Did Makee Die in the Halo Season Finale? (& Who Killed Her)

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Makee, who is referred to as the Blessed One by the Covenant, was an important character during the first season of the Halo live-action TV series. Other than the fact that she was important to the Covenant because she could interact with the artifacts, she also played the role of Master Chief’s romantic interest. However, some people might get confused as to what happened to her in the finale of season 1. So, did Makee die in season 1 of Halo?

From the looks of it, Makee did indeed die in the season finale of Halo. She appeared to have been killed when Kai shot her right in the middle of the chest so that Master Chief would break out of the trance-like state he was in when he and Makee were in a separate realm of consciousness.

Killing Makee off in the first season was an interesting direction to take for the Halo showrunners because of how it allows the series to stay true to what has already been shown in the games. However, it becomes intriguing to see how this will affect Master Chief in the future, especially if he does return to his old self after Cortana takes control over his body.

Did Makee Die In The Halo Season Finale?

It isn’t a secret that the Halo series is full of different things that you won’t see in the games. One of the most prominent additions in the live-action series is Makee, who the Covenant refers to as the Blessed One. Like Master Chief, Makee is a human that could interact with the artifacts and probably has the capability to make use of Forerunner technology as well.

During the earlier part of the series, the Covenant sent Makee to retrieve the artifacts from the UNSC. She was successful in retrieving the one in Eridanus II when she led a Covenant attack against the UNSC. After that, she allowed herself to get captured so that she could get her hands on the Madrigal artifact that was being kept in Reach.

It was during her time in Reach that Makee was able to bond with Master Chief. When John touched the artifact, his consciousness, along with Makee’s, was sent to a different plane of existence that only they could reach. That was when they understood that they were two of the same kind. This allowed them to form a bond that eventually became romantic, as Master Chief learned to trust Makee.


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But when Miranda Keyes discovered that Makee was responsible for one of the Covenant’s attacks on the UNSC, the Blessed One had to flee Reach while taking the Madrigal artifact with her. She was able to get back to the Covenant safely as the Prophets were on their way to unite the two artifacts so that the coordinates of the Halo would be revealed.

Unknown to them, Silver Team, led by Master Chief, infiltrated the planet and took down some of their sentries undetected. But when the two artifacts were fused with one another, Master Chief entered a trance-like state that was caused by the artifacts. As such, their cover was blown as hundreds of Covenant Elites were summoned to attack the four Spartans.

When the Spartans were able to get to the temple where the artifacts were kept, Makee had to touch them again to save Master Chief, who was about to get killed by an extra-large Covenant Brute. The feedback from the artifacts blew some of the Covenant soldiers away while the coordinates of the Halo were revealed. Of course, similar to what happened in Reach, the artifacts transported John and Makee to a different plane of consciousness as Master Chief was rendered useless during a heated battle against the Covenant.

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While in an imaginary plane that resembled the Halo, John told Makee that he needed to go back because Silver Team needed him. But Makee insisted that they both belonged there and that she wanted to stay. However, after that, her version in that plane of existence suddenly started bleeding out of her chest as the consciousness of both Makee and Master Chief returned to their bodies.

Makee, who was shot in the chest, fell down on the ground lifeless as she appeared to have been killed while her consciousness was away from her body. And the Prophets confirmed later on that she was indeed dead and that they needed Master Chief alive so that they could use him as a replacement for her.

Who Killed Makee In The Halo Season Finale?

While Master Chief and Makee were both away from their bodies and were in a different plane of consciousness, the other Spartans were in a tough spot. Riz was badly injured after getting beat down by the large Brute that none of them could defeat. Meanwhile, Vannak was running out of options and told Kai to wake Master Chief up.


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Since she no longer had any option at that moment, Kai shot Makee square on the chest so that she would stop touching the artifact and that Master Chief’s consciousness would return to his body. As such, it was Kai who killed Makee.

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However, Kai killed Makee not because she wanted to but only because she no longer had an option. Riz was badly injured, while Vannak was the only one keeping the other Covenant soldiers at bay. They needed Master Chief so that they could push the other soldiers back, retrieve the artifact, and return to Reach intact. But because John wasn’t waking up, Kai had no choice but to shoot and kill Makee.

And even if Makee didn’t die right then and there, she would’ve died sooner or later. Earlier in the episode, the Prophets told one another that they would eventually kill Makee after using her to get to the Halo. The Covenant was only using her so that they could get what they wanted. They were going to eventually kill her along with all of the other humans in the galaxy because they thought that humanity was a plague that needed to be removed from the face of the universe.

As such, Makee’s death at the hands of Kai was kind of like the best scenario for her. Had she stayed alive, the Covenant would have eventually disposed of her after using her. Her death, in a way, prevented her from being used by the Covenant to get what they wanted. Makee’s death at the hands of Kai was also poetic justice for all of the deaths that she caused when she led attacks against the UNSC.

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