Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper: Who Won the Fight in Record of Ragnarok?

jack vs hercules

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The fourth round of the Ragnarok tournament in Record of Ragnarok began with the announcement that Hercules was going to represent the gods in that round. Of course, the Valkyries clearly had a counter for the most heroic of all demigods as they utilized the most malicious man in the form of Jack the Ripper to act as the foil for Hercules. In that regard, it was a battle between good and evil in this round. So, who won the fight between Hercules and Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper won his fight against Hercules to make the score 2-2. While Hercules was far stronger and more durable than Jack the Ripper, the murderous human was able to use trickery and deceit to his advantage as he found a way to make Hercules drop his guard down to defeat him.

The fact that Jack won his fight against Hercules was quite polarizing because a lot of humans were rooting on the side of the heroic Hercules. Nevertheless, Jack proved that human malice was so deep that it was able to kill the most heroic god known in history. His victory was also one that proved that this tournament had more depth. So, with that said, let’s look at how Jack the Ripper defeated Hercules.

Who Won Between Hercules And Jack The Ripper?

The fourth round of Record of Ragnarok was one that tore people apart in terms of who they wanted to root for. Of course, that’s because the gods fielded Hercules, who was the most heroic out of all of them. Meanwhile, the Valkyries enlisted the services of Jack the Ripper, arguably the greatest mass murderer of all time. In that regard, it was a clear battle between good and evil in this round.

Hercules, of course, was once human because he was born an ordinary human being named Alcides, who had the heart of a hero because he didn’t back down from bullies and was always there to make sure that he protected his friends. It was his heroism that allowed him to obtain the godly powers of Zeus when he drank the blood of the chief god of the Greek pantheon. As such, he was able to fight Ares to a standstill and was invited by Zeus to become a god.

hercules record of ragnarok

Meanwhile, Jack the Ripper is known as the most famous and mysterious mass murderer in history because he was never caught. As such, his story in Record of Ragnarok is highly fictionalized, as no one truly knows anything about this murderer.

It was shown that he was a happy child that had the ability to see the emotions of other people using his right eye. That was how he was able to sense how people were truly feeling deep inside. It was through that eye that he sensed what he thought was his mother’s love for him. However, things changed when his mother, a prostitute, learned that the man that she loved was about to get married.


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Jack learned that the only reason why his mother kept him was that it allowed her to have a reminder of his father, who was the very same man that was about to get married. But now that his father was about to marry someone else, Jack became nothing more than a useless piece of garbage to his mother. He saw how her emotions suddenly changed, and that was when he killed her out of anger. Jack also killed his own father and went on a killing spree that involved him wanting to see the emotions that people were feeling right before they were about to die.


So, with that, it was truly a battle between good and evil in this round. Hercules represented the heroic part of man, while Jack represented the malice that can be found in the hearts of men. But who won this battle between Hercules and Jack?

From the start, it was clear that Hercules had the advantage in terms of his strength and durability. He was far stronger than Jack and had a body that could only be damaged by a divine weapon. As such, the murderer tried his best to avoid a direct confrontation with the god as he would rather use trickery and deceit to his advantage in that fight against Hercules.

Nevertheless, trickery and deceit were the only tools that Jack needed to defeat Hercules. Despite the fact that the god was far stronger, the murderer ended up defeating the most heroic of gods and men alike using his malice. In that regard, the victory that Jack the Ripper had over Hercules represented how deep human malice can be and how polarizing this tournament was because even the humans themselves were torn between rooting for Hercules or a mass murderer.

How Did Jack The Ripper Defeat Hercules?

As mentioned, Hercules was far stronger than Jack the Ripper. Of course, we also said that the mass murderer defeated Hercules using trickery and deceit. But how exactly did he defeat someone as strong and as resilient as Hercules?

From the very start, Jack was already luring Hercules into a trap involving his deceitful nature. The battle took place in London, which was Jack’s home turf. But he actually did that on purpose due to the very nature of his Volundr. 

During the early part of the battle, Jack fooled Hercules into believing that his divine weapon was a large pair of scissors. Hercules destroyed that weapon as he was fooled into thinking that Jack no longer had any tools at his disposal. That was when the murderer surprised the hero by buffeting him with countless knives that were able to pierce the skin and flesh of a god.

Jack revealed that his Volundr was a satchel that could produce any kind of divine weapon that he wanted as long as that weapon was not bigger than the satchel itself. In that regard, Jack attacked Hercules with small weapons that were not strong enough to truly kill the god but were still annoying because they allowed the murderer to steal a few good hits.


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Of course, Jack avoided direct combat with Hercules because he knew that he had no match for the god’s superior strength and durability. That was the reason why he was always running around London and hopping from one building to another. And the surprise came when one of Hercules’ attacks destroyed a clock tower, as Jack threw the clock face right at Hercules.

Confident enough that he would not get hurt by the attack, Hercules blocked the clock face with his hand, only for him to realize that his arm had been cut off. That was when Jack showed that his ultimate trump card was the pair of gloves that he was wearing. His gloves were his true Volundr, as they allowed him to transform anything that he touched into a divine weapon.

In that regard, Hercules realized that he had a real fight on his hands as he avoided everything that Jack had touched. The fact that the murderer was running around London and was touching almost everything they encountered meant that the entire city had become a weapon for Jack.

Nevertheless, Hercules used his 12th Labor to become even stronger, as he seemingly cornered Jack, who tried to escape using his grappling hook. But Hercules was quick to knock him down as Jack fell and was impaled by a fence. He used this fence as a spear weapon that Hercules thought was his last resort because Jack had already become too weak to have any more tricks up his sleeve. On top of that, he was constantly putting pressure on his wound to make sure that he wouldn’t bleed out.

Then, in what seemed like the final attack, Hercules avoided Jack’s attack using the spear, as he punched the murderer before he was prepared to finish him off. However, Jack quickly impaled Hercules using his hands, as it was clear that he used his own blood as a divine weapon while he was putting pressure on his wound.

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This was the Ripper’s final trick, as he had planned to get impaled by the fence in a part that avoided his vital organs so that he could force the god to drop his guard down. 

Hercules died as the entire realm of heaven mourned his loss. Meanwhile, Jack may have won a round for humanity but at the cost of proving to the gods that humankind can indeed be malicious and despicable.

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