‘Halo’ Season 2: How Is Makee Still Alive?


‘Halo’ Season 2 released its first two episodes, and things are looking grim for almost everyone involved. Master Chief is struggling with the loss of Cortana. Cortana herself is imprisoned by the ONI, Kwan Ha lost her planet to the Covenant-induced vitrification and Soren has been arrested. When it comes to Master Chief, Cortana was not the only “person” he lost, he also lost Makee in the last episode of Season 1 who was shot to death by Kai. However, even before it was confirmed that she ultimately survived, Master Chief was convinced that he saw her during his mission on Sanctuary but he couldn’t confirm it. So, how did Makee survive that fatal bullet?

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  • Makee most likely survived because the Covenant retrieved her body and brought her to life with their superior technology. The Covenant did mention that they needed the blessed one alive since the map that she projected on Raas Kkhotskha was incomplete.
  • Soon after being resurrected Makee once again resumed her Covenant duties unaware that she was and still is a sacrificial lamb in Covenant’s aim to ascend to godhood.
  • We can’t very exactly how Makee survives since she is the original character created for the show and does not appear in the books or games.

Makee appeared to Master Chief on Sanctuary

Makee and Master Chief had a special connection, both being the blessed ones they were connected on a metaphysical level a relationship that no one could understand. Both Makee and Master Chief were brainwashed into assuming the roles they had since they were kidnapped basically while they were kids.

Both also experienced the worst that humanity had to offer but apparently Master Chief had strong enough willpower to void decades of indoctrination and biological manipulation while Makee did not have that. Makee did have a change of heart toward the end of season 2, but being tasered by a UNSC officer brought a flood of old and painful memories and she decided to join the Covenant’s side once again and this is what landed her on Raas Kkhotskha.

What Makee was unaware at the moment was the fact that the Covenant was using her and planned on sacrificing her for a higher goal, it’s not that they had any qualms about it however as they did mention that she “soiled” their holy place long enough, meaning that despite Makee being a special type of human, a blessed one she was still considered dirt in the eyes of the Covenant, a useful tool but nothing more and certainly nothing equal to them.


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By chance, the Covenant never had the chance to sacrifice Makee since she was eliminated swiftly by Kai while she and Master Chief were stuck on the Ringworld. Kai shot Makee in the chest, it was a fatal wound and Makee did truly die considering that the connection between and Master Chief was severed.

That seemed to be the end of the story for Makee, only it wasn’t in Episode 1 while Master Chief was trying to save the Marines from Covenant forces as they were disabling the comm relays, Makee appeared to John-117. Master Chief obviously didn’t think that was real at the moment, he probably considered it to be a manifestation of one of many mental problems that he currently had. Although he did say to the AI that she saw Makee, it didn’t seem like he was fully convinced that it was real. However, it was real.

Makee was most likely resurrected by The Covenant to fulfill her purpose as the Blessed One

Master Chief had a theory that the Covenant was training for something big and he was right. As soon as he learned that the Cobalt team hadn’t left the Earth and yet they were missing he was aware that the Covenant forces managed to infiltrate the Reach and something extremely sinister was taking place. In one of the last scenes, we can see a group of marines being pitted against the Covenan forces with Makee casually walking into the room ready to reclaim the artifact.

This doesn’t make sense since Kai confirmed even in Episode 2 that it was a clear shot and that Makee is supposed to be dead only she wasn’t.

The Covenant most likely used their superior technology to retrieve and revive Makee’s body. Remember back on Raas Kkhotskha The Covenant mentioned that the map was incomplete and they forbid their forces from killing Master Chief because of it. They still needed a blessed one to reveal the location of the Halo Relay in its entirety. So why bother with Master Chief if you have the means of resurrecting the Blessed one you already have on your side?

This is most likely what took place. Makee decided to join forces with the Covenant once again because a) she was rejected by Master Chief b) she was shot by Kai c) she was unaware that the Covenant hated her almost as much as humans did, the choice is pretty easy, will you side with the faction that pampers you or side with the faction that constantly wants you dead?


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However what’s most important is that we don’t know whether Makee was still technically a blessed one, I’m not really sure how that “power” works when you resurrect and it’s possible that her powers changed in some ways for the worse or the better. We also don’t have any references in the book or games since she is a completely original character.

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