Here Is Why Black Noir Was Crying in ‘The Boys’ Season 2

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There are many things that are interesting about the personalities of the different characters in ‘The Boys,’ as the supes from the Seven all had backgrounds that contributed to how messed up they turned out to be. Of course, while Black Noir may be quite mysterious, one of the things that we know about him is that he had a pretty sad past that contributed to how enigmatic he was during his entire run as a member of the Seven. But the most interesting scene involving him was when he was seen crying at one point during the events of season 2. So, why was Black Noir crying in ‘The Boys’ season 2?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Black Noir cried when Vought International announced Compound V’s existence to the general public.
  • Because Black Noir didn’t know about Compound V, he cried as he believed that everything he thought about himself was a lie.

Black Noir suffered a lot in the past

We know that the characters of ‘The Boys’ are very complex individuals with different backgrounds that contribute to their personalities upon reaching adulthood. Of course, the supes in the series tend to have some of the most interesting backgrounds as some of the things they experienced during their childhood and adult years turned them into crazy yet complex characters. But out of all the different members of the Seven in ‘The Boys,’ Black Noir seems to be the most mysterious.

Black Noir 1

Of course, while Black Noir’s storyline during the first two seasons of ‘The Boys’ allowed him to look like a mysterious and enigmatic individual, he was a tragic character. In the comics, he was a stronger yet unhinged clone of Homelander. But his character in the live-action version of ‘The Boys’ is quite different. And this was something that was revealed in season 3 of the series.

It was revealed that Black Noir was one of the members of Payback, the very first superhero group before the rise of the Seven. While he was with Payback, he didn’t have the luxury of being able to remove his mask, as this was part of his ninja persona. Black Noir also often found himself on the wrong end of the physical abuse of Soldier Boy, the group leader. During the different training sessions that the members of Payback had, Soldier Boy often abused Black Noir by beating him up badly.


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Then, at one point in the past of Payback, the team members staged a coup against Soldier Boy so that the Russians could capture him. Since he was the best close-range fighter that Payback had aside from Soldier Boy, Black Noir fought the abusive leader one-on-one while the other members tried to back him up. However, Soldier Boy made quick work of Black Noir and proceeded to pummel his head with his shield, causing Black Noir to lose part of his brain.

black noir vs soldier boy

So, when he was a member of the Seven, Black Noir was a deformed and brain-damaged supe who reverted to a somewhat childlike personality. And this explains why he had a ninja persona during the events of ‘The Boys.’ 

Black Noir didn’t know about Compound V

During the earlier part of the storyline of ‘The Boys,’ the belief was that the supes were naturally gifted as all of the characters who have superpowers were born with their powers and abilities. In that regard, supes like Black Noir grew up thinking they were special and were born better than regular people due to their powers. And while they were working with and together with Vought, they were made to believe that they were special.

However, back in season 2 of ‘The Boys,’ it became apparent that the supes were not products of natural selection and evolution. The members of the Boys and the different characters started to uncover the different things that Vought International had been doing behind the public’s back. That was when it was discovered that the supes were created using Compound V, which was a special compound that Vought created and used on infants so that they would develop superpowers at a later point in life.


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Of course, the thing about this was that most of the supes had no idea that Compound V existed and that they were artificially created using this chemical. Most of them grew up thinking that they were special and were chosen by nature for a special purpose. This included the likes of Black Noir, one of the older supes in the world and one of the many different supes who had no idea that he was created artificially using Compound V.

compound v

So, when Vought decided to go public with Compound V by telling the world how they created supes, those who grew up thinking they were special could learn that everything they believed in was a lie. In the case of someone like Black Noir, he realized that everything he had to go through in his life was all lies. The physical abuse and the brain damage he suffered earlier in his life could have been avoided had his parents not volunteered to allow Vought to turn him into a supe.

As such, the only thing that Black Noir could do was break down in tears as he realized that it was all a lie. He suffered a lot of things in life and was forced to live a tough life, hiding behind a mask and suffering from brain damage because of a massive lie concocted by Vought. Of course, because he had a childlike mindset due to his brain damage, he could only cry about it after learning the truth.

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