20 Strongest ‘The Boys’ Characters (Ranked)

best The Boys characters

The Boys‘ is an American television series that follows the lives of a group of vigilantes who aim to take down corrupt Supes. They do not have an easy task to do because Supes are packed with superhuman abilities, each of them having a set of their own powers. However, some of them are stronger than others, and because of that, fans are often left wondering: who are the strongest characters in The Boys? So, we bring you a ranked list of the strongest The Boys characters.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated following the release of the first three episodes of The Boys spin-off show Gen V.

20. Supersonic

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Alex, a.k.a. Supersonic, is a Supe, briefly a member of The Seven, and Starlight’s old love interest. He possesses mildly superhuman strength as he can curl 900 pounds/408 kilograms. Supersonic’s main ability is generating powerful sound waves when clapping his hands together. Waves are considered somewhat powerful but with no deathly impact. Homelander killed him with ease. It is fair to say that his strength can not be matched with ‘big boys’ on top of this list.

19. Naquib


Naquib is a Supe who is known to be a Syrian extremist. He was actually a Supe made for only one purpose, to deliberately attack American soldiers and their base so that the USA can establish a ground rule of enrolling Supes into the army. Naquib can produce powerful explosions and emits high amounts of energy from his body, destroying a military facility in the process.

He is very durable and can sustain his powers without any damage to himself, and he is bulletproof also. However, he was easily beheaded by Black Noir.


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18. Crimson Countess

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Crimson Countess was a member of a Payback team and Soldier Boy’s love interest. She betrayed Soldier Boy and became one of the main enemies he sought revenge after.

Crimson Countess is a powerful Supe who has the ability to generate explosive fireballs from her hands, and she effectively uses that ability to defeat her opponents. She also possesses mildly enhanced strength. Countess is somewhat easy to overpower, though, as her hands are the main source of her powers, so once restrained, she is somewhat powerless.

17. Billy Butcher

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Billy Butcher is one of the protagonists of the show and the leader of The Boys in their neverending battle against the Supes and Vought Company. Although Butcher usually doesn’t have any superpowers, he decided to inject himself with temporary Compound – V, which grated him special abilities similar to other Supes. When on temp Compound – V, Butcher has superhuman strength and is strong enough to match Homelander in a classic brawl or even snap someone’s neck with his hand.


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He can also emit powerful golden blasts of energy through his eyes. This is only temporary as he needs to constantly inject himself with temp-V to have these powers, but he is also not to mess with them even without them. Because of the serum’s harmful effect on Billy’s body and the fact that his brute strength is not permanent, his place on this list is not higher.

16. Blue Hawk

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Blue Hawk is an impulsive and reckless Supe. His short temper often gets him in trouble, and he has difficulty getting along with people because of it. As a Supe, he possesses superhuman strength and can cause serious damage or even kill a man with his punches. Although A-Train eventually killed him by dragging him through an asphalt road, Blue Hawk endured that kind of heavy torture for quite some time, so it is fair to say that his durability was also enhanced.

15. Popclaw

popclaw the boys brittany allen 1564589143300

Popclaw is a somewhat powerful Supe who’s best known for being in a relationship with A-Train and for abusing Compound – V alongside him. But, besides that, she is also a powerful Supe who possesses superhuman strength as she can squat 900 pounds. She is also powerful enough to crush a man’s head with her thighs. Her name, Popclaw, comes from the fact that she can extend and retract claws from her wrists as she wishes and often uses them as weapons.

14. Translucent

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Translucent is a former member of The Seven and is known best for his ability to appear invisible. But besides that, he is also a Supe with enhanced strength as he easily overpowered Butcher and Hughie in a fight and kicked Butcher away from himself with a single punch, causing significant damage. He also can alter his skin into a carbon material. When Translucent is in his carbon metamaterial state, he can absorb energy and later on turn it into kinetic energy, thus providing even more powerful and enhanced damage.


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13. The Deep

the deep

Kevin Moskovitz, a.k.a. The Deep, is a member of The Seven and a former member of The Church of the Collective. He takes pride in being known as the Lord of the Seven Seas. The Deep is the most powerful in water territory but is also strong on land.

He possesses mildly enhanced strength and durability and is somewhat stronger than regular humans. Kevin’s abilities include aquatic telepathy, which allows him to communicate with fishes and other aquatic creatures. The gills on his body enable him to breathe underwater and can swim and dive extremely fast while controlling some of the most dangerous and powerful sea creatures, like sharks and whales, to his advantage. He might not be as strong on the land, but he sure is the most powerful Supe in water.

12. A-Train

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Reggie Franklin, a.k.a. A-Train, is a speedster and a member of The Seven. This Supe is highly self-centered and interested in fame no matter the cost. A-Train possesses superhuman speed and is considered to be the fastest Supe currently. He also has enhanced strength and durability as his body adapts to high speeds. He uses his speed not only for running but also to punch his enemies at high speeds. A- Train can heal a lot faster than a regular human, so he is less prone to sustain long-term injuries.


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11. Starlight

starlight lede

Rebecca Anne “Annie” January, a.k.a. Starlight, is a former member of the Seven as she joined The Boys eventually. She’s probably one of the few Supes who is actually interested in using her powers to help others.


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Starlight is mildly enhanced in strength as she can punch through walls and lift cars. She can absorb electric power and use it to her advantage by creating powerful energy blasts. Her energy projection is powerful enough to severely damage regular humans but can also be a match in a battle compared to other Supes. Starlight is super durable and can take severe punches, as seen in a fight against Black Noir and in a clash with Stormfront.

10. Victoria Neuman

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Victoria Neuman was a director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs and a Congresswoman. Despite being portrayed as someone who wants to keep Supe’s activities in check, apparently, she’s more than that.

Victoria is a Supe with superhuman strength. She can smash others’ heads with her hands, and her powers include molecular combustion as she can apply pressure so powerful it causes the combustion of a human’s head, extremities, etc. She is also very durable and can endure severe punches.

9. The Female

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Kimiko Miyashiro, a.k.a. the Female is a member of The Boys group on a mission to bring Homelander and other members of Vaught company down. She possesses superhuman strength and reflexes. Kimiko can easily defeat men much larger than her and has no problem shaping their necks, breaking their limbs, or carving their eyes out.

Kimiko can also cause severe damage to other Supes as she fractured A-Train’s leg and caused some damage to Stormfront. Besides being strong, The Female is also known for being extremely fast and durable. She can endure high-impact punches and blasts from other Supes.

8. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Golden Boy, reminiscent of Marvel’s Human Torch, offers a distinct contrast from Homelander’s character. Notably, he can emit heatwaves from his eyes, a power that is strongly associated with Homelander. Alongside this, Golden Boy can also fly, similar to the red-caped supe. While the precise extent of Golden Boy’s abilities and strength remains a topic of intrigue, it’s clear that, like other supes in The Boys, he possesses capabilities far beyond those of regular humans.

Tragically, Golden Boy’s time was cut short with his untimely demise in the series. However, through flashbacks, viewers continue to piece together the enigmatic story of Luke Riordan, portrayed by Patrick Schwarzenegger. His legacy, though brief, has left a lasting impression in The Boys’ universe, with much still to be discovered about this compelling character.

7. Ryan

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Ryan is a natural-born Supe and Homelander’s son. Even at a young age, he shows remarkable signs of strength. He inherited a lot of his powers from his dad. Like Homelander, he has a heat vision he used very powerfully on several occasions, the most memorable being when he destroyed Stormfront, leaving her nearly dead.

His superstrength is also very developed, as he can shove Homelander away from himself and hit a baseball, making it fly at extreme lengths. Ryan is still a child who will get stronger, and even now, he can deal with some of the most powerful Supes out there so that rightfully puts him on this list.

6. Stormfront

interview with Aya Cash The Boys actor gq october 2020

Klara Risinger, a.k.a. Stormfront, is a powerful Supe, closeted Nazi, and a former member of The Seven. Stormfront is very powerful, and her main ability is the power of plasma manipulation, as she can manipulate charged particles and produce electricity.

She can emit great damage to humans and Supes by creating purple lightning, although her lightning is only mildly strong and not so lethal. However, by using her ability of electric telekinesis, she is able to control other objects and people and use that power to throw them around. Stormfront is superhumanly strong and can kill a man just by slapping him. She can endure high-impact attacks and also can fly.

5. Cindy

Cindy Ess HodlmoserThe Boys Season 2 Episode 6 The Bloody Doors Off scaled 1

Cindy is somewhat of a mystery as we didn’t get to see much of her, but she managed to leave quite an impression. Cindy was a test patient in Sage Grove Center before she escaped. She possesses telekinetic abilities, can easily destroy objects like metal doors, and can implode people. Cindy is bulletproof and has regenerative powers. She demonstrated amazing strength during Stormfront’s breach into the Center and could possibly be powerful enough to overpower most powerful Supes like Homelander or Soldier Boy.


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4. Black Noir

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Earving a.k.a. Black Noir, is a member of The Seven and a former member of the group Payback. This silent and stealthy ninja is one of the most powerful Supes out there and deserves his place near the top of this list.

Black Noir possesses superhuman strength. He is extremely strong and can easily snap other people’s necks and throw them around through concrete walls. Everything he does just seems effortless. He is also extremely durable and can withstand powerful punches, blasts, and explosions. Noir can withstand high pain levels and may even be numb to it.

3. Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve

Margaret Shaw a.k.a. Queen Maeve was considered the second most powerful Supe in The Seven during her time as a group member. Her superhuman strength is extreme, as she can somewhat be measured compared to Homelander’s. Maeve is considered one of the most physically powerful Supes ever lived.

Besides being extremely strong, she is also very durable as she endured Soldier Boy’s high-impact energy blast and Homelander’s heat vision blast for a period of time. Maeve is considered one of the most durable Supes, as she can endure almost any kind of physical harm.

2. Soldier Boy

soldierboy the boys 1656596717

Ben, a.k.a. Soldier Boy, was the leader of the group Payback, and The Boys considered him to be the ultimate weapon to destroy Homelander. He is extremely powerful and feared by many Supes out there because of it. Soldier Boy possesses superhuman strength and can easily overpower his enemies in combat due to his strength.

He is equipped with a very heavy shield that ordinary humans can’t even lift, yet he wields it effortlessly. Besides being so strong, he is also super durable and can emit nuclear blasts from his upper torso. Soldier Boy is considered to be the second strongest Supe on the planet, only Homelander being slightly above him.


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1. Homelander

The Boys Homelander

John, a.k.a. Homelander, is the leader of The Seven and is considered to be the most powerful Supe on the planet. The reason for this is that no matter how anybody tried, no one has ever been able to defeat him, although some were very close. Homelander has extreme superhuman strength. Some of the things that other Supes can do with much effort, he can do somewhat easily.

He can crush human beings with his foot and easily punch people to death. Most of the other Supes also can’t match his strength as he effortlessly killed many of them and was even able to punch Black Noir’s guts out. Not even Butcher and Soldier Boy together couldn’t subdue him. Besides being extremely strong, Homelander is superhumanly durable, can fly, and has heat vision.

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