Hawkeye Star Hailee Steinfeld Reveals Did Kate Bishop Survive Thanos’ Snap

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Kate Bishop, a 22-year old master archer we recently met in the Marvel Disney+ series Hawkeye certainly has a future in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what about her past? Although the first episode of the show showed us what inspired her to take bow and arrow into her hands, those events happened during the battle in New York we witnessed in The Avengers back in 2012. But what happened to her after that, and before the events of Hawkeye. We don’t know.

The main question that most of the fans are wondering is: Did Kate survive Thanos’ snap from Infinity War? That wasn’t mentioned in the show so far, but maybe it will. Still, Steinfeld now gave us a pretty solid answer.

“No, I believe that we see her survive and we see, you know, loss there as well. And that didn’t happen to her.”

Hailee Steinfeld for The Wrap

Steinfeld seems pretty confident that her character was alive during the five years when only half of the universe was alive. Let’s do the math: If she’s 22 in 2023 (like she said in the second episode of the series), that means she was 17 during Infinity War, and that means she was 11 during The Avengers, when she first saw Hawkeye from her apartment, as we saw in the first scene of Hawkeye series.

We know that MCU’s timeline can be confusing sometimes, but this seems legit. Who knows, maybe we’re going to see some flashback scene in the series, how did Kate hold up during the time when half of the universe was dead, and did somebody of her loved ones, her mother, for instance, was obliterated by Thanos.

Thanos’ snap, officially called The Blip in MCU, even after it was undone, left plenty of consequences. We saw in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and now in Hawkeye too, that some people believe that Thanos was right and that by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive, as Thanos said in Endgame. We’re sure that The Blip will be mentioned a lot in the future Marvel projects, and everything while Marvel is preparing a new big threat that a new generation of heroes will eventually face.

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