Here Is Where Skyrim Saves Screenshots

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One of the things that Skyrim was always famous for are its vistas. Skyrim has a massive world filled with plenty of things to discover and explore. And while we’re at it, we might take a screenshot or two, especially when some graphics-improving mods come into the picture. We might want to share our creations or simply capture a funny bug-filled moment that Skyrim has plenty of. Taking a screenshot is easy, but locating them on your hard drive is the more difficult step. Let’s see where Skyrim saves screenshots. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If you own a copy of Skyrim on Steam, you can find your screenshots in Steam’s userdata folder. If you’re using “print screen” to take screenshots, you can find those in your Skyrim’s root folder. The same goes for non-steam copies of Skyrim.
  • If you take a screenshot through the PrtScr key, you will find those screenshots in Skyrim’s root folder. They should share a directory with the main Data folder.

How do you take a screenshot in Skyrim? 

This seems like a no-brainer, but there are several ways to take screenshots in Skyrim. If you’re playing a Steam version of Skyrim, you can simply press F12. You can likewise press the PrtScr key if you don’t want your screenshot to be saved in the Steam library. The same goes for non-steam copies of the game. If you don’t own Skyrim on Steam but want to take screenshots, you can simply press PrtScr, and it will save a screenshot with the .bmp extension. 

There are alternative ways to take screenshots in Skyrim if you don’t want to navigate through Steam’s sometimes overcomplicated user interface. If you have Nvidia Experience, you can take a screenshot by pressing either ALT+F1 or ALT+F2. You can reassign those keys to something more convenient. Nvidia Experience allows you to enter so-called “Photo-mode,” and you can edit the specific scene you would like to screenshot or add extra effects. 

If you have an AMD graphics card and you’re using Radeon Software to take screenshots in Skyrim, or any other game in general, you can do that by pressing CTRL+SHIT+I. You can assign some other hotkey to this, just like with Nvidia Experience.

amd screenshots

Where does Skyrim save screenshots? 

The location of your Skyrim screenshots depends on the application that you’ve used to take them. We’ve mentioned several ways to take screenshots, and now we’re going to analyze each location.

Steam copy of Skyrim location of screenshots 

If you’re taking screenshots by pressing F12, that is, if you’re using Steam to take screenshots, you can find them in Steam’s userdata directory. This folder might be difficult to find since it’s separate from the folder that holds your game data. This is how the path to that folder looks like (for me): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\158361998\760\remote\72850\screenshots 

Alternatively, you can access screenshots through Steam’s UI.

  1. As soon as you leave the game, you should see your freshly taken screenshots in the “activity” section.
  2. Right-click on the screenshot and select “manage screenshots.” 
  3. A separate window should appear, holding all your screenshots. 
  4. Click on “show on disk” to access screenshots currently saved on your hard drive

Clicking on “show on disk” will lead you to the Steam userdata directory. 

steam screenshots


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Location of Skyrim screenshots with non-Steam copies of the game 

If you own a non-Steam copy of Skyrim, you can find your screenshots in Skyrim’s root folder. C:\Games\Skyrim. They should be in the same folder as the “Data” folder. If you’ve modded your game in the past, you might wanna scroll a bit till you find them. Screenshots taken with PrtScr are saved with .bmp extension. 

screenshot bmp

Location of Skyrim screenshots taken with Nvidia Experience 

If you’re using a third-party application to take screenshots like Nvidia Experience, you will find them in C:\Users\Name_of_your_PC\Videos\Elder Scrolls V Skyrim directory. Videos captured with the software will be in the same location. 

Alternatively, you can access screenshots taken by Nvidia Experience by pressing ALT+Z and navigating to the library. From there, you will have the option to open the screenshot root folder. 

Location of Skyrim screenshots taken with AMD Radeon Software 

If you’re taking your screenshots or videos by using Radeon Software, you will find those in the same location as Nvidia Experience screenshots. The exact path is as follows: C:\Users\Name_of_your_PC\Videos\Elder Scrolls V Skyrim directory.

When it comes to both Nvidia and AMD software, you can change the output directory for your screenshots if it’s going to make it easier to manage. 

Why can’t you take Screenshots in Skyrim? 

If you’re using a non-Steam copy of Skyrim and you like to rely on the PrtScr key to take screenshots, sometimes you might find that it doesn’t work and you’re unable to take screenshots. In that case, make sure that your Function key is not toggled. If that happens, PrtScr will do something completely different than what you would expect it to do. Alternatively, you can remap the PrtScr key to some other unused key. 


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If that doesn’t fix the issues, you should take a look at your Skyrim .ini file. Sometimes for a random reason, screenshots can be disabled via a .ini file. To fix this, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to your Skyrim’s installation folder and find SkyrimPrefs.ini file 
  2. Open the file and find the following entry: bAllowscreenshot 
  3. If bAllowscreenshot is set to 0, it means that the game’s setting won’t allow you to take screenshots, change it to 1.
  4. Save changes and relaunch the game. 
screenshot ini

And that’s about it. We’ve covered everything there is to know about screenshots in Skyrim. If you’re interested in more Skyrim-related guides, you can always check out our guide on diseases and how to cure them

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