All 32 Gods from Record of Ragnarok, Ranked by Strength

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We know for a fact that Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok is an anime that tells the story of a tournament between gods and human beings, who are supported by the Valkyries, as the gods decide whether or not humanity should continue to exist. In that regard, a tournament was held to allow humans to fight for their right to exist as the Valkyries summoned the most prominent people in humanity’s history to fight the gods.

Of course, the gods are gods, and that means that they already have an advantage over humans. But the fact that there are plenty of gods in Record of Ragnarok means that not all gods get to fight in this tournament. Still, some gods are weaker than others. As such, we are here to rank all of the gods we’ve seen in the Record of Ragnarok manga and anime.

32. Forseti


Forseti is the Norse god of justice and reconciliation. He was only shown briefly in the manga and anime. However, he doesn’t really look too strong and actually looks quite weak in the brief moment that we see him. Forseti is dressed well and has glasses but is more of a spectator during the entire series.

31. Heimdall


Heimdall is the Norse god that is often called the Watchman of the Apocalypse, as he is the one that announces whether or not Ragnarok has come. Of course, he doesn’t see any action in Record of Ragnarok but always seems to be in the middle of things because of the fact that he acts as the commentator of the fights of Ragnarok.

30. Aphrodite


Aphrodite is one of the 12 Gods of Olympus, and that means that she is a powerful deity that is often said to be the goddess of love, beauty, passion, and procreation. In that regard, throughout the entire storyline, she doesn’t really do much except for the fact that she acts as a spectator and eye candy. In many ways, due to her very suggestive and voluptuous appearance, Aphrodite is the fan service of Record of Ragnarok.


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29. Hermes

Hermes violin

Hermes is the messenger of the gods in Record of Ragnarok, and that’s why he is dressed as a butler. He is one of the 12 Gods of Olympus, and that makes him quite powerful. However, he doesn’t show the full extent of his capabilities in the series because he often only acts as the messenger of the gods. But what we do know is that his powers are related to manipulation and telekinesis.

28. Proteus


Proteus is another one of the gods that don’t really see any action in the tournament because he isn’t one of the strongest. He is the god of rivers in the Greek pantheon. As such, he was shown to be one of the servants of Poseidon, who is the god of the sea. And because of his status as a servant to Poseidon, he wasn’t really one of the gods that were asked to represent the gods in the tournament.

27. Varuna


Varuna is one of the many different Hindu gods that appear in the entire Record of Ragnarok storyline. However, he doesn’t see action in the tournament. Still, as the Hindu god of water, he is actually quite powerful. At one point in the past, he and Agni lost to Shiva and Rudra while journeying to the top of Svarga.

26. Nishumbha


Nishumbha is the younger of the Ashura brothers in Record of Ragnarok. He is a Hindu god that doesn’t get to fight in the tournament. However, he is a confident god that knows that he is powerful, and that’s why he often looks down on those who are weaker than him. Like most of the other Hindu gods, he is merely a spectator in the tournament.

25. Shumbha


Shumbha is the larger and older of the Ashura brothers. He is part of the Hindu pantheon of gods but isn’t one of the stronger gods there. At one point in the past, he and his brothers attacked people close to Shiva and Rudra but were quickly defeated by the godly duo. In that regard, he isn’t actually strong compared to the other Hindu gods.

24. Agni


Agni is a menacing god that belongs to the Hindu pantheon. In the Hindu pantheon, he is the god of fire and is often considered the counterpart of Varuna, who is the Hindu god of water. At one point in the past, he and Varuna were both defeated by Shiva and Rudra.

23. Brahma


Brahma is one of the strongest of the Hindu gods because he is the Hindu god of creation. However, like most of the other Hindu gods on this list, he doesn’t get to see action in the tournament. He and Vishnu, at one point in the past, fought with Shiva and Rudra but were apparently defeated.

22. Durga


Durga is the Hindu goddess of war and is actually the third wife of Shiva. As such, she is a powerful goddess that’s strong enough to be chosen as the wife of Shiva. But like all of the other Hindu gods, she doesn’t participate in the tournament. That means that her power is merely implied.

21. Ganesha


Ganesha is the elephant-looking god that is actually the son of Shiva. He is the god of success in the Hindu pantheon. Of course, being the son of Shiva, Ganesha is supposedly quite strong. But he never got to see any action in the tournament as he was merely a spectator that cheered on his father the entire time.


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20. Kali


Kali is the Hindu goddess of death and time and is the second wife of Shiva. Being one of the wives of Shiva means that she is also very powerful. But like all of the other Hindu gods and goddesses, she didn’t get to participate in the battles but was mostly a spectator that cheered her husband on.

19. Parvati


Parvati is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, and that means that she is the Hindu counterpart of Aphrodite. She is also the first wife of Shiva, and that means that it is implied that her power is quite great. Nevertheless, she only cheered her husband on the entire time because she never got to participate in the tournament.

18. Vishnu


As the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu is implied to be quite strong. He is one of the calmest gods overlooking the events of the Ragnarok tournament. However, he never displayed his abilities in the storyline because he was merely a spectator, just like most of the other Hindu gods shown.

17. Indra


Indra is the Hindu god of lightning and is arguably the strongest out of all of the three Hindu gods associated with the elements. He is a proud individual that is not shy about recognizing the strength that he sees in others. However, as powerful as he might be, he didn’t participate in the Ragnarok tournament.

16. Lilith


Lilith is one of the two deities that come from the Abrahamic pantheon. She is said to be the first female demon according to the Abrahamic bible. In the storyline, she helps Beelzebub the Satan. She, however, didn’t get to participate in the battles or even appear in a lot of the scenes in the storyline.

15. Adamas


At one point in time, there were actually 13 Olympian Gods. The 13th was Adamas, who was the Greek god of conquest, but he was easily killed by Poseidon and was seemingly erased from any historical record as he wasn’t even close to the strength of his younger brother. However, his remains were collected and placed in a new body. In the Record of Ragnarok, he became known as the god called Adamantine.

14. Loki


Loki has always been one of the most prominent Norse gods. While he isn’t as strong and powerful as Thor and Odin, he is said to be one of the smartest and most mischievous out of all of the gods in any pantheon. And that is what makes him very dangerous.

In Record of Ragnarok, Loki challenged Buddha directly without even fearing the power of one of the strongest gods in the storyline. That means that he is quite powerful in his own right and isn’t afraid of actually going up against an incredibly powerful god.

13. Rudra


Rudra is one of the characters that is almost just as strong as Shiva as he actually spent time with him in their quest to reach the top of the Himalayas. As the god of storms, he is an incredibly powerful god that could defeat all of the other Hindu gods except for Shiva himself. Of course, the fact that he makes use of four arms in battle makes him very unpredictable in any fight.

12. Kronos


While he isn’t necessarily a god but is actually a primordial being, Kronos is one of the most powerful entities in Record of Ragnarok. He may not have appeared in the tournament, but he played an important role in Zeus’s back story as it was he who Zeus and his brothers defeated to become the Gods of Olympus. Kronos, of course, is the most powerful Titan in existence as he actually forced a younger Zeus to his limits.

11. Ares


As the Greek god of war, Ares is a powerful warrior that may not have participated in the Ragnarok tournament but ended up having an important role in Heracles’s backstory. In the past, he descended to the mortal realm, where he fought against Heracles. This was an amazing fight, and it was in that fight that Ares was able to showcase his immense strength as a powerful god of war.

10. Zerofuku


We didn’t include the Shinto pantheon on this list because all of them combined to become Zerofuku, who is one of the strongest entities in Record of Ragnarok. Zerofuku makes use of his heightened emotions as his source of power as he fights in the Ragnarok tournament against Buddha, who has defected over to the side of the humans. And what makes Zerofuku powerful is the fact that he only becomes stronger the more miserable he becomes.


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9. Heracles


When you think of some of the strongest gods in the history of Greek mythology, it’s hard not to think of Heracles, as he is indeed a powerful demigod with the blood of Zeus running through his veins. However, he is one of the gods that actually supported humanity in the Ragnarok war because we know for a fact that he used to be mortal. In fact, his 12 labors were the most powerful part of his arsenal as he used them as his weapons.

8. Poseidon


Poseidon is the king of the seas and is one of the three most powerful gods in the Greek pantheon. In the anime, he was the first god to see defeat at the hands of humanity, as it was his loss that gave hope to the humans. However, he was still incredibly powerful in his fight with Sasaki, as he was known to be fast enough to strike him with blows that were too fast for anyone to see. Of course, Poseidon was strong enough to defeat Adamas easily without much effort at all.

7. Shiva


The strongest of all of the Hindu gods in the Record of Ragnarok is Shiva, who we know is the Hindu god of destruction. Of course, you’d have to be incredibly powerful if you’re responsible for the powers of destruction. And that explains why Shiva is one of the most powerful gods in the entire storyline.

Like Rudra, Shiva fought with four arms and was able to overpower almost all of the Hindu gods on his way to the top of the Himalayas. He participated in the tournament when he faced Raiden. His powerful attack, Final Flame Dance, was so powerful that it was able to destroy Raiden’s muscles.

6. Buddha


A fan-favorite in Record of Ragnarok is Buddha because of the fact that he is unlike all of the other gods. Instead of wanting to destroy humanity, Buddha sided with them and ended up fighting alongside the humans. Of course, let’s not forget that Buddha is incredibly fashionable because of the way that he dresses.

While Buddha does indeed look stylish, he has the powers that could back up his looks. He is able to make use of his Six Realms Staff, which allows him to see into the future and dodge incoming attacks with ease.

5. Thor


At this point, everyone is familiar with Thor as he is one of the most popular gods in the world of mythology. He is the Norse god of thunder and is said to be the mightiest out of all of the Norse gods. In fact, it was mentioned at the start of the storyline that he could be the strongest out of all of the gods in terms of raw strength.

Thor was the first god to participate in the Ragnarok tournament as he fought Lu Bu. He was forced to his limits in that fight as he finally used Mjolnir, which was powerful enough to instantly crush Lu Bu, who is said to be the strongest warrior in the history of humanity.

4. Beelzebub


Beelzebub is one of only two Abrahamic pantheon gods to appear in Record of Ragnarok. Of course, we know him to be a deity that’s associated with the demons of Hell, as he is often called the Lord of the Flies. He is also the one cursed by Satan.

In the storyline, Beelzebub participated in the eighth round of the Ragnarok tournament. He fought Nikola Tesla in that fight. On top of the fact that he possesses incredible demonic powers, he is also smart and skilled enough in the world of medicine that he was able to put together Adamas’s severed body parts to revive him.

3. Hades


Hades has always been one of the most prominent gods in the world of mythology because he is associated with the Underworld in Greek mythology. Of course, he is one of the three most powerful gods in the Greek pantheon, as only Zeus is more powerful than him. And Hades is so powerful that Ares, who is powerful enough to fight Heracles, trembles at the sight of Hades.

Of course, Hades is one of the most fearsome gods in the entire storyline, as he carries a dark and scary aura that could affect other gods as well. And because of his association with Hell or the Underworld, his powers are sinister and dark as well.

2. Odin


As one of the most popular gods in the world of mythology, Odin is at an incredibly high level when it comes to his power in the world of gods and deities. He is the all-father of the Norse Pantheon, and that means that he is more powerful than any of the other Norse gods and quite possibly all of the other gods as well.

Like any of the other powerful gods on this list, he is capable of giving off an intimidating aura that could make gods and humans alike shiver in fear. And like his son, he is more of a man of action than words, as he is one of the characters that the gods are saving up for the final battles.

1. Zeus


Zeus is often said to be the granddaddy of all of the gods in the world of Record of Ragnarok, as it is implied that almost all of the gods came from him after he defeated his father, Kronos. In that regard, he is the oldest of all of the gods in the storyline, but he never lost his strength and power even as he ages.


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Despite being very old (especially compared to his young-looking brothers), Zeus showcased in his fight against Adam why he is known as the most powerful of all of the gods. And because he defeated Adam, he dealt a striking blow to the humans by allowing them to see just how wide the gap is between gods and humanity.

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