lbs/ 80kg
Kiyoomi Sakusa6’2″/ 189cm159.6 lbs/ 72.4kg6’3″/ 192.3cm176.8lbs/ 80.2kg

What Do We Know About the Main Haikyū Characters’ Hometowns, Classes & Occupations?

The main Haikyū characters were all born in Japan, although they still vary in their heritage and birthplaces. Most of the characters were born in Miyagi Prefecture – but, Kenma Kozume, Tetsurō Kuroo, Kōtarō Bokuto, Keiji Akaashi, and Kiyoomi Sakusa were born in Tokyo.

haikyu 2

Atsumu Miya, Osamu Miya, and Shinsuke Kita were born in Hyōgo Prefecture, while Rintarō Suna was born in Aichi Prefecture. A few characters have unknown places of birth or hometowns, such as Tadashi Yamaguchi and Aran Ojiro.


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The saga also shows each character’s career development as they mature – only a few become Professional Volleyball Players, but they all find their place in the world by taking other roles in the sport and fitness industry or by following a completely different path. Below are the main Haikyū characters’ classes and future occupations.

Haikyū!! CharacterClass Pre-Timeskip (2012)Occupation Post-Timeskip
(2018 – 2021)
Shōyō Hinata1st Year, Class 1Professional Volleyball Player
Tobio Kageyama1st Year, Class 3V.League Division 1 Player
Daichi Sawamura3rd Year, Class 4Miyagi Prefecture Police
Kōshi Sugawara3rd Year, Class 4Elementary School Teacher
Asahi Azumane3rd Year, Class 3Apparel Designer (in Tokyo)
Kenma Kozume2nd Year, Class 3University Student; Stock Trader; Pro-gamer; YouTuber; Bouncing Ball Corp. CEO
Kei Tsukishima1st Year, Class 4College Student; V.League Division 2 Player
Tadashi Yamaguchi1st Year, Class 4College Senior (Starting work for an electronics company next year)
Ryūnosuke Tanaka2nd Year, Class 1Personal trainer
Yū Nishinoya2nd Year, Class 3Traveling the world
Tōru Oikawa3rd Year, Class 6Professional Volleyball Player
Hajime Iwaizumi3rd Year, Class 5College Student (2014); Athletic Trainer (2021)
Ittetsu TakedaHigh School TeacherHigh School Teacher
Keishin UkaiCoachCoach; Owner of Sakanoshita Store
Tetsurō Kuroo3rd Year, Class 5Employee at Japan Volleyball Association, Sports Promotion Division
Takanobu Aone2nd Year, Class AConstruction Worker
Kanji Koganegawa1st Year, Class AAutomobile Manufacturer Employee; V. League Division 2 Player
Kōtarō Bokuto3rd Year, Class 1College student (former); V.League Division 1 Player
Keiji Akaashi2nd Year, Class 6Editor – Weekly Shonen Vai (Editorial Department)
Wakatoshi Ushijima3rd Year, Class 3V. League Division 1 Player
Satori Tendō3rd Year, Class 2Chocolatier
Yūji Terushima2nd Year, Class 7Apprentice Hair Stylist
Atsumu Miya2nd Year, Class 2V.League Division 1 Player
Osamu Miya2nd Year, Class 1Owner of Onigiri Miya (Current)
Aran Ojiro3rd Year, Class 5V.League Division 1 Player
Shinsuke Kita3rd Year, Class 7Rice Farmer
Rintarō Suna2nd Year, Class 1V. League Division 1 Player
Kiyoomi Sakusa2nd YearCollege Volleyball Player (Former); V.League Division 1 Player

That’s everything there is to know about the Haikyū main characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, occupations, and more, with all images and stats thanks to the Haikyū Wiki. While these details do not define any of these amazing anime characters, they can give avid fans more insight into their personalities as well as their ambitions within the Haikyū universe.

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