Hell’s Paradise: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights, Elements, Occupations & More

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Tons of dark fantasy fans adore Hell’s Paradise for its rich story and gripping premise, as it follows a group of young agents and criminals as they explore mysterious locations in search of a powerful elixir. However, the saga is also packed with a range of interesting characters that really tie each thread of this saga together.

With the Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga series getting an incredible anime adaptation done by none other than MAPPA Studios, many anime lovers are eager to find out more about their favorite Hell’s Paradise characters’ backgrounds and origins. Below is everything you need to know about the main characters, influential supporting characters, and major antagonists in the Hell’s Paradise saga, including their ages, birthdays, heights, elements, occupations, and much more.

Hell’s Paradise CharacterAgeBirthdayHeight
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
Gabimaru16 years oldJanuary 84’9”/ 150 cm
YuzurihaUnknownOctober 115’2”/ 160 cm
Aza Chōbei20 years oldAugust 45’7”/ 176 cm
Nurugai12 years oldDecember 254’5”/ 138 cm
Tamiya Gantetsusai40 years oldNovember 237’2”/ 222 cm
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri17 years oldDecember 165’6”/ 172 cm
Yamada Asaemon Eizen28 years oldMarch 95’9”/ 180 cm
Yamada Asaemon Tenza17 years oldJuly 22Unknown
Rien1000+ years oldApril 145’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm
Mei1000+ years oldDecember 34’1”/ 128
5’6”/ 171 cm
Tao Fa1000+ years oldSeptember 15’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm
Zhu Jin1000+ years oldSeptember 15’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm
Ju Fa1000+ years oldSeptember 15’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm
Ran1000+ years oldSeptember 15’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm
Mu Dan1000+ years oldSeptember 15’6”/ 173 cm
6’0”/ 185 cm

What Do We Know About the Hell’s Paradise Main Characters’ Ages?

Since most of the main characters in Hell’s Paradise are human, they age along a relatively uniform and linear timeline. Nurugai is the youngest of all the main Hell’s Paradise characters at only 12 years old, followed by the saga’s star, Gabimaru, who is approximately 16 years old. Yamada Asaemon Sagiri and Yamada Asaemon Tenza are next, both being around 17 years old, followed by Aza Chōbei, who is around 20 years old.

hells paradise 1

Yamada Asaemon Eizen is approximately 28 years old within the storyline, followed by Tamiya Gantetsusai, who is the eldest of all the main human characters at around 40 years old. However, Hell’s Paradise also includes a range of more unique characters that can live far longer than humans, including Rien, Mei, Tao Fa, Zhu Jin, Ju Fa, Ran, and Mu Dan, who are all well over 1000 years old based on their chronological ages.

What Do We Know About the Hell’s Paradise Main Characters’ Birthdays, Zodiac Signs, Birthplaces, Genders & Races?

Most of the main characters in Hell’s Paradise were born in Japan, with the main protagonist Gabimaru being born in Iwagakure specifically. The majority of the main Hell’s Paradise characters are classified as human in terms of their races, although there are a few characters or antagonists with different or even partial races as well.


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Rien is technically human but is also classified within the Tensen race through her puppets. Other characters, such as Mei, Tao Fa, Zhu Jin, Ju Fa, Ran, and Mu Dan, are siblings and are classified within the Tensen race, which also impacts some of their biological genders.

Tao Fa is seen as both male and female but predominantly takes on a female form, while Zhu Jin, Ju Fa, Ran, and Mu Dan are both male and female, but they predominantly maintain their male forms. Below are all of the main Hell’s Paradise characters’ birthdays, respective Zodiac Signs, and their biological genders from birth.

Hell’s Paradise Character
(Birth Name)
Gabimaru (Tsuki)January 8CapricornMale
YuzurihaOctober 11LibraFemale
Aza Chōbei
(Fuwa Chōbei)
August 4LeoMale
NurugaiDecember 25CapricornFemale
Tamiya Gantetsusai
November 23SagittariusMale
Yamada Asaemon SagiriDecember 16SagittariusFemale
Yamada Asaemon EizenMarch 9PiscesMale
Yamada Asaemon TenzaJuly 22TaurusFemale
RienApril 14AriesFemale
MeiDecember 3SagittariusFemale
Tao FaSeptember 1VirgoMale/ Female
Zhu JinSeptember 1VirgoMale/ Female
Ju FaSeptember 1VirgoMale/ Female
RanSeptember 1VirgoMale/ Female
Mu DanSeptember 1VirgoMale/ Female

What Do We Know About the Hell’s Paradise Main Characters’ Heights?

The main human characters in Hell’s Paradise have quite straightforward heights, although not much is known about the characters’ weight stats or how each of the characters grow. Being the youngest, Nurugai is the shortest of all the main characters, with an average height of around 4’5”/ 138 cm, followed by Gabimaru, who measures up to approximately 4’9”/ 150 cm in height.

hells paradise 2

Yuzuriha is next up, measuring up to around 5’2”/ 160 cm in height, followed by Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, standing at 5’6”/ 172 cm, and Aza Chōbei, who measures around 5’7”/ 176 cm in height. Yamada Asaemon Eizen is next with an average height of approximately 5’9”/ 180 cm, followed by Tamiya Gantetsusai, the tallest of all the main human Hell’s Paradise characters at a whopping 7’2”/ 222 cm in height.


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When it comes to characters who are not classified as humans in Hell’s Paradise, things become more complex as fans have been given general height ranges or potential height fluctuations for each character. Mei measures anywhere between 4’1”/ 128 and 5’6”/ 171 cm in height, while Rien, Tao Fa, Zhu Jin, Ju Fa, Ran, and Mu Dan all have a general height range of between 5’6”/ 173 cm and 6’0”/ 185 cm. Yamada Asaemon Tenza’s height stat remains unknown.

What Do We Know About the Hell’s Paradise Main Characters’ Occupations, Affiliations & Teams?

Despite the fact that many of the most well-loved Hell’s Paradise characters are technically criminals, they all play crucial roles alongside numerous agents – all in the hope of finding the esteemed Elixir of Life. Below are all of the known occupations, affiliations, and teams of each main Hell’s Paradise character.

Hell’s Paradise CharacterOccupationAffiliationsTeam
GabimaruShinobiIwagakure (Formerly)Vanguard Party, Elixir Retrieval Team
YuzurihaKunoichiUnknownVanguard Party, Elixir Retrieval Team
Aza ChōbeiDōshi, Underworld Ruler, Bandit LeaderHimself, Vanguard Party, Lord Tensen (Defected)Unknown
NurugaiUnknownSanka (Formerly)Vanguard Party, Escape Route Securing Team
Tamiya GantetsusaiDoctor, SwordsmanUnknownVanguard Party, Escape Route Securing Team
Yamada Asaemon SagiriHeiress of the Yamada Clan, Samurai, Yamada AsaemonYamada ClanVanguard Party, Elixir Retrieval Team
Yamada Asaemon EizenSamurai, Yamada AsaemonYamada ClanUnknown
Yamada Asaemon TenzaSamurai, Yamada AsaemonYamada ClanVanguard Party
RienRuler of Kotaku, Leader of Lord TensenLord TensenUnknown
MeiUnknownVanguard Party, Lord Tensen (Formerly)Elixir Retrieval Team
Tao FaPartial Ruler of KotakuLord TensenUnknown
Zhu JinPartial Ruler of KotakuLord TensenUnknown
Ju FaPartial Ruler of KotakuJofuku, Lord TensenUnknown
RanPartial Ruler of KotakuLord TensenUnknown
Mu DanPartial Ruler of KotakuLord TensenUnknown

What Do We Know About the Hell’s Paradise Main Characters’ Nicknames, Classifications & Elements?

In addition to each powerful Hell’s Paradise character’s notable attributes and skills, they each have some special classifications and elements as well – alongside some interesting nicknames and aliases that they’ve gained throughout the entire Hell’s Paradise storyline. Below are all of the known nicknames, classifications, and elements for each of the main Hell’s Paradise characters.

Hell’s Paradise CharacterNicknames/ AliasesClassificationElement
GabimaruGabimaru the Hollow, Gabi, NekomaruNukenin
YuzurihaYuzuriha of Keishu, Fox, SumireUnknownEarth
Aza ChōbeiBandit KingSenninMetal
Tamiya GantetsusaiBlade DragonRōninFire
Yamada Asaemon SagiriSagi, Sagi-rinRōninWood
Yamada Asaemon EizenEi-sanRōninWood
Yamada Asaemon TenzaTen-chanRōninFire
RienShangdi SamantabhadraSenninEarth
Tao FaGreat Sage RatnaSenninWood
Zhu JinTathātā YuanjunSenninWater
Ju FaGreat Emperor AkshobhyaSenninFire
RanImperial Monarch CundiSenninWater
Mu DanEnthroned AmoghavajraSenninEarth

That’s everything there is to know about the main characters in Hell’s Paradise, with images and stats thanks to the Jigokuraku Wiki. Although the Hell’s Paradise storyline has plenty of entertainment and fun to offer its fans, the entire experience can be made far more enjoyable by understanding these characters’ base stats and traits.

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